Windows 10

Windows 10 will include native support for many different subtitle formats for videos. The news comes via a Twitter post today from Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul.

In a response to a fan asking about specific subtitle formats for videos in Windows 10, Aul replied:

"Yes we'll have SSA, ASS, and SRT (UTF8 unformatted). Very exciting!"

SRT stands for SubRip and is a text file subtitle format that's created by a software program of the same that takes out subtitles and their timings from videos. SSA stands for Sub Station Alpha and is a more advanced format that overlays subtitles over videos. It's used a lot with Japanese anime movies, with English subtitles created by fans. ASS stands for Advanced Sub Station Alpha. As the name suggests, it's a successor to SSA and supports even more specifications.

Aul previously announced that Windows 10 would support the MKV video format, along with the newer HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video compression standard

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)