Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 now available to Slow ring members

Roughly two weeks after Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 was pushed out to Fast in members, the build is now available to users on the Slow ring.

Windows 10 Mobile brings at least one big notable change to the table. One of the first things you'll notice is that the Store has dropped its beta tag and is now the default Store, replacing the old Windows Phone Store. You'll also notice a larger battery icon, which is a great change compared to previous builds.

Overall, however, this build is much more about speed and polish. It feels much smoother than previous builds, though there are some areas that still feel a little buggy. If you're on the slow ring and want to grab build 10166, you should be able to pull it down now.

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Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

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  • No news about a next build?
  • No
  • Yes, but they didn't tell us. Sheesh.
  • Those bastards!
  • But if you searched for windows 10 mobile build 10240, there's a video which show build 10240 mobile running on an emulator.
  • Kinda odd because usually we would've had a leak by now...
  • Wasn't there a leak about mobile 10240 last week?
  • Noo(?)
  • Not a leak, I think. It was an emulator update.
  • yes, wmpoweruser has a emulator of it! mostly bug fixes but i still want it bad as 10166 is loading, loading, and more loading 24hours of it infact! I have a start screen again but who knows for how long.....
  • I had this too, a reset fixed it, but I lost all my stuff.  If you're backed up and don't mind a reset, you might want to give it a shot.
  • hard reset after this issue came about after installing first time. up until now its been ok. just 5-10 minutes in reboot and some random occasions.   tried fixing today, turned show more tiles off, unpinned everything, restarted, put show more tiles back on and started adding them back. 60%  back and was working well. assume a corupt file for start screen log or something?   but then after an hour left alone. it started loading, then start appear for 1 second then dissapeared again was doing this for a while and now working again. the next build cant come quick enough. something weird is going on in this build..... going to give next build a go then back to 8.1! if no good
  • Actually this built is not stable on my 1020
  • +1 it isn't stable on my 1520 either. I would say that start nearly every phone call (in or out) the phone either locks up entirely, or the screen stops responding to touch.
    Either way, I'm having to hard boot my phone at least 2x day.
  • Every try a clean install?
  • I have a 1020 and I agree with him about the issues installing WP10 on 1020. I'm running buld 10166.  I did a clean install but it looks like some things went wrong.  Most app tiles can't update including all my email accounts and background wallpapers were not installed.  Important functions like phone calls and using the internet work well so I'm patiently waiting for the next build.
  • Exactly the same issue for me. Same goes for a friend.
  • +1 930
  • +920
  • on my 535 its pretty stable ^_^
  • Absolutely terrible on a 521. Fairly bad on an 810. Lots of lag and lots of lengthy "loading" screens. Temporary lockups are fairly common also. And yes, I've tried clean installs. Nothing helps.
  • I'm sure there's lots of optimization that still needs to be done. Search used to be very slow on my desktop in earlier builds, now it's instantaneous.
  • +1020, its awful!
  • Other than instability in my 925, i am unable to toggle on my wifi and cellular data no matter what I do. I had to clean install WP8.1
  • That's why I went back to 8.1. I'm going to Disney next week and the camera and battery performance just aren't there.
  • In the morning when i woke up my 909 notify me that new update is downloaded to install. After 30 minutes of installing my phone showed me a blue screeen that says Recovery Error and a code. I try to restore with buttons but no luck.....Then i reinstall my 909 to window phone 8.1 with windows phone recovery tool..................Does anyone face this problem or is it just me. Did this happened with your phone??
  • Hmmm, anyone trying this on thier daily driver? Any issues?
  • Its working ok
  • It was fairly good. I rolled back because it wasn't enough band functionality for me
  • Same here, and if have a drop down menu lower than your screen on some pages when you try to scroll it goes blank
  • Small issues. Some lagging. Camera doesn't launch from locked.
  • Camera does launch from locked screen. Maybe its a some users issue.
  • My camera doesnt also
  • I have the same issue, it's pretty annoying. 
  • Mine doesn't
  • Mine doesn't launch from locked either (920).
  • Anyone tried sharing photos to twitter or Facebook? They are rotated 90°. The only way around it is to edit the photo and save a copy. The copy is correctly oriented.
  • I tried, it was rotated in the preview but when the post was done, the pic was correct (I remember)
  • +1
  • Funny. I've had problems with the camera regularly not launching from locked on my 920, 1020, and now my 1520 with WP8.1.
  • I put it on my HTC M8. So far no big problems.
  • Got it on my 1520... It's butter... But hard reset after installing 10. Otherwise, resuming start screen and apps are fucky .
  • Tried on my Lumia 720. Was actually the first build I finally decided to try. Knew there would be bugs but it isn't worth it.
    Windows 10 just didn't bring any new mindblowing features .
