Windows 10 Store

One of the strengths of Windows 10 is the ability for Microsoft to fix issues and add improvements to the OS piecemeal through app updates. One of those is the new Store beta app, which has come a long way since it was first introduced earlier this year.

Tonight, a version has gone out with a few new additions. The app certainly feels more stable, looks better and given seven more weeks, it should be ready for primetime when Windows 10 goes live. Here is what is new with today's update.

  • Various UI improvements
  • New option for automatic download
  • Live Tile option (greyed out)

The ability to automatically download app updates is surely welcome. Previously, users had to hit the 'check for updates' button (which now looks better) but here was very little visual feedback that it was working.

The UI itself has some more polish though we have not documented all the changes. The Live Tile option found under Settings is new, although we are unable to enable or disable it at this time.

Regardless, we are still wrapping our heads around the fact that an app is updating itself through its own store. Let us know if you notice any other improvements in comments!

Thanks, Zapella T. for the tip!