Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 – Quick hands-on video

Today, Microsoft released build 10166 for Windows 10 Mobile to those on the Insider program. The release brings the mobile version up to date with the desktop release, marking the first time both operating systems are lined up.

In terms of raw features, there is not a whole lot new. After all, at this stage Windows 10 Mobile is mostly feature locked. There is the new larger sized (or just 'normal') battery icon and a lot more polish to the UI and core apps like the Store, which is now out of beta.

Interestingly, the new People app Live Tile does not seem to be active in this build. Then again, users have reported it only working after a hard reset. It is not clear, however if Microsoft intends to keep that animation or not.

There is also the new Wallet app, which you download in the link below. This app was discovered earlier today, but it would not work with the Store in build 10149. Now, however, when you hit the Store button it launches that app to list all apps that are compatible with Wallet.

Download Wallet for Windows 10

Additionally, some other core apps were updated including Xbox and the Store app.

We are testing build 10166 on our Lumia 1520 and so far, the CPU does not seem to be generating nearly as much heat as the last build. That previous release of Windows 10 Mobile notoriously drained the battery, so things are looking more promising with today's iteration.

Overall, this build is exactly what Microsoft intended: a faster, smoother experience. There is still some distance to go before this is solid, but things like the Photo app is much quicker to index images, and we see many improvements gained. Between this release and the 10166 version for the desktop, it is not hard to imagine this OS being an excellent release from Microsoft in the coming weeks and months.

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