  • Dude it's called TP not final build, if u want some mind blowing features then wait for the flagship with new hardware like hey cortana, continuum, iris scanner, triple led flash and so on, am sure it would wow u
  • its not just lack of new features, though they would be nice. Basic features such as search sms, calendar or contact number from dialler make it a difficult choice for a daily driver, and a non starter, if the basic feature set is not improved by the time of release. it will also be ripped apart in the apple and android biased press if it doesnt improve its basic feature set and offer some bling to go with the shiny new flagship phones we are being promised.see reviews "flagship phone with last years flagship processor, and sub par os"
  • Calendar is integrated with the Outlook app or you could use the maaaany calendar apps out there. Smart dialing works and has worked on the past 10 phones I had looked at - friends & relatives have been curious about Windows 10 Phone preview and after trying it out my 920 they got themselves tester devices - one of them was supposed to be getting me a 625 damn it lol.
  • Thats the point, the outlook app, a core app,doesnt provide functionality that maaaany other calendar apps do or what ios and android do, it simply isnt good enough yet. smart dialer is cool, so is the speed dial list, problem is, to use smart dialer you need to have an idea of the persons number, if you know their number already, it isnt that smart-it just saves you typing their number in full. a contact lookup is essential functionality for the dialer.  
  • OMG, the amount of false and wrong statements/stupidity in your comment is un-freaking-believable! Smart dialing requires you knowing the contact number? Hahaha, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! Smart dialing means that when searching for a contact named "stupid" from the dialer, all you need to press is: 7887... => STUP... your name starts to show up after typing those 4 numbers.
    7(PQRS) 8(TUV) 9(WXYZ)
    Notice that the "S" letter is located in "7" on the dialer, "T" is located in "8", "U" is also in "8" and so on. Now your phone is smart enough to get the right contact without you searching for it completly, only giving the phone hints about either the contact's name or his number. The result is refined with each input you make, for example, after entering 7887, and having a contact named "PUTRIK", both "STUPid" and "PUTRik" would be on the top of the search as both of their names share the common 4 hints given to the dialer. Also, if the recent call made with any of those two would mean that this contact would be on the top of the list (if hints inputted matched that contact's name). I am sure you're stupid enough not to understand the dull explanation I made here, but hey! Kill it before it lays eggs, right?
  • Or just hit the mic button and tell Cortana to call "Stupid", why all the button pushing?
  • Best answer...
  • Anger issues? It really bothered you that much to type all that out? LOL
  • Oh Sheesh, I just discovered this function thanks to you and your friend Stupid, thank u both
  • wow ! Get a girlfriend so i didn't understand smart dialling, I noticed when you start typing a number in it recognises the number and predicts who you may intending - which is pretty smart. Doesn't change the failure to in life access to contacts from the dialler is stupid. Smart dialling is great if you lived in the 1990s but when phones got smart they introduced the ability to access information in a smart way, you know like having the information you need where you need it. Having access to contacts is a natural extension of having your address book sitting under the fixed line telephone, it's natural, it's smart, its not supported. I hate to say it but pick up a phone with a competing os, you will see what i mean. I notice you miss the point, the apps aren't basic feature complete. It's nice to be able to see outlook calendar pinned to start screen telling me about up coming appointments, but if you go into the app and can't interrogate it, it is just a list , not too smart for a flagship product that fails to provide basic functionality. This is stuff that should be there they aren't wow features we can hope for when we come out of developer preview.  
  • Dude, have you even tried the smart dialer? You didn't get it. You don't have to dial the number, you have to type the contact name.
  • Hard reset got things going and not too bad for a while, but every day functionality drops. Guess another hard reset might help. Hey, it's Windows, I've been used to this "reload" type fix since Win95.
  • I don't have to know their number. You can actually spell out their name like you were using T9 and it will pull up a list of contacts as you type. At least mine does.
  • No, you don't need to have an idea of a persons number, you just type in their name. I feel it's either bugged up for you or your not using it correctly - Yes, I'm being blunt as the more I read your comments, I am begining to doubt you actually know what your talking about :).. The calendar app can be pinned separately and the calendar app is actually as near full port of the Sunrise Calendar app that Microsoft acquired. You could say the outlook app and calendar app are amalgamations of Acompli (email app - also a Microsoft acquisition) + Sunrise (Calendar). Regardess this is a preview, so if your having issues best use the feedback app and if you don't have it in the App list - use the volume down + power key shortcut  - this will take a screenshot and open the feedback app {hold only for a few seconds, then wait a few more seconds, it will load, when you press the + or new feedback icon your screenshot will be shown at the bottom).  
  • Actually you could type their name via the dialer and it would come up
  • Why not just look up contacts under contacts?
  • Yeah and the Outlook app is SHIT. A huge step back from the default Windows Phone 8.1 mail app.
  • W10m outlook app is 1000 times ahead of 8.1 outlook
  • This build won't let me add a second account to it like previous builds.  I had to roll back to 8.1.  I tried doing a hard reset but that did not work.  I'll try again when the next build gets released.
  • Couldn't add 'first' account on my 720, rolled back too
  • Yes, have preserved with all recent builds on my main device. Definitely usable, with caveats... Mason issues for me:
    - intermittent, catastrophic, SMS failures (no send, no receive);
    - MicroSD intermittent, reboots (plural) required to access.
