Xbox app on Windows 10 Mobile updated with Xbox One game streaming and more

Update: Our earlier report mentioned that Xbox One streaming was now available for Windows Phones. However, Microsoft has let Windows Central know that the changelog was for the Windows 10 desktop version. As such, game streaming is not available for Windows Phone.

The Xbox app on Windows 10 Mobile is getting a pretty hefty update today that brings some pretty cool stuff. According to the changelog, the biggest change in this update is the addition of game streaming from an Xbox One, though we haven't yet been able to get this one to work on our devices.

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Windows 10 Mobile Xbox app Game Streaming

As noted above, we haven't yet been able to get the game streaming function to work with our devices, and this could simply be a changelog for the PC version of the app. Further complicating things is the current lack of controller support for phones. In any event, you can check the Store Beta on your Windows 10 Mobile device to start downloading the update and get in on all of these new goodies. And if you're able to get game streaming to work, let us know how your experience goes in the comments below.

Download the Xbox app from the Windows Store

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