Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 – Quick hands-on video

Today, Microsoft released build 10166 for Windows 10 Mobile to those on the Insider program. The release brings the mobile version up to date with the desktop release, marking the first time both operating systems are lined up.

In terms of raw features, there is not a whole lot new. After all, at this stage Windows 10 Mobile is mostly feature locked. There is the new larger sized (or just 'normal') battery icon and a lot more polish to the UI and core apps like the Store, which is now out of beta.

Interestingly, the new People app Live Tile does not seem to be active in this build. Then again, users have reported it only working after a hard reset. It is not clear, however if Microsoft intends to keep that animation or not.

There is also the new Wallet app, which you download in the link below. This app was discovered earlier today, but it would not work with the Store in build 10149. Now, however, when you hit the Store button it launches that app to list all apps that are compatible with Wallet.

Download Wallet for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Additionally, some other core apps were updated including Xbox and the Store app.

We are testing build 10166 on our Lumia 1520 and so far, the CPU does not seem to be generating nearly as much heat as the last build. That previous release of Windows 10 Mobile notoriously drained the battery, so things are looking more promising with today's iteration.

Overall, this build is exactly what Microsoft intended: a faster, smoother experience. There is still some distance to go before this is solid, but things like the Photo app is much quicker to index images, and we see many improvements gained. Between this release and the 10166 version for the desktop, it is not hard to imagine this OS being an excellent release from Microsoft in the coming weeks and months.