    - Cellular data issues: Only affecting outlook Mail it appears (outlook issues)
    - Frequent edge crashes, but looking good generally;
    - Occasional device freezes and reboots. Overall, great strides forward... but bugs (as is to be expected on TP)
  • By far the most annoying problem for me is data sense, each time I connect to wifi or celular I get bombed with ay least 10 notifications stating that my data limit was reached... but the app won't accept me setting any limit :P I also lose my touch input whenever some1 calls me, have to soft reset..
  • Using on my 930. A few annoyances, but overall a stable build. Getting news about this going to the slot ring is frustrating when there is no accompanying hint on the arrival of the next build in the fast ring. ; )
  • Xbox music pass doesn't allow adding or exploring songs to collection major turn off til then otherwise runs great
  • i cancelled my subscription as couldnt explore store, am loving mix radio and spotify in its place, not sure if will return to the groove
  • Using build 10166 on my L925, no problems so far. Camera launches fine, small lags when opening certain apps, but nothing major. I did a clean install.
  • Same here! Quite pleased
  • Yes there are plenty of issues. Most of the time the start screen doesn't work and for a lot of folks the store still crashes and/or doesn't update apps. I would say still no to daily driver.
  • Just do clean install. I had same problem.
  • Only one mayor issue for me, if I restart my phone the screen gets stuck on "Loading..." this stops randomly, sometimes it takes 10 minutes to show the start screen others up to 3 hrs O.o
  • I am a fast ring member and installed TP 10149 on my only phone(Lumia 920) and then upgraded to the latest one. 10166 is lot better than 10149 but I think it is not the one for daily driver. The biggest issue is start screen which simple refuse to load randomly. MS should address this problem in next build. I am not rolling back to WP8.1 as don't wanna brick the phone. There are definitely other problems as well but one can live with them as it is TP.
  • No response from touchscreen after dialing (frequent). Having Gmail account added in Outlook breaks notifications and SMS. Plus tons of other quirks that just aren't worth it yet, Lumia 1520.
  • I am. Start screen slow to load at times, sometimes I have to use Cortana/search to open the app I want, like on PC.
  • Working pretty well here in my1320 (sometimes my cam is a greenscreen)
  • Yes. Has worked great as daily driver. Don't want to go back to 8.1 ever.
  • Tons of issues, cannot recommend. Tested on 635, 920, 1520.
  • What fixes are included since its going to slow ring?
  • No fixes, they just have found no showstopping bugs that would be dangerous for Insiders to install. Doesn't mean you can' thave problems, just means that this build is relatively stable enough for Slow ring.
  • Roaming doesn't work for me - surprised that's not classed as a show stopper.. And you can't open pdf files easily.
  • PDFs open just fine for me. I don't have PDF Reader or Adobe Reader installed, though. They open right up in Edge. As for roaming, are you on a CDMA network like Verizon or Sprint or a GSM network like AT&T or T-Mobile?
  • @Daniel, sir some apps are crashing. They don't open at true central app takes more than 5-7 sec to open ...any solution for this??
  • True Caller uses APIs that changed between 8.1 and 10. This may be the same situation with other apps.
  • Yes, hard reset mother fuckers, other apps won't work. Apps on sd will take a shit, start resumes for a month... Hard reset, she's like butter. Download your apps manually from 10 store, problem fuckin solved...
  • You are one of the smartest most friendly people I have ever encountered. I hope I can be as smart as you some day.
  • I understand, normally they do bring some fixes but makes sense. :P
  • well there is!!! been on this build for a since it went live and have constant loading of start screen in waves! normally just 5-10 minutes. today i have seen the home screen for a about 30 minutes max. been through 1.5 battery cycles trying to fix it. problem started at 11am its now 11pm here in uk!!   please hurry and release next build.     advice to slow ring....dont install
  • Have you tried putting it in Flight mode then press power button and volume down together quickly, the feedback app should load then just back out of it, you might have to do this a few times to get to Start screen but it does work.
  • I found that the trick to getting your Start Screen to load in this case is to open Cortana, let it load, and press the Start button. You may also want to remove some tiles or disable some live tiles.
  • When I have that issue, I just hit the back button five times really fast then the start button. Goes back to normal. Only happens every once in a while for me.
  • thanks all, tried all these. the start screen does come back for a second then disappears again. doing this alot causes my phone to crash and reboot   the only way i can get it back os to turn off show more tiles, but i hate it like this. they are all too big. hopefully just a day or two until the next build!
  • Have you come across an issue with not being able to add a second account to the phone?  I was able to on previous builds but now I just get errors when trying to add another account.  I have done hard resets but I can't get it to work. 
  • When you add a second account and get to page asking you to input your username and password don't tap the back arrow, just tap on the screen and you won't have that error. I used to have the same problem until I tap on the screen to minimized the keyboard and tap "sign in" it should accept it. I hope this help you.
