Windows 10 build 10576: Everything you need to know

This week, Microsoft didn't release one, but two pre-release builds of Windows 10. Build 10581 rolled out to mobile devices and build 10576 for PCs to the Fast ring of updates. Both preview builds include changes and improvements overs their previous builds, but Microsoft is now simply focusing on fixing bugs and adding the finishing touches, as we are getting closer to the first public release of Windows 10 Mobile and the "Windows 10 Fall Update".

While there aren't many significant changes, Microsoft is adding a few improvements that will also become part of the "Windows 10 Fall Update". Since the company released Windows 10 build 10565, we have also seen a leaked build making its way around the internet, but today we're going to talk about the improvements that appear in Windows 10 build 10576 since build 10565.

Windows 10 build 10576

Start menu

In this new build of Windows 10, the Start menu isn't getting any changes, but we can see a small improvement in the context menus -- more specifically, the Power button menu --. In build 10576, you will notice that the menu is no longer narrow, now it's wider and matches the rest of the new context menus on Start.

In addition, Microsoft has now enabled the ability "rate and review", and share your favorite apps from the Start menu. Simply, right-click a Windows app, go to More and click on Rate and review to open the "Rate this app" on the Store.

In the same way, you can click Share, and then the Store will open, and you'll be able to share your app with other people.

Microsoft Edge

Perhaps the more important changes from build 10576 are happening on Microsoft Edge.

In this new preview, Microsoft is officially enabling Media Casting in Microsoft Edge. Similar to Google's Chromecast, you can now cast videos, pictures, and audio from Edge to any Miracast and DLNA device over your local network.

There is no setup involve at all, the only thing you have to do is to come across a compatible media that you can cast, click Cast media to device, and then click the available device from the list to cast and see the magic happens.

I have tested the new feature on Edge, and while it took a few tries, I was able to cast a YouTube video from my computer to the Xbox One. Once I clicked the "XBOX ONE" from the list, the console immediately opened the Movies & TV app on the New Xbox One Experience and began to play the video.

To make things a little more interesting, while the YouTube video was being cast, I launched my Xbox app on my primary computer running Windows 10 (build 10240), and I was also able to stream the YouTube video back to my PC.

Microsoft says that you can now try to cast videos from YouTube, photo albums from Facebook, and music from Pandora. However, the company notes that cast will not work with protected content, such as with content from Netflix and Hulu.

Starting build 10576, you can highlight text, right-click, and "Ask Cortana" about content from PDF files.

The search box to find content on a page user-interface has been updated with a few design tweaks, and the version of Microsoft Edge has been bumped to 25.10576.0.0.


The Settings app didn't get any important updates, but now if you go to System > Default apps, and try to change any default app, you will see a note saying "Recommended for Windows 10".

On Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, you'll see a new link to get more information about the latest update. However, currently it only opens a Bing search with no update details.

Other changes

Other changes in this build include improvements the new nested virtualization feature that allows people to run Hyper-V containers in a Hyper-V virtual machine.

The company fixed the search box on computers running Windows 10 where Cortana isn't available, and there is a permanent fix for the Xbox app that was consuming gigabytes of memory on your PC.

Wrapping thing up

Although there are a few bugs with this build, and you might need to try more than one attempts to see some features working, Windows 10 build 10576 seems like a really good preview. As you know, Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 Fall Update very soon, as such the company isn't likely to introduce any new features at this point. Instead, it will be fixing bugs and get ready things ready for the final release.

