Windows 10 Fall refresh for desktop and mobile aiming for Nov 12 release

Microsoft is having a rollercoaster of an autumn with many hardware and software releases. November 12 is now shaping up to the be a big day as well.

Microsoft has already confirmed that on that Thursday the Xbox One will be updated with the new Windows 10 experience. Now, our sources are telling us that this is also the target day for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile so-called Threshold 2 milestone. The Fall Refresh as it is anticipated to be called should hit user's PCs on that day bringing the new unified Skype experience, UI improvements, and code optimizations for better performance.

New build and carrier updates

Additionally, we can add that build 10586 is the likely candidate for release according to people familiar with the matter. The current Insider build for PC is 10576 while Windows 10 Mobile is at 10581.

Interestingly, we are told that mobile carriers should be receiving the mobile build this week, and updates are expected to go out at or around November 12 as well. (We are not too clear what role carriers are playing in this update and whether there will be longer waiting periods for testing. However, it sounds like this is being expedited for a same-day release on November 12). As to which Windows Phones are getting the official update we do not yet know.

New Lumias inbound

While there is still no firm confirmation on release dates for the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL there should be more clarity soon. With Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 likely being the shipping product those phones should be able to hit the 'end of November and early December' expected timeframes. Indeed, the Microsoft UK website notes December 3 for a shipping date and AT&T is now rumored for a November 20 release although we have not confirmed this just yet.

It is not yet clear what the next release for Windows Insiders will be, however that program is going to continue. It is plausible that Insiders will jump ahead of build 10586 as Microsoft continues to develop Windows 10 as a service (WaaS).

If Microsoft can pull off this update for PCs, phones, and the Xbox One all in one day, it will make a large statement about their OS and company realignment.