  • I thought the point of the slow ring was to fix the bugs from the fast ring? It seems like their just releasing the exact same slow ring builds that's been delivered to the fast build
  • Waiting for next build
  • Hopefully next build will come before I get an iPhone :p
  • Same here :))
  • Really buggy on my 1520. Waiting for the next build
  • Have you tried a hard reset after the update? I know it's a pain but for many users it fixes a lot of issues. My Icon (not HR) is vastly worse than my 1520.
  • I'll second Daniel that one. My 1520 is much improved after a hard reset which means didn't restore from a backup. I've been using W10 Mobile as my daily driver since the last build and while there are still a few bugs to be worked out I have zero inclination to go back to 8.1
  • Same here, W10 Mobile as a daily driver on this build (after a clean install) is fine - no going back to wp8.1
  • How do you hard reset? And wont it reset back to 8? Thanks.
  • If you don't know how to hard reset do you think tp is the best thing for you, anyway go to settings>system>about>reset your phone
  • ^ this
  • Another unfriendly idiot. Man some of you people are full of yourselves.
  • definitely recommend hard reset, and patience while the phone does its thing, made massive improvement on my 930. also give it a chance to download all its apps after install, or you will just get frustrated
  • I also find this build to be somewhat more troublesome than previous builds: 1.- if my 1520 randomly restart the start screen gets stuck at "Loading" for a long time (10min-to several hrs); 2.- if I take an screenshot and try to share it from the photo app the "share page" won't scroll and it'll share only with apps that can be seen on that list, also if I open WhatsApp or messenger and try to share those screenshots from within those apps, they won't show in the "screenshots" folder or in recent pics; 3.- Glance Screen disappear from my phone; 4.- the People App's Live tile is hideous! ^^
  • For once, Danny boy is right.
  • @Daniel Rubino
    When I do HARD RESET
    Some Core Apps / Setting Apps like
    " DEVICE HUB "
    " NETWORK + "
    " EXTRAS + INFO " etc... Will get removed and
    which is not available for download from new Windows 10 STORE
    I've already reported this in Windows feedback but still haven't got solution..
  • Install sysapp pusher from the windows store.
  • I've links for all those System apps but these system apps won't get installed through new Windows 10 store..
    Some apps will show Not Available & few other will show already installed ( But actually not )
  • Yeah mine was buggy too, then I did a hard reset and it smoothed it out mostly. No way would I revert back to 8.1. My only gripes are Groove music mostly sucks because radio and explore feature doesn't work yet. Also I really miss "Hey Cortana."
  • New fast ring build by Friday. Book it!
  • Hopefully
  • Source?
  • Optimism
  • Very reliable indeed.
  • Using it on a 930. Definitely its a Slow Ring build. (after a little reset).
  • How's the new store? Any install issues? Asking you because i know I'd get a decent answer lol.
  • Some people are reporting issues with the store, I personally haven't found any and I do like the new store much better than the old one
  • The Store has been updated twice since we got 10166, it's better, but far from Good. Search apps, and reviews are ok, but installing and updating apps can be a little annoying sometimes (and sometime no problems at all), not impossible. Also some apps are still missing from Store, so if you hard reset your phone after the update you might lose an app or another.
  • Thanks for the detailed response :). Think I'll wait for my 625 tester device and test 10166 on that. In the meantime I'll keep running the previous build on my 920 lol. Going to roll back as soon I get the 625.
  • I tried this a few weeks ago but it was just way too buggy to attempt to use as daily driver so back to 8.1 I went.
  • Curious, for those running this preview.. How quickly do apps open? Do you find they open quicker than on 8.1? I feel that was always something that bothered me. My friends on their other OS' launch apps much quicker than on my 1520.
  • Windows Phone is super laggy. That's true on 8.1, too.
  • Not true, 8.1 probably is the most smooth OS out there, period.
  • The system will get more optimised with each build. Getting things working is more important than how quickly they crash...
  • Yay!
  • That's nice, but fast ring users need newer build. The "loading" screen of death is killing me. lol
  • Hard reset, moron.
  • Bluntness at it's best. :)
  • Hard reset doesn't fix it! Moron right back at you :/
  • Bullshit, did you try, mother fucker?
  • Hold your horses due, the kindergarden is closed
  • I'd kick your Ass on the playground mother fucker
  • You are a loser. Why do you respond to people if they upset you? Can't wait for your school yard reply.
  • I hard reset the night i installed it, at the time i assumed it would never load.   after hard reset and back up reinstated i still had the loading start screen but it was now only 5-10 minutes. but now nearly two weeks on it seems to have reverted back to how it was before the hard reset. As previously posted on this thread. its been nearly 24hours since i saw my start screen but it came back this morning! whoop!! holding out until Friday..... I can just about live with this until then.
  • Anyone using it on l620? Hows the experience?
  • So what was the previous build for the insider slow? 10149? I doubt it!
  • I don't understand till date no update 2 for lumia 1520 AT&T . Any explanation ?
