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Windows 10 Mobile 10586.164 looks like a release candidate for 8.1 upgrades

A recent report in Venture Beat noted that official upgrades to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1 would begin later in March.

Now, a tip from a user running Windows Phone 8.1 on a Lumia 520 and joining the Insider program to go to Windows 10 Mobile shared with a new prompt before the upgrade.

What seems different is the upgrade notification looks to be a more official one denoting the Windows 10 Mobile update without the Insider qualifications. The prompt reads:

Windows 10 is here! Get hundreds of improved features, new Office apps that work seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices, and more. For details about how the update will impact your experience, please read Significant download required.

Granted, it has been a long time since we updated a Windows Phone 8.1 OS to Windows 10 Mobile, so we'll leave room here for 'this is just old news'. However, that message does seem like the one a Windows Phone 8.1 user would get who is not on the Insider program.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.122 did seem very stable on our numerous test devices and the new changelog for build .164 reveals even more refinements and fixes. The timing of the release and Venture Beat's report seem to align properly as well making this .164 release one of the final ones for the Windows 10 Mobile rollout.

Also, since this update is going to all non-carrier phones that shipped with Windows 10 Mobile e.g. Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950 XL, Coship Moly X1, and Nuans NEO, and others it does appear rather final.

Microsoft mentioned at the end of February that certain older 8.1 phones would also get new firmware where it was needed to fix any compatibility problems with Windows 10 Mobile. Otherwise, the Windows 10 Mobile is only a software release.

We'll have to wait and see what Microsoft plans to do by the end of the month. There is also the carrier factor, which will likely play a role in delaying updates for branded devices as well.

What do you think – Is Windows 10 Mobile build .164 finally ready for prime time?