We'll keep tracking this story and update as we learn more. Seeing as these are targets some information is likely to change.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • This is going to be an awesome month
  • Not if you use OneDrive storage...
  • I use it all the time and love it. I have office 365.
  • But how do you feel about the new storage news?
  • I am ok with it personally. I don't store videos - just docs, pictures and some music - no movies. (I know people do, I am just saying I don't). For me, I have more space than I will ever need as part of my sub. I do have a few promos on there that will obviously expire, but again, 1TB just for office 365 is more than enough for me. I was never unlimited anyway, my sub shows 10TB.
    EDIT: You know the hate is strong when I give my PERSONAL use case and I am downvoted. I am not trying to say it is ok. I was answering his question of how "do you feel". I feel ok.
    -Edit 2: Obviously the votes went the other way since. Point still stands. :)
  • i gave you an upvote for being honest and stating YOUR opinion.
  • Curious - I have Office 365 Small Business with OneDrive and have had a lot of difficulty getting it to work with Win 10.  Everything wants to default to my Microsoft Account One Drive.  Basically I only want to use it for pictures and some docs that I might need mobile, so my needs are not that large.  Is your O365 a personal or business account ?  
  • How do i get 1TB??? i don't have office :(.
  • you buy an office 365 subscription. (it comes with a Onedrive expansion to 1TB while the subscription is active)
  • I downvoted you just to make you happy :)
  • Take my Upvote good man.
  • I still have OneDrive with me with 130 gb storage. I keep only files and less photos coz I don't find worth of keeping more images on any cloud storage. Ppl should seriously think if they really use fb, instagram where pics are uploaded by them also means it remains in the cloud storage. So to back up all images on any device. Well if we watch any video on u tube we watch it online or save to offline to watch it later. We don't upload u tube vids to OneDrive or dropbox. That's where I guess os the perfect use of storage service. Unless its an essential document one shouldn't save crap media files to OneDrive. IMO.
  • What you just said makes no god damn sense. Please try again.
  • Lol, awesome.
  • Fine. I'm nowhere near the 1TB yet. And no other services offers 1TB for as cheap as Office 365.
  • Agreed -- I was always on the 1.02 TB limit (at least that's what showed as "unlimited") and I never had an issue with it. I bought office and got a tb of cloud storage with it. I'm not sure how that is a terrible deal, regardless of recent changes. 
  • Amazons' unlimited storage is 99 a year isn't it?
  • Do you get access to Microsoft office with that 99?
  • I'm glad I'm not too heavily invested in one drive. The amount of storage you got for free was the equivalent of a £15 SD card which can be used in any of my devices I would want to get access from. I also wouldn't have to worry about network coverage to gain access to said storage. So, this reduction is 'meh' to me Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ondrive = free  £15 SD card =  £15
  • Where does that fit in my 920?  I've tried all of the slots and it never popped up as storage.
  • Cheap fuck.
  • Ondrive = free (unless offer changes and only while connected to the internet - data rates extra)  £15 SD card =  £15 (one time charge - always on - always available)
  • Personally, I need an offsite or cloud backup - 15 years of digital family photos, videos and documents is more important than few replacable items in my house if the worst was to happen (e.g. fire). Therefore by simple assumption my data is worth more than my £800 TV, £800 PC, etc. etc. etc. OR if you wan't to be most simplistic - my £100 or whatever it is for insurance... thereby OneDrive/Office subscriptions are value for money even without the 365 package.  You could of course setup an offsite backup yourself if you preferred (infrastructure, energy and communications costs... what say £800 setup and £2-8/month on-costs if you're lucky... plus of course a very kind friend/individual or additional £300+ for physical space and utilities somewhere)... but, you'd probably end up with a professional server service instead so would immediately be looking in excess of any of the cloud services on offer! The SD Card comment is irrelevant - I have over 20tb of physical storage on my local server, few TBs in each machine and a 64gb SD card in my mobile - but this is all meaningless re: backup or anywhere-access. Do not (I mean DO NOT) rely on any SD or SSD for backup purposes... EVER!!! If you are comfortable relying solely on physical storage in your own home (...I hope your data isn't valuable to you and...) at the very least have one carbon copy of each (duplicate HDD or physical DVD/CD-ROMs). 1TB of online storage for the subscription (already more than fair just for O365!) is a great deal. My biggest gripe is the principal of taking away the bonuses (early adopters, unlimited storage hidden gem deal, camera roll bonus) from existing users. MS should invoke their Fair Usage Policy!! But, I'm not going to spit the dummy out and move all my data to, let's be honest, inferior alternative options that cannot be as conveniently integrated into the systems [that I use]. I am cheesed off and have voted on user voice and other forums/platforms already... but you can't argue that the 1TB offering is a bad deal.
  • I'm paying £4 per user, per year for Office 365.
    (4 years of Office 365 Personal codes, stacked...then converted to Home via a 1 month 365 trial from
  • Didn't affect me in the least. I have 1.5 TB, all free from various sources.
    There are so many ways to get free OneDrive storage that taking away two of them shouldn't be getting everyone's panties in a was so much.
  • The news is unfortunate especially for free users, but the 1 TB of storage I have is fine too. I do use it with the Xbox One GameDVR a lot so I do indeed have a little over 100 GB used so far, but 1 TB should be plenty still.