What do you think about the changes? Tell us in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  •   Also, Xbox One streaming works properly again.  For the last two builds, Streaming would take over a minute to start, and sometimes even then if you pused B on the controller it would exit out .. I verified on a VMware virtual machine and a 10240 release version of Win 10 (where it still worked correctly).  And wireless to the Xbox screen sharing is awesome.  
  • I haven't tried it with the latest build, but for all my PC's (including the ones not running the preview) streaming to the Xbox hasn't been working properly. 9/10 my Xbox isn't even listed, even though the Xbox can see the all the PC's from the DLNA app. Really hope they fix all these streaming bugs. 
  • I tested it on a custom PC, a virtual machine, and a SP3.  All on the release version worked flawlessly.  Up until this update, the PC and the SP3 would do what I described, but the untouched VM did not.
  • That's more likely networking issues. I had similar problems with remote desktop and trying to connect to my TV (All on the same network), changed a few firewall rules and tweaked my router settings and everything has been working perfect since then.
  • Prety sure it's not a networking issue. Nothing changed with my network, and the issue isn't constant. For each PC the issue didn't occur until the RTM install of Windows 10, so I'm still pointing the blame at Windows. lol. 
  • ISO please!
  • Does anybody knows if streaming on Msoft Edge also works with chromecast, or that's not a detected device?
  • No. You still need to use Chrome with Google Cast extension.
  • Ok. Had a glimpse of hope that microsoft could have extended the bridge to "the other side", cause the only way around won't happen for sure...
  • Doesn't Chromecast support the industry-wide DLNA and Miracast standards yet then? I can cast to my Roku, which is nice :)
  • It won't install/dl on my SP3...getting error code 0x80240031 =[
  • I am getting the same error on an old Dell Precision Laptop.  I can't find any info anywhere that helps!  Tried clearing out Windows Update cache following some MS tech articles but still fails.
  • Edge is much more faster/smother now, as compare to previous build. Looks like I can able to use edge more. In previous build I used to switch to chrome.
  • Now to just add extensions and everyone would use it.  It really is a nice browser.
  • Without an AdBlock extension it's still unusable
  • To be fair, without an adblocking extension, THE WEB is barely usable.
  • So true, the web is the problem. Personally I have no problem with ads but I really think it should be illegal to have more than 1 ad on a webpage, I mean the website owners make money from people seeing the ads so it makes sense that they would put as many as they can to get more money, but the user also pays to access the site unless using free WiFi, and on mobile devices especially you can end up paying quite a lot of money for a low amount of data, a lot of which is swallowed up by downloading ads in websites and apps. I'd like to see a company provide a subscription for ad free websites, it's too expensive to pay for individual sites, but I would honestly pay £10 a month at least if that would give me ad free access to a bunch of sites, then each website would just take a share of the subscription based on how many hits from users they get etc. That's a model I would support, it would make a lot of websites usable again especially on mobile.
  • Try Hostsman it makes th ads go away everywhere
  • I've been using HostsMan for years. If I could have voted BaritoneGuy's comment up more than once, I would have. For those new to HostsMan, when choosing update sources for the first time, I would recommend selecting the following: MVPS Hosts
    ​hpHosts (Ad and tracking servers only)
    Peter Lowe's AdServers List
    Malware Domain List I would not recommend the *full* hpHosts list as it is very aggressive and you'll find a bunch of popular things will just stop working, because not everything that comes from sites that happen to contain malware is bad (some javascript framework download sites, and big content delivery networks, for example). Anyway, if you use the selections I listed above, you can hardly go wrong. And if something *does* break, you can always turn it off. You can also add exceptions so that certain sites are effectively never blocked. This is useful for continuing to support your favorite Windows news site, for example, by allowing some of the ads that they serve.
  • Speaking of would you feel if your tenants don't pay you rent?
  • The reason adblock, Hostsman and other such tools and browser plug-in's exist is because ads on webpages have become abusive to the point that on some sites that entire page is a freak'n ad.  It is simply too much.  It is like many print magazines these days, 10 pages of content and 30 pages of ads.  This is why I no longer subscribe to any magazines.  There has to be a balance and screw the video ads which the speed of browsers down.  Screw the fact that the HTML is written so that ads take priority over the content and you see ads before the article.  The reason adblocking is so popular, is because people are sick of them and they are just too much.  Raise the taxes to high and you create a black market.  Place too many ads on pages and you get ad blockers.  It really is that simple. And yes, sites need to make revenue in order to provide free content, but there has to be a balance and on many sites it has gone too far.  Strike the right balance and people will not care.  Continue to abuse and people will block. 