Need help with Windows 10 Mobile? Jump into our user forums or share your experience with today's release with us in comments.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Exactly what i needed.. Thanks Daniel :)
    Update: Where is the "Should you install this build?" part ?? ;)
    UPDATE: I installed the new build and it's not as smooth as last build on my 512MB devices.. It's gonna be fine if I do a hard reset.. But soon or later MS will release another I think it's better to wait for the next build and then do hard reset..
    "Not as smooth as last build = still usable on main device though" :)
  • Don't bother waiting, the answer is yes, you should
  • I would rather wait for the expert to say that ;)
  • He said yes from the last update
  • Yeah, that's because he tested the last update and this update on his top-of-the-line Lumia 1520. The last update on my lumia 520 is still a lag fest.
  • 10149 was a lot better than before on a 1020, but still laggy. 10080 was a lag fest. 10149 was more of a lag luncheon. I hope this one is better, and the non beta store will actually be aware of updates (on last build it listed old versions of apps).
  • 10149 Crippled my 1020 and I had use the recover tool to go baack to 8.1.  It disabled my network data settings and wifi had couldn't be turned on. Sad part about it, I couldn't even the insider team know.
  • 10149 Crippled my 1020 and I had use the recover tool to go baack to 8.1.  It disabled my network data settings and wifi had couldn't be turned on. Sad part about it, I couldn't even the insider team know.
    I had that problem. I reinstalled without my SIM card, and that fixed the problem. Once I put the SIM card in all was fine.
  • Runs perfectly on our 1020's. I'd very close to being ready... Just did an upgrade and not a clean install.
  • Agreed, laggy on 520 but I am wondering if we should really expect a good experience on 512Mb devices....they said Windows 10 Mobile would work on these devices but they did not say it would be slick ;-)
  • Fair enough but I guess he will say something like "This build takes us one step closer to the final build of windows 10 mobile and is much faster and more stable than the previous build (which was already more or less usable as a main device). Apps launch much faster, resizing and moving tiles around is much faster as well. Many bugs have also been squashed since last build which should result in a much more pleasant experience."
  • that build which will bring the windows 10 mobile to only one step closer for release will come sometime in august end since rumours of talkman and cityman coming to life in september first week so the os will be completed by then. :)
  • Let's hope those September rumours are actually true.
  • These guys are not experts.
  • I was referring to Daniel.. :P
  • He's not even a proper journalist if you know what one is.
  • I was think the same thin.. Being able to write a good article does not make you an expert on the subject. Yes I have a handful of phones that are all currently running a release of W10M. Even though I've been using WP since the samsung focus, I would not even consider myself an expert. And I say if you have the patience for rough unfinished software this build is as good as the last build.
  • It's much slower than the last one for me, and why did they remove the mic from the keyboard that enabled voice to text. Very disappointed. 521
  • They did not.  Hard reset and move on ;)
  • They did not. No reset.
  • Since when is Daniel an expert?
  • Not to be rude but I would'nt call him an expert but an ENTHUSIAST, techie. and reporter with insider info.
  • And access to numerous devices and lots of personal experience.  So, with all that, how does he differ from an expert? What constitutes and 'expert' in this, or any other endevor?
  • Expert? What if others on this site use WP10TP on their phones as daily drivers in every way and not just as part of a rotation required to write reviews? Do not discount first hand experience of others readily. On that note,I'll say that on my partners 830 the build runs flawlessly even if occasionally laggy. On my HTC1M8, IT RUNS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. In fact, apart from a few UI inconsistencies and occasional documented email issues, it definitely feels production ready. Amazing differences from even a month ago or two weeks ago. I think they gave us crappy builds early on to set expectations low. LOL j/k
  • RayWP7,   I have a HTC1M8 also.  The last release 10149, cause my phone to report.  Has this problem beein fixed and is it safe to go ahead and get the 10166.  I bricked my last M8 and couldn't  get it back to normal operation and I just don't want make sure the release ok.   Thanks 
  • My worry isn't the build itself, it's the process of installing the build. Loads of people seem to be having issues with that, even with this build.i don't mind few bugs, but i do mind having to restore 8.1 for no reason other than several failed update attempts.
  • It was installed without any problem. From 10149
  • Same here.. But was worried about new bugs if there is any.. But so far so good.. I have'nt seen a bad review till now.. I think now i can press the update button :)
  • Hmmm...on my Nokia Lumia 635 the update failed to install multiple times so I had to roll back to 8.1 to get it :/
  • I had to turn off Battery Saver completely on both Lumia 920 and Lumia 635 before the update would install.
  • Finally got the update on my 635 and it's AMAZING! Speed is great, OS is smooth, camera app opens so much faster, and I am just pleased. Also, my People Live Tile is working and it looks niceeeee 
  • my phone, 640, keeps getting stuck at 2% download... any suggestions?   *Edit: the battery saver trick did it. he's downloading super fast now. thanks
  • @adolf That's why there is a small terms and condition section in windows insider app.. If you cant live with all these hard resets and recoveries, better dont be an insider.. Dont complain about installation issue of a not even beta OS already
  • Do not download yet... Windows 10 is missing one important general thing... Caller history (missed calls more importantly)...
  • I have it on my device with 10149.. You are missing some serious point here
  • There is call history. Unpin the phone tile and pin the new one in the app list.
  • As noted below, you need to unpin, repin the Phone app. It's there though.
