Windows 10 now in use on 700 million active devices (updated)

Updated June 1, 2018: At an Insider event this week, Microsoft quietly confirmed that it has crossed the threshold, and there are now more than 700 million active Windows 10 devices. The original article from Build 2018 follows.

Microsoft kicked off is Build 2018 conference today by announcing that there are now nearly 700 million active Windows 10 devices. That's up by almost 200 million from a year ago, when Microsoft said there were 500 million active devices, and up by nearly 100 million since November.

That's some pretty solid growth in just a year's time, but it falls short of where Microsoft wanted to be when it launched Windows 10 in 2015. At the time, Microsoft was aiming to have Windows 10 on one billion active devices within its first three years. Microsoft later reined in expectations, acknowledging in 2016 that it would not meet its goal.

Keep in mind that Microsoft counts Windows 10 PCs, tablets, Xbox, HoloLens, and Windows 10 mobile devices in that 700 million number. Still, it's nothing to scoff at.

In other numbers, Microsoft also revealed that Office 365 has 135 million monthly active commercial users. For a service that makes up a growing piece of Microsoft's portfolio, that's a solid base of users.

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  • but the windows store sucks
  • No it doesn't. Plenty of great apps in there. I'm very happy with where Windows 10 now is and where they're heading 👍
  • Seems many just like to complain and parrot empty opinions. W10 is in a good state and the store works well. The OS is very stable and fast even on 7 yr old machines (provided you use an SSD!). Truth is no other desktop OS has the feature robustness of W10, regardless of whatever detractors may say, and it gets even better with every feature update.
  • yes it does
  • but it doesn't (at least compared to where windows 8/8.1 store was before)
  • The Windows Store does not suck but, it is not great either. They did some nice things with Play Anywhere games and a handful of nice apps but, not much else.
  • I've read from internals at Microsoft that the situation with the store is worse than horrible. Literally nobody uses it. Nice move dropping mobile, mr Nutella!
  • I use it. Don't know about everyone.
  • it never that black & white.
    each developer is different
    does the app do well on both or just one platform
  • Suppose you have a legit source for that because I'm calling BS on that... The guy's name is Nadella btw... Show some respect for people.
  • You do know that's in part by disgruntled
    developer that is really mad because Microsoft has shifted away from mobile aka (he's not making as much money as he was previously) because of the shift.
    also he's has not update his app to a uwp/ layout
    so most users have moved on to app like awesome tube/mytube etc.
  • Correct. He is upset that Microsoft abandoned the mobile platform since that's where most of the store users were. Because hardly any desktop users visit the store, very few people download his apps anymore. Sounds believable to me.
  • Apples app store had like 400 000 apps with 0 downloads. If you ask those developers you could asume Apples appstore is dead as well...
  • If you had bothered to read the article, you would have seen that his app has over 1 million downloads from the store, so his situation is the opposite of what you hypothesized.
  • It not that black & White
    As you try to make it out to be
    for instance i recently just purchased Touchmail, 😉
    is a desktop only app
    and it's been getting updates since it was released in Windows 8 era.
  • Actually I think he was doing it to get attention He released a tubecast VR recently
  • He' app is from WinPhone era. tbh, he prob need some ads to bring the app to the top of the list in-order for users to discover it.
  • Yeah Stephane has EVERY bloody right to be disgruntled about MS pulling the rug out from under him. It was his blood, sweat, tears, time, and investment that he poured into an app under the promise from MS at the time that they were "committed to mobile"! I've been bit by this myself. Have nowhere near the downloads Tubecast has. But the downloads I do have, have DRAMATICALLY decreased in the 3 years Nadella has been at the helm. Seriously! For Tubecast developers to be pissed, one of the top rated, most beloved apps on the app store, says a lot. I back Stephane 100%. If Nadella doesn't bring a mobile device to market by the end of 2018 there is no bloody reason to trust him with anything... the Store... UWP... PWA... Azure... Cortana... NOTHING... bloody NOTHING!!!