Thanks, @siddharthabera9, for the screenshots

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Great
  • Is this for the 950xl too?
  • My last is 14267.1004
  • Got it on my L950, it's for all phones on the 10586 branch of updates that are running Windows 10 Mobile in one way or another Sent from Microsoft Band
  • Hey Dan..i just bought Microsoft band it worth using or shall I go for band 2..???
  • Yes Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Thanks...faat release, slow, production, nothing happens here...maybe I will need a hard reset again...
  • I'm not going back to 8.1.. I think that's unnecessary.... I'm going to just do a hard reset, opt for NO backup, and then do the new update.. That's gotta be like starting fresh. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
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  • I just read that I order to get this update I have to roll back...otherwise you stick with, is that correct?
  • No. That is not correct. To get this build you must go into the insider app, and enroll into the slow ring. Then check for update.
    Once the update is installed you can go back to fast ring. Via WC For WM10 ☣
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  • If you are on 14267, or whatever, then yes you would need to roll back to factory software because you are at Redstone and already ahead of the threshold release. You can't go backwards +640/Win10
  • Oh.. Well, that makes sense.
  • Thanks a lot...and rollback from phone? In a 950? Cannot find how to do that anyway
  • You would need to use windows device recovery tool (WDRT) that should put you back to 10586 check the software version on server before going through with it to make sure. Should have 10586 or something similar on server. +640/Win10
  • Warning though... It's not really fun to rollback like that... It will be very time consuming to get your phone back to how you want it. Especially on poor WiFi. Good luck whatever you do. +640/Win10
  • Thanks a lot
  • It is correct, cause you are on higher version then this release, you are on redstone and this build is for older win10 version.
  • This is a Threshold build. If you are on the Fast ring and have already received a Redstone build then yes, you will have to rollback first. You'll never get an update to an older build than the one you're on. If you're not already running a Redstone build, either because you never were or because you have rolled back, you need to join the Slow or Release Preview ring to get this build for now.
  • I think the 14- series build is on track to receive the Redstone update. So yes if you want to install this new update you'll meed to roll back - as far as I've read at least. Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • Shouldn't you update first and then do the reset? That way, you clear up all the garbage the update process might have left behind
  • If you were on the fast ring before with the Redstone build, you will not be able to get this unless you go back to the production branch using wdrt
  • As Hermione would say, Articulus Reado!
  • Lol...I did....but I wasn't aware of rollback thing...thanks
  • You know what ❕❕HUGE❕❕ feature I would like to see come in a future update???? This would be huge, and very useful (especially on larger screens)
    Are you ready? Here it goes---
    Minimizing apps. Yep! Just like on desktop. Minimizing, size adjustable, and repositionable.. Yes. The idea has always been there. I've always wanted to have a little floating calculator that I could lay over Edge, OneNote, or any other app, or screen.. Then, I thought why not give developers the capability to add this functionality, or why not just make it part of the OS, like 10 does with apps on desktop.. This could prove to be really useful for multitasking.....
    Now, before you silly fellers dislike this OPTION I'd like to remind you that everything would still be the same. If you don't have the need, or simply would not ever want to use this functionality, then you wouldn't be forced to. Just go on business as usual (always have to explain that, so I figured I'd go ahead and throw it in.... Anyways⛽ Cool idea!
    Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • I think you should copy the second part of your comment as your signature.. So that you don't have to type it over and over again :p
  • Lol.. That's a good one.. Right!. Geeeeeeeezzzz. Lol
  • I really support this rodneyej. This is really useful when using the phone in Continuum mode. This would be another step in having a similar experience as one gets while using a desktop / laptop.
  • At a minimum, we need to be able to open 2 apps at a time.....LG, and Samsumg phones do this with certain apps on Android already....... This feature should be added immediately, especially in Continuum mode
  • Immediately. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
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  • Exactly. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
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  • I would expect that the first order of business would be to get Continuum to work like tablet mode on PC. After that, they should look to get Continuum to work just like a regular PC does with Store apps. If it's no extra trouble then they could implement floating windows on the phone but I see very little use for it, so very little time should be allocated to it.
  • I think that sounds like a really cool feature for the surface phone. My 2 cents
  • What's so beautiful about Arlington Texas? I lived there for a year. Just another chunk of urban sprawl. And worst of all it butt bumps up against Grand Prairie, the ugliest city in Texas.
  • Get lost 950XL. This is for us
  • Yes , If you are not on 14XXX i.e. RedStone branch and Windows Hello work pretty much fast on this build
  • Still too buggy IMO
  • Legit question: are you going from 8.1 to 10 or just doing update after update after update? Because the upgrade experience from 8.1 to 10M has been worked on a lot in the last few builds. I still recommend hard resets if you have been doing these upgrades consistently for a better experience.
  • I've reset my phone all the way back to 8.1 last week. I think that might be where I'm running into a bug. 5 System apps won't update. They had no problem previously.
  • I'll try the reset when I get home.... Still think a factory wipe after instating the latest version of 10 should do the same thing.. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
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  • @Dan For me , It's not as buggy as he is saying. But it doesn't feel like as smooth as 8.1 ( Let's forget the 'Resuming' and 'Loading' issues ) ... W10M is feature complete and I don't feel like we are catching up with other OS. But it definitely needs more smoothness. It is smooth, But not smooth enough. Some glitches are still present like the absence of 'Dark' tint when we are exiting an app to app list. But I'm pretty sure that once the OS is out for everyone MS will squash the remaining bugs as they did with the PC versions.. Now all we need is some cumulative updates.