  • Anybody test Lumia camera for video?  On the last build the app would lock up on me all the time. The stock camera app worked for video though.   Anybody tested the video from Lumia camera?  Anybody?
  • Anybody test Lumia camera for video?  On the last build the app would lock up on me all the time. The stock camera app worked for video though.   Anybody tested the video from Lumia camera?  Anybody?
  • Unpin the phone tile from the start screen, and re-pin (or launch it) from the apps list. It will show history, speed dial, and dial pad at the top. (Solution from 10149, but I assume it still needs to be done the first time from 8.1 to 10.)
  • Reverting to 8.1 no doubt makes the process easier, but I didn't observe any problems installing on two 830, or an HTC1M8. I might try it on an 1520, not sure yet. I generally upgrade, then reset to wipe out everything and start fresh. Ensures consistent experience/ expectations /baseline.
  • I noticed that some of the icons on the tiles of my HTC One are back to their normal size in this build. The last build had some of them smaller and hard to see. Now the part of the battery icon that shows the phone charging needs to be bigger.
  • I checked for updates but it says that my phone is up to date. Ps: From philippines +1320
  • register your phone using the windows insider app again :) go through the fast/slow ring selection and then check for updates
  • Not really... the same warning of technical preview is still applicable... today while installing 10166 I bricked my L730 (while hard resetting to be more precise)...thanks to wprt to save my ass... guys dont install it on your primary phone.... the build might look stable but that doesnt necessarily mean that it is complete and fully functional (and thats why IT IS STILL a TECHNICAL PREVIEW)
  • with this silly updates ... msft is thinking to reach market share 5%?? 
  • I think MS is thinking to F you right now
  • And your comment is relevant how?
  • What are you talking about idiot? W10 is not a silly update, its a major update. And they will reach 10% market share within three years.
  • You should install it. And I suggest any of you following Tom Warren on Twitter to not listen to his bs. Past two builds the guy tweets out that its not usable as a daily and he has to play the waiting game again. Its usable as a daily for most. I dont know why, the verge seems to turn everyone into anti-WP jerks, now even Tom Warren.
  • Agreed :D
  • I tried the last build on Lumia 520 and it's a lag fest. The situation may be different if you have a more powerful phone.
  • I have last build on my 630. It never lags. Yeah, some app crashed but no lag. Even 8.1 lags somtimea
  • I have been using it on my 520 and it's almost perfect. However i had to Reset pre and Post update.
  • on my lumia 630 it 10149 was pretty freezes just some issues but since the first build of insider things have been pretty stable and usable i am using 10149 on my primary device.  
  • I found 8.1 to be almost unusable on a 520, and significantly better on a 635, even though they both have 512M of RAM.  Similar results on the more recent WP 10 builds.
  • I quit reading articles at the Verge cause all they ever do is praise Apple and shoot down every other company, even Android half the time. The site has gone down hill over the past few years. They're not a tech site anymore, they're just Apple evangelists.
  • Once somewhere I read that the total attention from the tech sites are given as follows: apple-23%, google -17%, and guess for Microsoft !!
    Only 3%... This is the problem for Microsoft's ecosystem though being better than the others.
  • I've done so myself, as the bias articles are such a turn off.
  • Same here... it's been more than a year already since I last, deliberately, visited The Verge. It sucks that Tom Warren had to fall into that rat's nest.. he was a Daniel Rubino back in the Winrumours days.
  • I follow him on twitter, but I only really care about possible leaks that he might have. I've stopped caring for his opinion pretty much immediately, as both he and Thurrot seem to be really negative, and I don't want my news from anyone that is negative, or positive about the Windows Phone/Windows Mobile OS. Besides, Warren tweeted that he doesn't understand how the OS got so buggy, it's like he's an average commenter on Windows Central, going haywire after installing a new preview build.It's a preview, that's how it got so buggy. 
  • He is a Apple man, you know. Always talk rubbish.
  • My 640 it's not usable for the last 2 builds. 10166 as the previous build has problems installing some apps from store with different error codes. And after working fine before a hard reset, the sdcard wasn't working anymore. So I had to install windows 8.1 without even being able to try it (for a second build) The Windows 10 preview has been a disaster on the 640 for me.
  • Well he did say, if you've been waiting, THIS is the one to install; so considering he recommended installing the last build and this one works better, I'd guess the answer would be 'yes you should BUT remember this is still a tech preview'
  • Sorry, I was not able to watch the video ( thanks to Edge getting crashed ) .. If he said so, then I have pressed the big red button already :)
  • Does it have "default apps" now?
  • I strictly doubt that
  • Some say "hard reset" didn't in my case.
  • Still couldn't get it running on my 1520... Keep rebooting. But works fine on 920.
  • That's a sign.. It's time for you to try Recovery Tool ;)
  • Looks awesome, can't wait.
  • Feature locked already? Sorry, this doesn't look at all like the OS that could save windows for doesn't even look like an evolution from wp8.1.
  • Yup true, I was expecting new mechanism of core OS.
  • Its a complete evolution of 8.1. 8.1 is not a 10% of w10m
  • Not sure where people are getting from that it's supposed to be feature-locked. There is still enough time left to bring it several smaller new features.
  • **I'm running the build right before 10166 (so 10149).**
    1) What's cleanest/best way to get this build?
    2) How do you do it?
    3) Will I lose any of my stuff?
    4) What's the different ways to install? From start to end.
  • Should've watched the video, you would get the answer
  • I watched it again, twice. Still no answer. Soo... What's cleanest/best method, go back to 8.1 or update from W10 10149?
    1) Should I move all my apps to SD first or not?
    2) Install 10166 from 8.1 or 10 (10149)?
    3) If answer is 'Just install from previous build 10149', Should the process go: Update, Ab