  • The news isn't that big of a deal (for me).  There was an option for some accounts to have unlimited storage.  Now it isn't. It affects those accounts. As for the reduction in the free-tier, well, sure that is disappointing.  I would expect this decision to be short term.  Why?  Microsoft has been listening to customers, no one can argue otherwise. So I think they will hear negative feedback and bad press (making OneDrive seem weaker than competitors).  The actual decision itself, well, if Windows 10 is free upgrade for 110 million PCs machines and counting and they all sign up for OneDrive storage - perhaps they just feel that accounting for all of that space as "claimed" is too much.  Like it or not, they are a business.  One with deep pockets, albeit, but we should have expectations in check.  I'll continue using the service as I always have.  I am not "weary" of putting my large library of media online because, lets face it, things go offline.  So, there is mostly that and redundant storage is cheap for an in-house file server where most consumption of -that- media will be.  I use OneDrive for ALL of my important documents, images, and anything else that I might hypothetically require access to from anywhere.  I wanted to upgrade to a few TB as a tertiary offsite backup, but I'm not going to wait until the dust settles and see what happens with their pricing structure.  I'm already a 365 subscriber, but I'm still going to wait.  For most people, these changes don't actually mean anything and are not impactful.  People just don't like the perceived loss of value or features even if unappreciated or used.
  • I have Office 365 subscription so I still have my 1TB of storage that is enough for me
  • Nothing is even changing this month for current users. In fact, you'll have access to all your files for 12 months after the change. Troll harder.
  • Bad news is still bad news. He's not necessarily trolling, so much as really dissapointed by the recent news for OneDrive. 
  • Then comment in the appropriate place. It isn't relevant to this post. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Get over it
  • Waaaaah! They are only giving me 5GB for free. I demand that they give me 500000TB for free or else I am going to stomp my foot, throw a temper-tantrum like a 4 year old kid, and then go into every article to troll and make off topic whiny posts. In fact, looks like most of your posts are whining about something. What level of OneDrive storage do you have now? Have you gone over the limit? If so what are you storing to go over that 1TB (if you have Office365)? Some people just need to generate a reason to complain.  
  • I think the point is that Microsoft sold you something with a promise of unlimited storage and they are now taking it away. I'll be really surprised if there isn't a class action law suit on this soon. This is no different than AT&T getting sued for them throlling unlimited data users. It's like someone selling you a car and then taking the wheels off.
  • Finally, someone get it. It's amazing how many ignoramuses on Windows Central blindly defend Microsoft whenever they engage in anti-consumerism. Whether it's them taking away Kinect gestures in a forced "upgrade" or reneging on OneDrive storage, anyone who rightfully complains is attacked by buffoons. It's not okay for any company to do this crap. Ever.
  • +1520 When did WC become a breeding ground for blue pill fanboys?  :(((
  • Actually, I'm afraid you do not get it.  Office 365 is a subscription service.  The new limits will apply in a year which clearly means you can make the decision to not renew under the newer terms.  You have the choice.  There is nothing in this policy change  that is actionable in a court of law.  If the terms do not meet your needs, do not renew !  As a business owner for over 30 years, I consider the offerings of Microsoft to be quite reasonably priced.  That is why I have decided to do business with them.  If I should feel otherwise in the future, I'm free to move anywhere I feel best meets my needs.   
  • YOU get it Posted from this here device.
  • Wait - so if we say it really isn't a big deal, then you whine and complain about being "attacked" but then attack anyone who disagrees with you as ignoramuses or buffoons. In other words, it is OK for you to attack people, but not OK for other people to have opinions other than you. Got it. Sit down, shut up, and listen to whatever the ignoramus buffoon coip tells you to do.
  • Agreed, but they may have protected themselves in the user agreement.
  • dropbox recently shafted me with their storage change, much more than MS, and i dont see a mass whinge about that, at least MS are giving me a year warning, dropbox just out of the blue suddenly reduced my storage massively from 50gb to 2gb!!!, thus meaning, i cant even upload 1 word document, cause it's over quota, and i would have to delete 48 gig of existing stuff, to get below the new quota, just to upload something a couple of meg in size! not one communication did i recieve that that was imminent, only when i went to use it was told over quota.
  • Just cause Microsoft gave you a 1 year warning doesn't make it OK. Dropbox is a second rate company. We talking about Microsoft here, a multibillion dollar company. Fanboy or not, never settle for less. Always keep the pressure on. The moment you keep pressure off you have a company like Apple taking over the phone world. Example? Blackberry...  
  • Oh come on. Any company that offers a service re-rates their services at times. All companies do it.
  • Maybe there's some truth to the possibility Microsoft could be looking to buy a cloud storage company, some have suggested it could be Dropbox, not so sure personally, but interesting that both have gone about reducing storage
  • Maybe both reduced their storage because of so much abuse?
  • it'd really only be for users who they picked up over the last year. it always used to be 1TB of OneDrive space. So, for some people, its more just losing a perk they never paid for in the first place. It never bothered me too much because I never got upgraded to unlimited anyway. Mine has always said 1TB from my Office 365 subscription. So i'm losing it before ever even getting it. And it really depends on whatever they put in the EULA for their definition of unlimited (as stupid as that sounds and a discussion on whether EULA's can redefine words is a different discussion entirely). Even Verizon defined "unlimited" data and restricted certain use cases. Not that I'm defending them per say, just saying that your analogy with AT&T isn't really accurate.
  • They probably have something in the Terms that protect them.
  • It's a yearly subscription for that. They aren't taking it away for people who have the yearly subscription until the subscription period is over from what it seems and I don't recall them ever saying it would be that way for life, if you do please link to that to educate us. For those who don't actively subscribe you may make the case (as I would) that you're losing space but you can't make the argument you are not getting something you paid for.  It'd be like me saying you could park your car in my garage and then deciding to (1/2 a year later after your car's been leaking oil in my garage) to decide I want to use it for something else like my boxes or something and you being upset that I didn't let you occupy my garage for the remainder of your life.