  • Sorry, but I believe Windows Mobile 10 is pretty much gone for good, and "Windows on ARM" is the only product that will be coming in the next several months with its variety of form factors; which as it was hinted here and there a lot of times, would be the replacement of certain "mobile" device platforms so form factor wise there is a coming replacement that may actually function even better and include PWA support(injected within a UWP container to provide better system support obviously) since it runs the wholesome version of Windows 10, this will replace many form factors and would be optional for certain products based on user requirements, which is clearly until W.O.A is actually capable of out-performing its predecessor both in features & functionality.
  • where's the "internals" ?
  • Who are... "the internals"
    Likely people who post on reddit claiming they work at MS and see the reports that store usage is at an all time low since the mobile retrenchment.
  • We could show Nadella respect if he showed us respect. Instead all we get is arrogant BS and the beginning of the demise of a once great company based on personal computers and the idea that every house should have a PC running Windows.
  • "Literally nobody uses it." You need to learn what that word means. I literally used it the store today. So, literally, you are wrong.
  • use common sense... a few thousand downloads are equal to zero downloads compared the millions of downloads that the apple and google store have.
  • ...i'll just explain in detail so your feeble mind can actually grasp what you are trying to imply even though it's utterly wrong and void of logic :). MacOS/iOS/Android/ChromeOS all that have been following means to install apps directly from the store while locking down 3rd party app installers by default for a long time since each platforms creation which couldn't be changed without some advanced knowledge of how to go into settings of each system then turn on a feature that allows the user to overide it, where as Windows it has always been allowing users to install software/applications directly from 3rd party providers who provide it in the simplest form "just download it from the internet or load up the CD/DVD then run the exe file" which has been the method of windows for decades, and you are telling me that a platform that still has that method of installtion available even on its latest iteration, is supposed to be competing with platforms that technically has done everything they can to prevent users from installing applications from outside of their app store? "use common sense" really? lemme just throw that right back at you. not everyone is clearly going to use the app store if software publishers or hardware manufacturers and Microsoft haven't agreed to push certain driver software solutions through the Microsoft store, for instance, we have Dolby sound software on the Windows 10 store, anyone can search for it and install it then make use of it, however daily used application solutions are a tougher issue cause unlike Android/ChromeOS/MacOS/iOS "apps" the soultion for Windows 32/64bit programs is a time-consuming process, because they weren't made to be mobile nor the developers are capable of pushing their programs to the store with ease by converting them into UWP apps letalone have they even made a 64bit solution for most 32bit programs they have produced and its decades of programming by lots of developers who created massive amounts of programs over time and thats why you could find an infinite amount of 32/64bit programs. so yeah the store usage is going to be low in comparison to the other methods of installation that Windows has access to with ease in comparison to other platforms that made its 3rd party developers push their apps through the store instead of allowing them to provide it directly to the user with ease and not having to pay a cent to provide programs/applications for the platform. When the Microsoft Store is capable and When the 'Mstore' based app language is more flexible only then can Microsoft really push the devs to publish their software directly through the store, including that in order for the Mstore to work, Windows on ARM has to thrive its way up and I don't simply mean device sales because this actually will play a certain part of investment towards research and optimization that focuses on the store apps and its functionality vs win32/64 apps.
  • I've read from internals at Microsoft that the situation with the store is nothing short of awesome. Literally all were clamoring to use it. Nice move Satya and your planned differentiation on next mobile technology
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  • I see people say this all the time but I don't get it. I like the Windows 10 Store a lot. Easiest installations and uninstallations on PC, and the UI design is nice too. It needs better search and filtering options, but that isn't a deal breaker.
  • Will cross a billion once the enterprise win 7 devices retire and upgrade.
  • So another 5 or 10 years?
  • Windows 7 hits end-of-support in a little over 2-1/2 years (January 14, 2020):
  • And still has 40%+ market share. That's more than windows 10, approx 800 million devices. Discontinuing support for that many users would be the end of Microsoft.
