Windows 10 preview build 15002 ISO files now available for download

The ISO files for the Windows 10 Insider preview build 15002 are now available for download right from Microsoft (opens in new tab). If you're an Insider and you want to do a manual fresh install of build 15002, now's your chance to grab the ISO files you'll need.

Build 15002 initially rolled out to the Fast ring at the beginning of the week, and contained an absolute ton of new features and tweaks for Insiders to check out. Interestingly, 15002 isn't even the latest build available anymore, as build 15007 recently began rolling out on the Fast ring for both PC and Mobile.

If you're eager to get started with a manual install of 15002, you can grab the ISO files directly from Microsoft now in the Downloads section of the Windows Insider website. If you need instructions on creating the install disk, you'll find them there as well.

Download Windows 10 build 15002 ISOs from Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • But why tho...
  • The ISO is useful if you are stuck on a previous build. My tablet seeingly stopped updating after the last build before the 15 series builds but with the ISO I can at least get to 002 and then update to James Bond 007.
  • I have been reading so many things that went wrong with 002 build and now decides to release ISO when they could have released 007 ISO, which seems much better.
  • I'm with you on that one
  • Not better for me and brought up a new problem. It won't donwnload (stuck at 0%) and says "Some settings are managed by your organiztion". Except I'm not a part of an organization. Apparently this problem has been popping up since 8.1 and there is no clearcut solution. So I guess I'll be waiting on the next ISO.
  • I have that issue even on a fresh install.
  • For whatever reason I cannot download via windows update any more so dependant on these ISOs. Would of liked to have 007 model but the lesser Secret Agent will have to do for now. Still this ISO came out pretty quick.
  • Try going to control panel > (top right corner) small icons > troubleshooting > troubleshoot Windows update. Hopefully that fixes your problem
  • Thank you for the tip, I have tried all the normal things such as the trouble shooter. It claims to find problems and fix them but does not resolve the insider downloads. Windows update does download things mostly defender updates and occasional others. Been plaqued with it for some time now given up trying to fix it as the normal solutions do not seem to resolve it. Hopefully it will be resolved meanwhile I ISO :)
  • Mine says 100% downloaded but when i search for the folder where the update its saved its not created so te PC its not updating -.- i had to download an .esd image and convert it, then create the bootable usb and update 😩😩
  • I'll wait until the 15007 ISO files.  Most of my devices are stuck, unable to complete the download of it.  
  • Just a note I had a pc on build 15002 and when I went to check for build 15007 today on that pc the window kept auto closing preventing me from searching for updates. I had to reinstall win 10 RS 1 and change insider to Fast and wait until 15007 showed up in order to get it.
  • Thank God! Cause the update I would get would update after you click the "Update and Restart" option then it would green screen every time. This helps out ALOT!
  • Is this the build you get when using the Media Creation Tool also?
  • No
  • Anyone have a usb version.
  • Download a tool called Rufus and it will make it for you.
  • Wish these kits existed for mobile. Hate wiping to recover firmware and upgrading to the next insider build. Feels dirty
  • I cant update via Windows Update...well downloading the WZor ESD file to convert it to ISO and then update...
  • I have been stuck with using ISO for about three ISO builds now due to the issue of the updates not appearing in the windows update. This update 002 finally resolved the issue for me and I now have 007 installed so hoorah for me.
  • How do I know which update I have installed?
  • Go to settings / update & security / Windows update on this screen press update history that should be under the check for updates box. Or check your build number by settings / system / about look to the right of version and OS build for the numbers.
  • Thanks. That's why I don't see those new features, I have installed the  KB3213986 update. 
  • Ahh your on production builds then ma friend. These new features are only in RS2 build 15002 and 15007 that are for insiders.
  • oh, ok. Thanks again.