  • 1 800-331-0500 <-------- Try that number, ATT mobility customer service.
  • 8.1 Update 2 was never supposed to be a wide release. It's not a major release that brings a bunch of new features, just a service release that adds drivers for new hardware and cleans up the settings menu.
  • I'd love for them to release it as well. My wife's Windows M8 as well as my sons 640 has it from AT&T.
  • Install windows insider and select fast ring, and after you accept the agreements go to phone update in your settings, you can update to Denim. I did this on my ATT lumia 635, and after you updated, uninstall the windows insider or you will get fast ring for windows 10 mobile which is still 10166.
  • It wont work now as you can update to 10 from any version of 8.1 now.
  • I just did it last night with my Lumia 635. It update to Denim first and then to 10166.
  • The start screen is worse than previous build. Just saying
  • I'm running it on my Lumia 635 (my daily driver is a 1520) without a sim card. I take it to the gym with my as the 1520 is to big and I've found some issues with Groove Music. Periodically it won't play songs on my playlist even though they are downloaded right onto the phone (I have a full Xbox music subscription). The most annoying thing is that for no reason at all it keeps lowering my volume to 0. I can try and turn it back up but it keeps going back to 0. I've tried hard resets, power cycles, pulling the headphones out of the jack and re-inserting yet nothing works. If I shut the phone off for 10 minutes and turn it back on it works fine again. It's completely random. Anyone else experience this? I've submitted it to MS.
  • That volume bug is old. I had it back on the 8.1 preview.
  • No, are alone in that regard.
  • need to improve battery life in lumia 930 
  • ^ this on 1320
  • "A large battery icon, a great change compared to previous builds"
    Quite funny!
    Microsoft's barbarian strategy is accidently mimicked by the writer's eccentric words. Literally explains the failure of the OS.
  • I'm sorry, what? It was a bug. The scaling was off. They fixed it. How is that a failure on the part of an OS that isn't even final/released?
  • Meh, do you even know the meaning of "pre-release" ?
  • You know it's a pre release work in progress and not a final build.
  • I am using this build not only this from the beginning of windows 10 preview. Just not working for most of the game. It opens up the game pretty normal but I am unable to tap, my touch is not detecting so I have to get back to windows phone 8.1. Games like dungeon hunter 5, modern combat 5, siegefall having this problem. Some of the working games are asphalt 8. Dead trigger 2 and subway surfer. There may be other but I am not aware of those. So hope u will need to keep in mind before installing it. Thanks guys.
  • Groove music constantly asks me to sign in. This means I can't pin albums as I did In 8.1 without them tossing errors. Shuffling my collection is mostly ok, but occasionally a Track that plays one minute suddenly will show up as unplayable even if a ripped Track.
  • Waiting for my upgrade to 640XL then I'll install on my 520, until then I'll just be looking at the hands on videos
  • "A large battery icon, a great change compared to previous builds"
    Quite funny!
    Microsoft's barbarian strategy is accidently mimicked by the writer's eccentric words. Literally explains the failure of the OS.
  • Are you gonna keep repeating yourself? You posted the exact same thing 8 minutes before.
  • Quit spamming
  • Dont know why some people are complaining, I think its coming along very well.
  • Because some people always like to complain about everything. It's preposterous.
  • No word for the HTC 8X? :/
  • There is bug in "share photo" in skype , when you want to take a picture from the camera at the moment, and you have to close skype from background, and to lunch it again (and try again)
  • Anyone getting the "loading..." screen of death? I'm on fast ring build 10166 HTC One M8.
  • No idea dude for HTC however on my LUMIA 830 & 720 its working fine. best build so far..
  • Too bad, this build is sooo good but still can't download speech and keyboard languages...
  • Had a similar problem where speech would refuse to download, constant error message. Solved it by re-enrolling in the fast ring though the Windows Insider app. The download went through smoothly at the next attempt.  
  • Works for me fine. Do a hard reset and re-enroll
  • Just installed the preview for the 1st time couple of hours ago. :) Little things to make a man happy - ability to select several videos at a time to delete in camera roll and even mix and match with pics! Oh the wonders of Modern times!
  • You were able to sign in with your MS account. How? It kept saying it encountered an error and I should try later. Rolled back to 8.1, u know, WP is useless without MS account...
  • Running as my daily driver on Lumia 1520. It's good enough for a daily driver as long as you don't mind the stupid stuff it does at times. Like when on a phone call the screen stays black and won't come back on without a reboot.(not all the time). But it is close to being ready though. If ms listens to the insiders they will of mobile 10 ready for September
  • Someone please tell me if I am missing something, but data sense and storage sense are not available and I hate outlook mail. I do not know what email account I have notifications from without going through all 5 accounts. I want separate email tiles like 8.1 and my data/storage sense back. Please help, Lumia 925 so storage is a big concern. Thx
  • Also, back button does not close out apps. I have to long hold and close. Anyone else?
  • I think the back button thing is just a small bug. It happens to me intermittently too...but not every single time with every single app.
