Windows 10 Technical Preview contains code for upcoming consumer preview

A member of WPCentral's forums has discovered a small but interesting feature in the recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise. It apparently contains code for the upcoming consumer version of the OS that should be released in full sometime in early 2015.

As forum member "markm091" mentions in his forum post this week, "I was poking around using the DISM utility and found that the image contains a second index, called "Windows Technical Preview for Consumer".

windows 10

He then write, "I applied this image to a VM and found it is the same build number, but the watermark now displays 'Windows Technical Preview for Consumer..."" He adds that there doesn't appear to be anything different in the OS since appling that image. In other words; there's no support for Cortana or the notification center or Internet Explorer 12 that are all expected to be added to the consumer preview version of Windows 10.

windows 10

It's possible that people who have already downloaded the enterprise tech preview for Windows 10 will simply be able to update that OS to the consumer version when it is ready to be released by Microsoft, rather that download the entire operating system file all over again. It's a small but interesting discovery and it may be a clue as to how Microsoft will update Windows 10 in the future.

Thanks again to our forum member "markm091" for the heads up!

John Callaham