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Windows 11 Build 22610 now available for Beta and Dev Insiders

Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark
Windows 11 Update Checkforupdate Dark (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels can now grab Build 22610.
  • The build adds several new group policies and includes a long list of fixes.
  • Previously announced dynamic content for widgets is now rolling out to the Dev and Beta channels as well.

Microsoft just released Windows 11 Build 22610 to Insiders in the Beta and Dev channels. The update includes new group policy options and includes a long list of fixes. It also adds the dynamic content that Microsoft announced for the Widgets panel back with Build 22563.

Here are the TL;DR (too long, didn't read) highlights from Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc:

  • This build introduces some new group policies for IT administrators and an update to the Family Safety Widget.
  • This build also includes another good set of fixes that will improve your overall experience.
  • This build includes two new known issues that will impact Windows Insiders – please read the known issues list below. We have marked the new known issues as [NEW]. One of these known issues impacts the hidden icons flyout in the system tray.

In addition to those highlights, the build adds the dynamic content for the Widgets panel that Microsoft announced with Windows 11 Build 22563.

"We're trying out some changes in Widgets to bring more dynamic content to your Widgets board, by experimenting with bringing together the widgets and news feed experiences as a dynamic blended feed containing both widgets and news content," explained Microsoft in the release notes for Build 22563. "This should make it easier for you to discover and engage with new widgets and news content through your feed."

You can read the complete changelog, including fixes and known issues, in Microsoft's blog post for the build.

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  • So what I'm hearing is I can no longer add widgets to the point of pushing the news down where I don't ever have to look at it. Keep it up and I'll just uninstall widgets altogether. If I want news, I'll open a browser..or turn on the TV.
  • I use the same technique to push the news down haha!
    I have to admit that as an overall package, I think Win10 is still ahead of Win11.
    Maybe one or two more years for Win11 to catch up to the functionality of Win10.
    The little things like the excellent integrated calendar and events in Win10 task bar is just miles ahead of the watered-down calendar of Win11.
    And I don't even want to get started with the missing live tiles.. I'll probably be using Win10 on my main machine for many more years.
  • Live Tiles Anywhere has breathed new life into my desktop workflow. On a 42 inch TV there is a lot of unused space. I have a simple, custom rainmeter skin which I coded myself using the included free library file for hwinfo - that shows CPU usage across all threads individually, RAM usage and GPU usage. The live tiles i have pinned on my desktop is disney plus, soundcloud, weather, email, the guardian and audible. As my taskbar is now too cluttered lol. It's a damn shame Microsoft was far too stubborn to allow us such basic functionality for allowing live tiles to be pinned on the desktop. The ability plus flexibility to use folders, short cuts, live tiles and custom coded widgets and/or custom rain meter skins opens up a tonne of productivity workflows especially on multiple monitor set ups or those of us who use a large screen TV as monitors.
  • Well sadly they are just really pushing MSN News to us, which is why the Widget board designed like this. Other OS with Widgets like iOS/iPadOS and Android do go with this route. Instead, they have a seperate feed for it. iOS on the other hand have dedicated News widget. it is pinned by default of course but user have choice to unpin it. Thing what annoy me the most is the new Widget board feels less polished after they made the News cards and "Widgets" mixed together. There is no true drag-and-drop which feels unpolished. The Widgets is more clutted as a result due to Pin icon having to be shown. It is also less robust, at least in Insider Build. There is "Reload widget" message when I open the Widget board though it refreshes after. But this experience is really not as polished as it was from Live Tiles it replaced and old Vista Gadgets.
  • Rather disappointing that there is still no new 3rd-party Widgets coming and all are just web wrappers that dont work offline, still don't open native apps and tends to be unreliable. It can't even do drag and drop like the first one does.
  • I have yet to see any use for Widgets so this is a yawn...