  • You can pin each individual email account to your start screen. Just long press on the account name in the all accounts section.
  • Separate tiles for each account are available and have been for some time. Go to settings in Outlook Mail then Accounts...tap and hold on each account one by one and tap "pin to start". This will pin each individual account to start screen.
  • Thanks guys! Should have known this.
  • It's prob! Any time. I've been running this on my L925 since the last build came out, which is my daily driver.
    It's all about just taking your time exploring the new OS setup and the new settings. Storage and Data are available under settings as well and can be pinned as tiles. Just have to go spelunking.
  • So here it is Data Sense is now called "data usage" under settings and is able to be pinned. Also, Storage Sense is now just called "Storage" under settings. It is also able to be pinned. :-)
  • Added Alarm Vibrate Only ? please ask me
  • Very problematic on L720. I like the way WM10 is going but this build is too buggy for my phone. I will however stick with it! This is my main phone and I can do the basics, call, text, internet so this build is not a complete washout. Look forward to the next release.
  • I can't believe MS would release this build to Slow Ring...very buggy...on L1520 start screen continuously loops on "loading", device gets hot if downloading several apps at once or 1 after another, battery life needs improvement, Cortana passive voice is inop, glance screen missing in the menu, IE favorites gone and more. I have tried installing this build in EVERY way...fixes nothing, actually doing an upgrade from Win 8.1 without hard reset was the better experience. If installed and hard reset and no other apps or tiles are added it works better but that shouldn't have to be. Yes there are some workarounds for Glance Screen and finally getting the Start Menu sometimes but it requires a few steps each time. These issues have been posted many, many times. Hoping the next build is better...back on Win 8.1 for now.
  • Hard reset, do not download saved apps, download them through 10 store....fucking problem solved man. I had the same fucking trouble. Pissed me off at Epcot, cocksucker...all is good now. I reset the ducker on the drive home.
  • More genius comments from the smartest man in the world... You must not realize how simply moronic you sound. Come on buddy, you can't possibly be as bad as you come off. Just stop commenting...or don't... I've seen worse...but not many.
  • Do a hard reset from settings.i too had sameissues in my 1520.after this its butter more "loading"
  • Tried all those....and more.Same issues remain.
  • I having the same problem with my Lumia 925. Except my screen is just blank and stays in loading mode. No start UI screen. Cannot make phone calls.  I thought I bricked it.  This 10166 build is the worse.  All of the other builds had a level of functionality but this is a humongous disaster.  When I go back to 8.1, it doesn't give you the GDR2 update.  So my phone now has less functionality now. 
  • Still not able to update my 530. It runs out of storage before the update can finish installing. Replies from MS on forums are useless..
  • Seems faster
  • When are they fixing the Lumia Camera? Just means Windows 10 is useless on the Nokia 1020, where are all the Pureview features and .DNG?
  • Oooo, slow ringers, be careful. Look up EVERY bit of what you should do first, from copying everything that lets you to OneDrive, every restore thing you can think of, and the method for doing a hard reset when your phones caught in an unstoppable boot/error/shut down/repeat forever gears cycle. Pay extra attention to what's on the SD storage. It gets squirrely. Still is. Enjoy.
  • I think alot of people even on fast ring should do this...soooooo many people running or trying to run the tech preview when they have no clue what they are doing or what to do if something goes haywire.
  • Microsoft health still not working? I tried to uninstall/reinstall and the phone thinks it's still installed. have to do a hard reset. boo.
  • Works fine on my L925 running the latest W10M build
  • It is possible to charge battery up in switch off mode? Or it turns back on it self? I Hate it..
  • My insider app always force close after i click get preview icon. Whats wrong?
  • Uinstall it and dawnload again
  • Thanks for the reply. Done that, didn't work. Any other ideas, please.
  • 1 week to go and its prime time for Win10 Desktop, so turn your attention to mobile now MS. WIN10Mobile deserves to be known.
  • I agree. Win 10 Mobile deserves to be known for the backwards-stepping piece of shit it really is. After the excellent 8.1, it's a travesty of poor design, poor performance and absolutely awful feature loss.
  • Ya so much excited and once they finish work related desktop thinking about it and getting more edited by thinking they will improve performance in mobile builds wow.... Microsoft this 1-2 weeks feels like years....
  • Hope a new build will come soon. This one still have to many buggs.
  • Any less awful than the last horrible build? Tired of waiting for Windows 10 to get better, when all it does is get worse.
  • My main bug is that when I type a new email, the first letter isn't auto capitalized.
  • So many improvements needed.
  • Doesn't do that on my L925 running the latest build
  • Yea my 635 is my preview phone , staying posted on 8.1 with my 640
  • Me too, however I'm not able to update to 10166, error code (0x8007000e). Tried 6 times all failed.
  • Yea it is awesome that I can deliver my feedback about preview directly to Microsoft. Wasting not one post about preview feedback on any site.
