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What you need to know

  • The Windows 11 SE wallpaper is now available through the Microsoft Store.
  • The wallpaper has a similar design to the Windows 11 Bloom wallpaper, but it has more colors.
  • Last week, the same wallpaper was made available for download through WallpaperHub, a third-party site with many Microsoft wallpapers.

Windows 11 SE is Microsoft's new operating system built for K-8 education. It's optimized for affordable PCs and has several features for education. It also has a wallpaper that's proven quite popular. That colorful wallpaper is now available for free through the Microsoft Store.

The default background that ships with Windows 11 SE is a colorful design with elements similar to the Bloom wallpaper on Windows 11. The folds of the Windows 11 SE wallpaper feature a palette similar to rainbow sherbet. As soon as Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 SE, people online asked about its wallpaper.

Last week, WallpaperHub made the Windows 11 SE background available, but now people have another way to grab it. The EDU wallpapers pack in the Microsoft Store comes straight from Microsoft and makes it easy to theme your PC.

The wallpaper already has over 20,000 downloads on WallpaperHub, so there appears to be demand for it. The WallpaperHub listing has multiple resolutions and aspect ratios available, so it may be a better option than the Microsoft Store listing at this point.

Windows 11 SE will ship on budget-friendly devices for education, including the Surface Laptop SE and Dynabook E10-S. Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, JK-IP, Lenovo, and Positivo will also release laptops with the new OS.

Windows 11 SE comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Office. It's also "cloud backed," meaning it will mirror saved documents to the cloud. The operating system also has features built to ease management by IT departments, including working with Intune for Education.

Windows 11 Se Wallpaper Microsoft

EDU wallpapers

Windows 11 SE has a colorful default wallpaper. You can now download that background to use on any PC you'd like.

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