  • Righty spoken.
  • True. I did not use adblock until 2013. I used to use IE back then. I came to notice some websites that used so many ads that finding the content on them itself became a task. I mean some websites have ads on top, on both sides of 'news' content and then even in between! WTF! Even WC shows a little ad at the bottom of the page which I have to 'close' every time. It is frustrating is I have to interact with ads. Ads should also look good and blend with the content. That way there will be no reason to block them. :) I switched to Opera ad installed AdBlock Plus. I would have no issue if there were two ads - one at the bottom and one in between. But they forced me to install AdBlock. It is true that some better websites suffer because of some stupid websites with surplus ads. Coming to the point, I am not using Edge mostly because of it not having a tool to block ads.
  • I get that, but my response is to not go to sites like that. If the ads are too obtrusive, I just hit the back button. I dont want to punish every site I visit because some are abusive.
  • WOW. Bravo! You are the reason Donald Trump is being taken seriously. Were you the inspiration of the movie idiocracy?
  • Aw yes go politcal, good move that truly is an Idicocracy move.  How can that go wrong? Speaking of Idicocracy.  A vote Hillary is like being a constatant on  "Ow My Balls!"  
  • I would ask myself the question, when did these people move into my house, and how come I haven't noticed them since?
  • Until then, reading view works nicely to achieve the same result.
  • I haven't had it crash on this build yet, either. Last build it disappeared frequently.
  • Question on edge casting.... if casting video from youtube to a miracast device, does it cast the whole screen or just the video (full screen video)??
  • In my test, I only noticed that it cast only the video. Thanks,
  • Edge Cast....  a name for this feature that will stick I think :) And yes, it just casts the video. In fact it's rather odd. I tested here in Windows Central in the Band 2 review page which has an embedded youtube review on it. The embedded video goes black while you're casting, even though the controls remain on the black rectangle for controlling the video :)
  • Sounds like an issue with embedded videos. Have you tried other embedded videos from other sites such as veoh, daily motion?
    Also sites using embedded players like jplayer etc?
    I stream series like the arrow and the flash online as the US showings sometimes are months ahead (finished season) or a week ahead. Hence why I'm curious :P.
  • Sorry, didn't mean to imply there was a problem. The video casts fine to the TV.. I was just describing the effect on the PC you're casting from. It's almost like it "scrapes" the video from the embedded player and sends that, but only the video. Leaving the controls and the frame behind :) Not sure how it would handle a page with more than one embedded video on it... one to test I think :)
  • The streaming TO the Xbox one is much appreciated.
  • Nice polishing of things, can't wait for it to be released in few days more.
  • How do I get the download to show up on my VivoTab 8" tablet? I'm still stuck on build 10547. Switching out of and back into fast ring didn't help. Is this only for larger screen devices? Thanks.
  • Have you tried upgrading to 10565 from ISO? If you've been set to Fast Ring, should already have that unless that screen-size didn't receive it for some reason as you suggest. Take a look at known-issue list:  
  • I love Melissa Benoist.
  • That's creepy.
  • Not sure if this is a new feature but I never noticed it before, but music, groove atleast, fades down when I get notification sounds which is pretty cool.
  • This was actually listed as a bug I believe in the article on what's broken in this release.
  • Ha you are right, but I think its a great feature! :)
  • I like it too that way
  • I'd prefer it to be configurable, I don't want my music to go quiet every time I get a non important email which could be every few minutes, would get annoying very fast.
  • My laptop on build 10565 doesn't even show 10576 as available update. No matter how many times I check for updates, Windows Update says "Your device is up to date". I am on the Fast Ring still the new build won't appear. Also, the Insider Hub app says I am on the latest build :(
  • Switch to Slow Ring, restart, then switch back to Fast Ring, restart, check for updates.. See if this works.. It worked for me some builds ago, but it's not a guarantee it'll work for everyone.
  • Will try that. Btw, I had even stopped getting the preview builds and then again resumed. Still up to date.
  • In itching to use edge as my main browser, but without addons it's rather difficult.
  • Why is it that some content is protected from being cast? I dont get it. How does that protect copyright? If I really wanted to go and share Netflix illegally with a bunch of people I could just bring a laptop and a HDMI cable... Isn't this "protection" simply something to make it harder to enjoy my paid services where ever I want to? I dont get it...