  • I'd like to be able to get this onto a 4GB Lumia 530, but can't...
  • I need old store. This new store is very bad not available many apps ex-opera mini,lumia camera,selfie,cenimagraph and many more apps and store launch very slow and crash and everything slow. First many and many apps not available. Who are on slow ring. I suggest please don't upgrade your phone to 10166.
  • Anyone experienced sign in problem? Had to roll back to 8.1 just because I couldn't sign in my MS account.
  • That error while signing in to primary MS ac?
  • Yes...the first time. Rolled back to a clean install of 8.1 (did not use a back up) then upgraded straight to W10 then did a hard reset. Now everything works fine.
  • Will Microsoft be pushing any but fixes to this build then? Because while mostly good, there are some areas this build could use some work. Specially the constant crashing the start screen is going through.
  • What's difference 10166 in fast and slow rings, no differences make no points.
  • They wait to see what the feedback is and unknown bugs are before releasing it to slow ring. That is all
  • Anyway, keep hard reset is not an idea to solve problem.
    Hopefully this wouldn't happen on official release version.
  • 请问快速升级的10166和慢速升级的10166有区别吗
    What's the difference between Slow and Fast in Buile 10166?
  • Both are same.. Fast ring get builds early.. Slow ring receive after fast ring gets the build and builds which slow get are quite smooth.. Not all the builds which fast ring get will be available to slow ring..
  • Tis build is not stable in my NL 730 screen flickers,start screen keeps on loading, groove music kinda cnt play some tracks always skips.. Pinch to zoom is annoying.. I dnt see cortana at all.. Hell yeah
  • Don't have any of those probs. What device are you using?
  • I would avoid. No apps suddenly work all say uninstall or buy on launch
  • Not true for everyone. This is an intermittent bug
  • Where can I download Windows 10 mobile????
  • It's a technical preview not the official release. If you are not very tech savvy and or don't want to have to do some hard resets of your device...your shouldn't enroll
  • Friends I have installed wp10 build 10166 on my Lumia 1320 ,on my primary(regular) phone and it's well running on my Lumia 1320 nt faced any prob. Yet, thanx to Microsoft n w.insider head Gabriel
  • It's not stable for all Lumias, the products or OS consider success only in one condition which no complain from every Lumia users.
  • New build plzzz.. :'(
  • i have been using dis build on fast ring....faced alot of bugs. would trying d slow ring build improve anything?
  • No
  • What device?
  • Damn, 1520 screen sensitivity problem is awful, fuckin annoying and going to replace with iPhone after serious thought.
  • Adjust the touch to "normal" and make sure you have the new update to fix that. There is an app tool to help you get it. Read the article a couple days ago.
  • And if you really don't want your 1520. I'll buy it from you
  • Same problem, welcome to the club
  • Accidentally got W10 on my daily driver (forgot to uninstall Preview app), anyway, it was garbage. Stuck with it for about 2 weeks and rolled back to 8.1 yesterday - light and day difference. Don't install on your daily driver!
  • Running it on my daily driver and it's fine. It's just personal opinion. Quite nice and stable on my L925. Features are quite nice!
  • Here's a pretty honest deconstruction of the current state of Windows 10 Mobile and I totally agree with everything mentioned:
  • Well...seemed bias a bit...but hey. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion
  • When will Microsoft focus on locksreen? I would love to customize it! Maybe some app shortcuts? Change color of clock? Change size of things and where clock is on lockscreen?
  • Changing colours? That's it? We want more than that.. Something like click at the message icon on lockscreen and it should show who has send messages and what the content on lockscreen
  • what about this guys
  • Seems like a useful feature...but not a game changer for me. Not something I would leave Windows Phone/Mobile if we didn't get. But definitely would be a cool feature to have
  • Lol. Can't believe all the crap comments about 10166. Been using it on my daily since it was pushed to fast ring, no major issues if you do a hard reset after install. Biggest issue so far is that some apps freeze, usually in combination with it thinking there's something wrong with the sd card, which requires a reboot, scan, and reboot when the scan is complete. Not as annoying as some would think though. Another issue is that the store doesnt know if you have music pass so it wants me to pay to listen. Overall I'm really satisfied with the quality of 10166, and I have found no issue that's big enough to roll back.
  • This is a problem that probably you will have also after the official release.
  • Can someone send me link to this wallpaper... Please.... Please.....
  • fairly stable on my 920 but unless i put it in power save mode 100% of the time and deactivate everything i cant get more than 8 hours of standby out of it at the moment. with everything turned off i get roughly 18 hours, less than half of what 8.1 gives me on the same device. the phone also always is warm so there is something not shutting down properly.   i really hope for an update within the next week that fixes this issue or i will have to roll back. using my daily driver to test here and that build is only fine as long as i am on vacation, for actual work its too power hungry to get me through the day. messages and calls work fine though for me so that part would be covered, as is calendar and outlook. get power under control and i will be more than happy to test drive this thing through my regular work days.