    Update: This build is far more better than I expected when I read the changelog ... Performance is improvement is really noticeable ...
    But small UI glitches are still there.. I'm pretty sure we will get an OS faster than 8/8.1 soon .. May be in few weeks..
  • This one is blazing fast on my Lumia 830 and no issues thus far. Makes me want to roll back from Redstone ok my 950xl.
  • Well.. I can confirm that on my test device as well (L625) .. Seems like this build brought some serious performance improvement to the OS.. Impressed... Now some UI glitches left.. As I said above.. With a couple of Cumulative updates W10M will surpass the WP8 smoothness..
  • What's the update size?
  • Sorry, I forgot to look at the size :-/
  • K'
  • Update: It is in fact blazing fast... This build is REALLY awesome.. Even on 512 MB devices it's crazy fast.. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to see few more similar cumulative updates..
  • Can confirm. Updated my test device (512 version of 635) and I'm very impressed Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 950XL
  • I did exactly that today. RS1 was draining my battery on my XL. I would def recommend it. Last build i ran was pre-.107 just using Windows Hello now seems rapid fast compared to .29 or .0.
  • I really wish somebody did Windows Hello demo with the latest builds so that we can see how faster it is. The demos we have on Youtube are from the release date of 950/XL.
  • I think this problems come from firmware. After a firmware update this glitches shouldn't be their anymore.
  • This message has been there since at least .107, and that is the last update I went from 8.1 to windows 10. Old news relating to the article and the message, however that update was still less than perfect from an 8.1 update, and required me to hard reset. This was just after resetting to 8.1 so it was a clean phone. I shuddered to think about those with sd cards and multiple apps and data on their phone trying to take the jump from 8.1 to .107. Granted .122 is the best I have felt, but I can't comment on an 8.1 upgrade experience. However, today I am going to reset anyway, because I can't get .164 installed from .122 so maybe I'll update again on how the improved upgrades experience went... .122 was a big update.
  • You've seen this message before??? Naw. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
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  • True, just go hunting around twitter looking for old tweets from people upgrading in previous builds, even look around this comment section... they have screenshots of the message from months ago. I'm not alone. Having done an 8.1 reset multiple times for many different builds, only a few builds ago (somewhere around the .100's) this message began showing up for windows 8.1 users upgrading.
  • Hummmmm. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Lol just take it with some faith from the student on break who has nothing better to do than follow Microsoft and go to work every now and then +640/Win10
  • @rodneyj...this message was there 3 days ago when I updated my 8.1 640 to W10M build 107 and again when updated to 122.
  • Damn! I'm late. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Yes, same here. It's been this way for at least the last three updates. Nothing new, false alarm! :)
  • I saw it ages ago too. Thought it was a bit odd it was being mentioned now.
  • Rolling back every time is exhausting. I'll only do it when the final, public release is out.
    Anyway, this build look really like IT :D. The last one was quite stable and good too, but as faras I used this new build, this is even better. I mean, it's running flawless on a 535. One of the lowest end windows phones :D Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10, on HP 250 G1 notebook
  • "Exhausting""
    The phone does all the work.. You act like you're going to the gym.. These kids nowadays.. SMDH☺ Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • I know they recommend this, but in my experience it almost always makes no difference.
  • Yeah I think many people have given up on the idea of hard resetting after trying it out only to find the build still buggy for the past few months.
  • I'll try that... Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • What are the bugs? Posted from Rebel Base, Hoth.
  • 5 system apps aren't updating, No text tones, my 830 was installing my apps back all day and the store crashed a lot. (could have happened pre store update) Problems with notifications in mail. If I don't have it set to pop up a toast notification it won't make a sound at all. Just naming the big ones. Just reset it today, maybe it'll get better.
  • The first one I noticed was no apps☺☺☺☺ Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Curious... What bugs are you experiencing in the current builds? Because it's pretty stable on my L640. Sent from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Yeah bwacuse win 10 mobile was made for 640.... Serioualy. Everybody has issues . Older phones the most. But 640 has none.... Posted from your moms place
  • Works great on the my 950, 930 and 920. Make sure you hard reset. I was against hard resets but since i did that around 6 builds ago (if not more) experience has been great. Having updated without hard reset felt food but had some crazy glitches ...all those glitches were gone when I hard reset both thr 930 and 920
  • Fun fact. The hard reset ****** it up even more. Its faster now yeah, but apps aint working anymore, the windows camera is broken, edge has wired search bar glitches, mobile data has HUGE outrageous issues best described as " connected , disconnected, conected, disconnected , con...disconnected ( and so on ) " ******* me off in whatsapp, facebook, edge , and pretty much everything. Been there before so its actually one of the new two builds .
    Then gmt+1 auto time IS THE SAME AS GMT+0 ! I swear I came too late to work again because ******* windows 10 is so broken is showing me british ******* time ! Like wtf Microsoft!? How is that been overseen !
    List goes on. To apps not starting leaving me with an empty start screen, to apps crashing and random camera start ups. Yeah.. Really really annoying. Posted from your moms place
  • That's not normal for w10m you know... Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Sadly I know :( Posted from your moms place
  • Use recovery tool;).
  • To do what ? Posted from your moms place
  • To restore your device to ita original state and then upgrade, as opposed to just hard resetting the device ...could be a good option if you havent tried that.
  • Hm. Wait which windows 8.1 do it get with the recovercy tool right now ? Is it the new one the lumia 640 hot with the new settings menu layout ? Posted from your moms place
  • You get the original one that came with your device when you bought it and from there it updates to the most recent OS might update to a more recent 8.1 before updating to 10, but i forgot. Eitherway, this process should make your phone run windows 10 like it should