  • I can understand people who bought Office365 getting their storage reduced in the middle of a subscription. I don't see why being limited to 1TB is much of an issue, but I can understand it. However, the people complaining about 15GB->5GB, when it is free and treating it as if Microsoft killed their first born is over the top. Looking at sites such as MacRumors, people are saying that it is a PR fiasco and they are leaving OneDrive in droves. But yet, before this announcement, eveyone on MacRumors were saying that even unlimited data would not drive them away from iCloud. This is just another opportunity for the people who are quick to label haters people for simply not buying Apple products, but are more than happy to go about and pretend that they are die-hard users who are fed up, but never touched it.
  • It was part of your annual subscription. There was no assurance that it would remain a value add on when you renew your subscription under the new terms. Posted from this here device.
  • No, this is completely different. AT&T were throttling current plans and not telling them. Microsoft is telling people that they are changing the contract an entire year out. It is blatently obvious that is is completely different. Another analogy, they are selling you a car for a year, then telling you that next year the car will not have wheels. But you do not have to resign the contract, and they are giving you an entire year in advance. Completely different.
  • Rent increasing on a flat... gas prices... tv/satellite/phone/ISP subscriptions.. fuel prices... ...holy sh*t they're all at it - class law-suits all round! *snoore zzZZZZZZ*
  • Actually they didn't Sell you anything they gave it to you. Microsoft is a company not a charity.
  • Ain't going to happen. Terms and conditions state they can change it at anytime. What is it with people and class action lawsuits. F'in ambulance chasing lawyers.
  • Finally, someone is making sense around here. Still, I would not go crazy with your 500000TB suggestion.... Maybe just 50000TB.
  • I only demand 500TB free to curb my temper tantrum.
  • You forgot "Wet your bed"
  • Yes, this was a mature way of questioning the maturity of another person.
  • The point is a lot of people moved to OneDrive for that reassurance of more space. I use less than a gig on my 30 gigs and am still disappointed. You realize google offers android users 15gigs, unlimited camera upload and 5000 songs. This is going to drive a lot of people away. Twitter is lit up with people leaving as is reddit. They air ads on surface brand for artists. Those are the people that need the most storage. I think it's ridiculous and breaks user trust.
  • Google makes money off of 'free' stuff and they're actually struggling with that business model. Microsoft makes money off of services you pay for like Office 365. Buy it.
  • It doesn't matter. People joined and moved cloud services to get what Microsoft was offering. Microsoft gets more customers using their services this way and they May upgrade to others or buy additional services. I don't have to buy it. I can move services and many are already looking for alternatives. It's a huge trust issue which you don't seem to understand. I use less than a gig but don't want to be with a company who baits users and then throws surprises. Whether I used it or not, it's bad enough for me to reconsider the Lumia 950xl. It's the way the company functions. I know many iOS/android users that went to OneDrive for the space and the apps on the system were great. They are now moving their stuff over to google drive again. This is a big impact to MS. and they don't seem to understand why. There will be users like you who make excuses for them but the majority won't. There's threads on reddit windows subs that are discussing alternatives already. This will be a big loss for ms. Instead of changing only the unlimited plans they screw the consumers who can't abuse it because there's a limit. It's a matter of principal. My designer friend stores a lot of adobe files and such and is now moving over. Which is funny because they promote the surface brand for artists and designers. She was going to buy a surface 4 but now she changed her mind. That quickly because of some stupid decision MS made.
  • Agree.  This decision by MS has helped me (thank you MS) make a few of my own.  Will be running my own cloud with hardware dotted in a few countries with 3rd party cloud as a last resort backup using Open Source software (OwnCloud) Will custom design own software for the company to get exactly what I want rather than SAAS.  This way I can sleep at night.  Also getting the Dell Precision 5510 (same as XPS15 Infinity with better processor) instead of Surface.
  • The bills have to be paid, and that requires income.  If all these people move away because they can't get something for free, it reduces the overhead for Microsoft, and that balances the books.  No way do they lose anything.  Its the same old line of "we stand in the line loyally for free hand outs so don't take them away."  That same loyalty disappears as soon as the freebies end.  That is not good business.  As for the friend buying an SP4, if she is buying on brand and image, she is already on the wrong path.  The only reason to buy any computer is because it actually is the best tool to meet your specific needs.  If it works for her, she should buy it.  If not, she shouldn't.  And seriously, hundreds of millions of people are getting a free OS ... which sends one huge message about loyalty to customers.
  • when a company blames the people for puting 75 t on a unlimited storage amout and those people all belong to the contracted office contract and then they turn around and penalise everyone for it(something that is their own faULT)  then yeh im complaining its called bs, company is treating people like kids but even worst they are hurting all the customers that used the free 15gig .  No mater what justification people make, this is wrong and unfair moveand one that kinda eliminates thew months and months of change and persception they had began to achieve.  I love windows and i was about to buy into the 1t onedrive causde its simply the best , i love my windows desktop and windows phone i think the=y are again the best os i have ever used but even i now dont want to invest in a eco system only  to be controled and disapointed in the future but microsoft changeing the rules or offerings mid stream, its plain and simpole bad business.  i dont like apples os but in contrast they have offered double the space at the same price for current apple users not ooffer loads at front and take it away later lol.  I