  • To be fair, Netflix works basically everywhere on the web or via an App so I don't see the need to cast it. Netflix app is on my phone, pc, TV and even my blu-ray player lol. The two apps I'm desperate to have on my TV are Groove Music and Films + TV (Gosh Xbox Video was so much easier to say hate this new name!), with groove I can use it on the TVs web browser but Xbox video on the web uses Silverlight still so can't play anything. Microsoft really needs to put some apps on Samsung "smart" TVs they have Skype but for a TV without a webcam, microphone, keyboard or mouse it's just useless (Yes I know you can buy those things for the TV but I'm not going to.) all I really want is a Windows 10 TV and I don't mean that Indian TV that was announced a few days ago, I just want a Windows UI made for TVs that can run store apps.
  • These preview builds are not exciting enough for me.  I'll wait for the official release.
  • Massive difficulty with this build. Xbox, News, Sport, Castle Siege and Store will not work on this build for my Surface Pro 2. Am currently going back to the previous build. Pain.............
  • "Scan with Windows Defender" in right-click menu?)))
  • My VM is again not receiving the update I dont know whats the problem
  • Go into your Microsoft account and check how many machines are there.  One time I had 7 VM's on mine; there is a limit of 10 devices.  It douesn't autodelete them, or at least not for a while after it lasts sees the machine turn on.
  • Cortana is now available in Australia in this build.
  • What would be the build number of Threshold 2? I guess 10640
  • Do any of these builds improve the battery life? Specifically on the SP3, but I know battery life issues have been pervasive across hardware. That's the biggest thing I'm looking forward to (hopefully) with the big updates.
  • Anyone else having issues pulling down the new build? My SP3 on fast ring does not see the new build. Curious.
  • My ThinkPad 8 now crashes when trying to play a video with Edge
    (reliably results in a BSoD).    
  • Hands up: who did know that modern Internet Explorer 10 had this media casting feature since Windows 8.0? Well actually *every* app had this thanks to the Charms bar. Also: the previous build introduced some small enhancements to File Explorer in Tablet mode. Didn't saw this mentioned yet.  
  • Sway
  • This Build brings the u, q and s Bug from Windows Mobile to Desktop. Whenever i press u in the Edge Adress Bar, the Address gets marked. U, w and s doesnt work anymore. This way Edge isnt usable anymore. Really annoying. Language: Swiss German. Anyone else with this Bug out there? Any solution maybe?    
  • What about two different context menus in Edge. Have they been fixed in this build ?
  • History in Edge also seems to be working properly, finally!
  • Mine's not. It still shows nothing, just like the last build.
  • Does Edge now stay on the monitor you placed it on when using multiple monitors? Annoying that it keeps opening on the primary display.
  • Mine's not. It shows nothing, just like the last build.
  • Quick question: my desktop is still on 10240. Can I jump straight to this one from within Windows? Because my Windows Update is failing to find the build, Insider on and Fast Ring selected.
  • I can't find build 10576 on Fast Ring Insider
  • Will Cortana be available in Canada? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • i am currently having an issue where my settings is not accessible at all...anyone else have this issue and it looks like i may have to laptop has made it to the latest build but my upstairs pc still cannot update...still on build 10565...
  • The stupid bug when Groove is minimized it stops playing came back in this build.. UGGG
  • None of my apps, except for MS first party apps, can be opened now. I have to uninstall every app and reinstall it in order to work which forces me to reorganize all of my tiles again. Of course since tiles don't sync with my user login that I have to do this every Tim there's a new build! Although Edge is stable and runs faster, it slows to a crawl the longer you use it. I want to go back to 10565 but I want to move forward and try out these small changes.
  • One new feature is nowhere mentioned but included in TH2 is memory compression. In summary, memory compression allows Windows 10 to make better use of available memory on all systems by reducing physical memory utilization, resulting in fewer pagefile IO operations and a reduced reliance on disk. However I tried build 10565 and memory compression didn't play nice with the installed Mcafee Antivirus. Within minutes i had my CPU throttling at 100% and roughly 50% going to the memory compressing service and 50% to the antivirus service making my PC completely unresponsible. Had to roll back to build 10240. Will wait another week for TH2 to be released and hope that those problems are gone.
  • #1 reason that beta got installed on every one of my machines lol. Just wish I could turn it off easily on the really old and slow pc - where the cpu is more of a bottleneck. Or if it would automatically turn off when ram utilization is low and cpu utilization is high that would be more ideal....
  • I think some of the touch issues on the start screen have also been fixed.  I used to have problems touching a live tile on start to launch the app.  Sometimes it would just jiggle.  Now that doesn't seem to happen anymore and it just launches.
  • I just want to give a heads-up. Installing this build will remove the remote administration tools (RSAT). I've tried re-installing but, although the install seems to work, the tools aren't installed. I ended up rolling back to the previous build.
  • How can they not have their enterprise tools ready for their enterprise releases.  How can we properly test these builds if we can't even use something as obvious as RSAT! Grrrr!