  • "Discontinuing support for that many users would be the end of Microsoft." How I have heard that a lot and see MSFT stock prices still jellying. Satya took it from a littly shy of $40 not closing in at $100 (Without Mobile Phone)
    I see those disgruntled win7 users saying the've had enough and will just go installing Linux en-mass
  • by lots you mean many who actually know how to install Linux? and can we expect the platform to actually have all the replacements for products/software/drivers that Windows has? but by the claim of "many users" I believe that they aren't so many who would even switch from windows 7 to anything cause not every casual user is capable enough to know how to format their own PC and that's just reality; now lets go towards the 40% of Windows 7 users, what I see here is just procrastination of 15% who are unaware or in denial of what Windows 10 can provide them which could be due to certain bad experiences on their current PC's or from simple sheep talk if I may refer to it as such :) "the belief of something being bad cause someone said so without any proper validity in their statement". then we have the 25% of people who just can't afford the change cause the earth is round :) yep ..oh and from what I've seen in my own experience is that Windows 7 users who back off from Windows 10 are either incapable of using different platforms cause they aren't so technical or they are old people who aren't that "flexible" with new things, else they don't have the money to afford a new PC that can actually run Windows 10 better than the old PC they already own. While I do believe Windows 10 has become far more optimized than Windows 7 in certain aspects and Windows 10 is far more secure, that's a #fact, however, this security comes with certain things like lack of legacy support which wouldn't have really been an issue if software publishers weren't so held back by their own business schemes, and requirement of certain hardware features like CPU and UEFI(which became optional however is best to have for the sake of solid security that is)
  • Old PC with old HW and driver might not work well on Win10.
    Need to urge HW maker to provide updates (they won't. They prefer you to buy new parts or PCs and it's up to your usage if you want to switch to win10. PC last a lot longer than smartphones but still, API changes, deprecates.).
  • Honest question here. Are there different options for Win 10 Enterprise? Because at my uni we use Win 10 Enterprise, and there is no Microsoft Store available. We can only install and run a few legacy programs outside of MS Office. So my question is essentially that even with Win 10 Enterprise adoption on the upswing, will this even have any impact on the store? Or is this just my incompetent uni that is not making the store available even on my office desktop computer?
  • , here's a short video about the differences in comparison to W10Pro, W10 Enterprise LTSB doesn't seem to come with any store apps or the store, beyond that most of it is similar.
  • Thanks.
  • They will cross a billion if they can get all the windows XP and 7 holdouts and belive me there are a lot of them left. also they need to be able to reach out to Mac and chromebook users and prove that they have the better laptop and tablets.
  • They prove it on a daily basis and outside the US Chromebooks are a non-event.
  • I think inside the US chromebooks are a non-event too. I think I saw one like 10 years ago.
  • I agree I have yet to see a Chromebook where I live and I've seen some MacBooks, Windows takes the bigger piece of cake as usual.
  • Developers don't seem to care at all.
  • it's usually the developers who want to save time/money who pretend that Windows 10 doesn't exist; after all they can rake in the money without supporting Windows 10 store at all by simply providing the Win32/64 version of whatever they are making and it doesn't even have to be that optimized and that's what hits the consumers/users badly, the Microsoft Store apps really lead to optimization when done properly most of the time and developers could really reap a lot of benefits IF they decide to put in some effort and time to rebuild from scratch or use the converter provided by microsoft then do some final touches which is still hardwork and may be costly at times so many may have been avoiding this for years but certain softwares like Killer Game Network (noticed software this cause I use an MSI PC) made it into the store recently included that I got the driver right through Windows update then the store automatically grabbed the app for me which was really convenient. I think apps are on their way now that Windows is growing into noticeable amounts of userbase with the years pushing ahead that brings more features to Windows 10 and the countdown for Windows 7's retirement on the way, things are changing in noticeable ways than before.
  • With Win32, devs also need to build a site, pay for ads, do crack-proof, prevent cyber-attacks, etc.
    Freshman or startup, win32 or UWP?
  • Speak with facts, the Store is growing with Apps and Games. Windows 10 is growing with constant service workers, security patches and FEATURES (twice a year)!!!
