Windows 11 Build 22000.466 arrives in Release Preview and Beta Channels

Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark
Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 Build 22000.466 is live for Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview Channels.
  • It consists primarily of improvements and fixes.
  • Expect ARM64 device support to be better with this update.

Microsoft just hit Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview Channels with Windows 11 Build 22000.466. The fresh build has a ton of improvements and fixes, though you shouldn't expect new features this time around besides one, the HelpWith feature. It will provide Help topic suggestions for Settings pages.

Beyond that inclusion, Build 22000.466 is a long list of "we fixed" notes from Microsoft. ARM64 devices can look forward to app installation reliability improvements and a resolution to a hibernation functionality issue, and the auto-brightness algorithm has been tweaked. Nothing here is major, but all items are useful. View the full changelog over at Microsoft's Windows blog, but here's a snippet of what's on the docket for this release:

  • We improved the reliability of application installations on ARM64 devices.
  • We updated daylight savings time to start in February 2022 instead of March 2022 in Jordan.
  • We fixed an issue that causes ARM64 devices to stop responding when they hibernate or resume from hibernation.
  • We fixed an issue that might prevent some image editing programs from rendering colors correctly on certain high dynamic range (HDR) displays. This frequently affects white colors that might display in bright yellow or other colors.
  • We fixed an issue that affects predictive pre-rendering in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode.
  • We fixed an issue that sometime prevents you from entering strings in the Input Method Editor (IME).
  • We fixed an issue that causes the audio service to stop responding on some devices that support hardware-accelerated Bluetooth audio.
  • We fixed an issue in which the text that informs a customer about the Windows update progress is incorrect for Japanese.
  • We fixed an issue that affects icons for apps when the apps are not running. On the taskbar, these icons might display as active as if the apps are running.

Of course, there's more to the Windows 11 experience than the Beta and Release Preview Channels. It's worth checking out what's going over in the Dev Channel as well as what went down in this month's Patch Tuesday.

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