Windows 10 Mail app adds inking support for Insiders

Microsoft is finally bringing one of Windows 10's biggest features to its Mail app: Inking. An update to the Mail and Calendar app available for Insiders adds inking support, allowing users to compose emails in their own handwriting with a wide array of pen and ink styles (via The Verge).

Insiders can get started with inking in the Mail app by selecting the new "Draw" tab, which sits alongside the formatting and insert options at the top of the composition window when writing a new email. Once you've switched to draw mode, you can choose from different styles of pens, an eraser, and more.

At the moment, we aren't seeing this update on our Insider machines, so it's possible that the inking feature could be in testing with a small number of users for now. Still, it's a major addition that could arrive just in time for Microsoft's rumored dual-screen folding device, Andromeda. But even without the Andromeda hype, this is a handy addition for anyone looking to spice up their emails with a touch of their own handwriting.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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