  • Hello. It seems i cant install win 10 for mobile because it sais I don't have enough storage to do that. I own a Lumia 530. I have a 16 GB SD card but the internal storage(4 GB) is not enough. Any1 knows a trick about how to install it?
  • I am using build 10166 on my 525 as a daily driver n its smooth as butter. Never till now from these 2weeks i had no lags , no loading resuming screens. I will say this being faster than 8.1 in my case. Only flaw is in build 10080 the battery backupwas outstanding but this build is draining battery way too much ... Waiting fr more updates.
  • Does anybody has an lock screen issue? The first 10 days this release was running nearly perfect but since a couple of days I can't wake from lock screen, need soft reset coz no touchscreen effect. Lumia 1520
  • Unresponsive touchscreen happened to my lumia 1520 too a few times. Lately it's working fine. Make sure you have the latest app Updates. My guess it had something to-do with the camera app.
  • My Lumia 920 with Windows 10 Mobile Tech Preview is more stable now. The following were fixed/changed with this update: - Instagram Beta, Extras + Info, and Bible app were successfully updated. (always fails with the previous build) - "Quiet hours" is not blinking anymore in the Notification area but still unusable. - Live tiles for "People" now shows the picture of my contacts. (though I don't like how they show the pictures in circle and not square) - Windows Store (modern) is now more stable. - Call history is now viewable in the "Phone" app So far, that's what I've noticed with the new build on my Lumia 920 device.
  • New flight 10240 is coming tonight or tomorrow check out this link
  • I am using L1320, updated to 10166 build today (rechecked in the About section of settings),   But the phone update still shows new update (technical preview 10166) available and is now downloading it.  I have no idea what does this mean!  would be great if anyone could help, or if anyone has experienced the same. Thanks  
  • On 640xl dual sim doesn't recognize the second sim... UPDATE: Needed more than one reset....its working now
  • Dose anyone have the Microsoft band with this build as I had to stop using WM10 beta because it kept losing connection with my band. If it works with the band now ill look to give it a go. Ive got a Lumia 925
  • I wish something would come up that's stable by the launch of desktop windows 10 even at least a beta mode that's official till official release. By the way is it possible to use windows phone 10 TP and upgrade from there to official with out a reset?
  • Anyone stuck on preparing to install updates 0%
  • Though, based on some of these comments, maybe this was the best thing that could have happened.
  • I have used this build on my daily driver since it came out to fast ring, and I love it! No large bugs that makes me want to roll back, just some app-crashes at times. Even now the apps resume A LOT faster than 8.1, finally I don't feel slow when you always need to look at that ''resuming'' screen in a few seconds, and then the whole app reloads... I mean, it can just get better the more polished the phone system gets, looking forward for next builds and the full release of windows 10 for phones!
  • I m not getting notifications sound for what's app n messenger n message too..... in my L525
    Is anyone here facing the same problem. !???
  • So, I would like a community opinion.  I did not start day-to-day use of Windows 10 until late builds of 101xx on fast ring.  Does the community feel that 101xx builds of Windows 10 Mobile for the Lumia 1520 is ready enough for day-to-day use??? 
  • If you have lots of experience with flashing phones and know all the details AND a lot of patience I say its soooo very close to be recommended, its so close to be there. I love it on my 1520, and im going to stay on it, but it took some work and re-installing and mixtures with flashing and update and reset proceedings to get it good. Im on Slow ring. The only thing im stuck on is MMS settings which just worked on the previous build. But man, this is a good build.
    It seems it can go either way, some 1520 users report super success and some, like me, im in the middle, and then there is the super fails. A lot of patience and just let thing work it self out has worked out for the best for me so far.
    Anyways, that's my thoughts.
    But W10 mobile on Lumia 1520 is a little bit better for us landscape lovers.
  • help
    whether lumia 625 can already activated data packets and to send a message on this latest build ?
  • I tried this build on the fast lane and I couldn't get mobile data to work no matter what I tried. This a known thing? Any suggestions?
  • For me, it just fixed it self after a day or so, on the bew build u cant send MMS though and i cant get the APN settongs to work :(
  • The new startscreen is pure ❤ . I will not be able to live without it, bugs or no, WM10 is here to stay on my 1520.
  • Windows phone build 10166 has been a disaster for my Lumia 925.  I tried to download it twice and it freezes and will not go to the start screen.  The screen is blank and it just contunually hangs.  I can't make phone calls.  Build 10166 renders my phone completely useless.  I had to flash the phone back to 8.1.  When you do that, you don't get the Windows Phone Update 2 (GDR2) of which I had before I tried to update to 10166.  So I end up worse off than when I started.
  • you know what this means :D the next build is coming :D 
    well when Win10 pc get release and all branding with it ends and stuff like what they do now to promote them wp10m will get their attention on builds:D
  • what about slow version
  • I hope window can make it to portrait mode for me to view because I don't want turn up my phone when I out from internet and it got a scroll hidden between dot that show how many pages I use for created app shortcut.
  • I have build 10166 nokia 925, next build ????