  • Neat. Will do it for sure when i am back home^^ thanks
  • I'm sure you meant "fun exception" Posted from WC 920, 1520, 920, 635, 640 950XL
  • Love how this gets downvoted only because I try to tell ppl what's wrong with my win10mobile and expecting solutions or other ppl with the same issues Posted from your moms place
  • @betram Yea some people just like to down vote anything that doesnt appeal to them but who cares it's just a down vote, it doesn't mean anything. Try restoring your device through Windows Recovery (as mentioned above) incase you havent tried that.
  • @bertram That's quite odd. Which device you using? It went smoothly on all three devices without a hiccup (just the known glitches).
  • Lumia 1520 white
  • Thats odd, 1520 should work really well with 10, try the Windows Recovery tool. Once restored to its original state, just install Windows Insider and immediatly update to 10, then let the apps reinstall. Dont open whatsapp until youre on 10 in order to have your conversations restored.
  • Are you able to record in stereo with your 930? I still get mono only sound on videos. (transfer video to PC and check details tab in file properties to see if it is stereo). Thx.
  • For this you will have to wait for firmware... I get like 10% of the sound i should, because of my "broken" mic 
  • Havent checked that actually, I barely take videos. Will check it out when Im next to my PC and let you know.
  • Not true, 640 definitely has its fair share of issues especially with the upgrade.
  • Like what? Sent from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • I always shudder to read what other people are going through. I guess I have been extremely lucky for all the builds I installed on my 640 have worked almost flawlessly. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Did you ever do a hard reset? +640/Win10
  • And yes imagine a normal consumer with no knowledge of this community, blindly updating their phone or buying a new one, only to find it ruined...and no idea how to fix it.
  • Still cant access the People app and still wont update Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I can
  • We need polished take time but provide a polished OS like 8.1....No hurry
  • ^this Posted via Samsung Galaxy S6 but still love for Windows.
  • And how many errors or failing have you had on camera or videos or OS down to quick charge with the S6
  • It said that in the 122 build as well, I commented on it in the what's new article you done on it
  • Progress is progress...
  • Lol
  • Well... i is true, news is better than no news and going forward is better than backwards :D
  • Seems faster :D
  • Well, we haven't used .164 for a long time to tell, but .122 seemed pretty stable. Full of bugs though. One drives me nuts and that is changing songs through the system toggles.
  • I saw these messages when I reflashed my 830 and went back to 10. Also on my mom's 640 when I upgraded it a few months ago. It's nothing really new. BUT this cumulative updated was released to non-Insiders as well, so this might be the actual signal this time.
  • Unicorn
  • Why not?))) It was be cool)))
  • Sounds good. Though I wish they will push more bugfix update just to make it more polish if possible. I have yet to get this update but based on the changelog, it seems the All Apps bug and Media Toast text animation glitch bug hasn't been fixed still, the two most talked and obvious bug that for some reason hasn't been fixed since forever.
  • Yeah, never understood why they'd never fix the most obvious bugs they have and it's freaking annoying tbh. Edit: all in all, half baked OS.
  • Ask @JenMsft on Twitter about the All apps bug (If you mean the overlay disappearing when you back out of an app) as Gabe mentioned the Shell team are aware of it and that the engineer I mentioned as looking at the issue. His tweet made it seem more complicated that most would think Sent from Microsoft Band
  • That's comforting to know at least. Do you have the tweet? I missed that one. ​Thanks for the helpful reply btw. :)
  • OS itself is pretty much stable, but apps are buggy especially Store. I still find WP 8.0 the most stable one ever made.
  • That's been the story since W8 and W10 now. I get the sense that the dev guys from PC side now making UWP apps for W10/W10M seem to be of lower caliber than the ones from WP8.x days.
  • This is too funny because people have been saying that wp8 apps were made by interns. Judging by how barebones they were, I fully agree.
  • Look, discontent among diehard WP fans including me here have never been higher. W10M has been buggy for over 7 freaking months and counting. It was never like this in WP8.x days.
  • To be fair.. Windows in general is going through some of the most drastic changes since windows 3.1 same goes for phone, iPhone doesn't see this many bugs because it has a solid foundation to work on is building that foundation anew. Takes time. +640/Win10
  • Their problem is they keep screwing up this "new foundation" and have to keep redoing it every couple of years... WP 7->8 was a "complete redo", now 8->10 is another complete redo. 
  • Plus you have to have some respect for the fact they aren't only updating one phone (apple)... But instead keeping sorry for all capable devices
  • * support +640/Win10
  • Nothing here on my 1520. Which is still broken as hell... Freaggin win10m Posted from your moms place
  • try slow ring ... 122 and 164 on mine  
  • I'm with you about my 1520 being buggy as **** anymore. Battery is now crap, Cortona doesn't get half what I tell her correct, Edge needs to be renamed Garbage, try to jump into a message from a pop up notification freezes up. Man I'm at a loss.
  • Omg thanks you ! That ******* glictch or bug or whatever when jumping from notification to the messages. .. I need to close the apps because the apps can't connect to internet ! Posted from your moms place
  • Your device probably needs a firmware update :)
  • Yeah I thought ao as well. But how do I get one ? Microsoft isn't big on releasing phone specific updates. Witch is bullcrap Posted from your moms place
  • Yeah, you gotta switch to slow ring.. Via WC For WM10 ☣
    Arlington, TX (Most Beautiful City) ♛
    Lumia 152☺️ (Best Lumia $ Can Buy) ツ
  • Rodneyej....hey if your having success with your 1520 and these updates please tell me your update process. (not being a smart a$$). Please let me know your full update process maybe I'm missing a step that might make things better
  • Bad Randy 217   Do you have a 1520.3?
  • How do we find out which model of 1520 we have?
  • Yesh idk. Is it actually relevant?
  • Hard reset? +640/Win10
  • My 1520.2 working flawlessly on 122 and updated to 164 with no issues so far.. Just some apps/system stuff like gesture won't update in store otherwise is great!
  • My 1520.3 has run very well for all of the recent updates. Smoother still with .164.
  • I still can't believe the message app doesn't recognise (British English) groups. This is basic functionality. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
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