  • The store is getting better but MS need to get rid of the junk apps and get every decent application into the store. I should not have to go to a web site to download Audacity or the Windows application for my security cameras. I uninstalled Office 365 Home and reinstalled it from the store on all my PC's so it gets updated along with all the other apps I use from the store. It makes it so much easier when switching machines or replacing hard disks or SSD's.
  • Store is improving. I got a nice surprise a couple of days ago when I accidentally discovered HeidiSQL on it when doing a local search for an okd download of it.
  • Did the 1803 build on three machines and only one so far has issues. Machine (Allinone) got slower and slower and errors started to increase. After much examination and fix hunting I was on the verge of a full format and restore. I felt like I was really hosed. Instead I chose DISM.exe /online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth (use the spaces before each slash) and it took about 45 min and so far the machine is behaving. Also wiggle your way to "Windows Defender" Settings and under the "Windows Security" choose "Display in Windows Defender Settings" then "App and Browser Control" to "Exploit Protection" (a new thing) and turn it off. Other wise you get scary warnings about apps or operations being stopped due to trying to write to certain folders or memory locations and it dogs you down. Kind of like "Smart Screen" when it first came out. Run sfc /scannow before DISM.
  • Also get rid of Store apps that you do not use, have not used or just loaded out of curiosity. Some of these store apps can really screw you over; especially because they are also included in Automatic Updates unless you turn that option off. This means the app might have worked fine until the developer pushed out an update that makes it a animal.
  • 300 million users will be reached when the enterprises migrate to Windows 10, mine is still on Windows 7 and Windows 7 is from 2009 so yea, the 1 billion is achievable in few more years, perhaps 2020.
  • They STILL have time to get 300M more this year! #AchievementUnlocked
  • 700 million is not a number anyone should be ashamed of!! Good for you, Microsoft!
  • Big deal. How many have Android? Might be a few multiples of
  • It would be one billion already if Microsoft would have kept the Windows 10 upgrade free.
  • There is nothing wrong with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 devices, they are still great Operating Systems in my opinion.
    I think much people which purchased devices with Windows 8.1 still haven't upgraded and thats totally fine.
    I still use Windows 7 at work and that's fine too.
    Its the ability of Microsoft to support a wide range of Operating systems for different audiences and purposes what makes them a great company.
  • Technically it still is media creation tool: update this device
  • Do you know how many of those devices are Enterprise devices versus Consumer devices? I am more and more of the opinion that M$ should throw in the towel completely on Consumer, and just dignify us with death by coup-de-grace rather than death by a thousand cuts. Hold a press conference, officially admit they are abandoning all things Consumer and just be done with it! That way developers and fans don't continue to invest time and money in an obviously sinking ship. Kill it all off: Cortana (in all its forms), Bing, MSN,, Office 365 Home & Personal editions, Office 2016 Home & Student for PC, all MS authored iOS and Android apps except for Office 365 mobile, Skype, Visual Studio community edition, the MS Store in its entirety, xbox and Microsoft Studios, and finally Windows Home Edition. Just be done with it already M$!
  • BTW I say this with great sadness. But I think it's time they either cook or get out of the kitchen!!!
  • Lol you're dumb.
  • Anybody remember the Build conference of 2011 ? It was huge when they announced Windows 8.
    Some OEMs like Sony betrayed Microsoft thinking it was insane that PC's could be touch enabled devices, but look now, Steven Sinofsky's invention has now positioned Microsoft as a better company than Google (Alphabet) in market capitalization.
    So the numbers are not important, the stakeholders are loving Microsoft and Windows 10 in 2018.
  • I hate Windows 10 with every new update. Microsoft is removing useful functions and replacing it with inferior uwp crap thats never finished.
  • most classes for construction trade, like reading blue prints, rendering drawings and much more are being trained using google tools, file sharing and group editing , billing, in comparison windows 10 is really not that functional, or as easy to use reliably. oh yea the whole echo system can be accessed on a android phone. where is windows echo system? they had it and gave it away..
  • Yep. Nadella seems to not understand this connection and so continues to lead MS down the road to ruin. He should be fired.
  • Most of the growth is in the business sector as they finally upgrading from W7 (which support ends in 2020) to W10.