Windows Maps appears on the Xbox One app store, but you can't access it yet

Windows Maps is built into Windows 10 on PCs and phones, allowing users to favorite locations to their Microsoft account, get directions and browse rich cartographical data powered by the HERE mapping platform. The same data powers Cortana's mapping search queries in addition to the maps section on

Windows Maps is currently downloadable from the Xbox One Summer Update version of the app store, but it's sadly inaccessible for the time being.

When you download the app, you're greeted by the splash screen above (thanks, Alex Kaine!), indicating that the app is still in development. Groove Music used a similar "coming soon" message while the team added some additional polish before setting it loose onto the Xbox One Preview earlier in the week.

If you have never used Windows Maps before, it should look a little something like its PC version depicted below.

One of the coolest things about Windows Maps is that features fully 3D locations. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft adapts Windows Maps' input methods and features for use on the console.

With the Universal Windows Platform now on the Xbox, there really is no limit when it comes to new apps and functionality. There's little doubt in mind that we'll eventually see the new UWP version of Skype, social media apps like Twitter, and even Microsoft Office eventually hit the console.

What UWP app would like to see hit Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • But... Why?
  • For the glory of Satan!
  • Of course!
  • Because they can. And it's awesome. UWP apps for the win! :)
  • because Microsoft can
  • So people have the motivation to use their Xbox on their car's display. Windows in Your Car, one step at a time
  • Because game devs may consider using real world maps in their games? I would love that....
  • My Pc its less powerfull than the Xbox One, sou if this keeps going like that RIP my PC xD
  • tell me about it
  • Serious question to the US citizens here: Can you actually use it for public transport?
    Here in Germany it's useless for public transport. Also"near" restaurants are sometimes in the Netherlands or France and I'm not even close to the border.
  • Public transport is pretty useless for me in Oz too, as is searching for businesses. Sometimes it's ok, but mostly it isn't.
  • Works ok, but not as good as here transit was... but steadily improving. The uwp model will bring good competition, I like the potential of what this means. Imagine Cortana reminding ou to leave for work in the morning on your TV showing the route with current traffic. Opening it shows details in maps just like the PC and phone.
  • For me here in Cologne it works quite well, though while moving in Germany I prefer using the DB Navigator app
  • Same here in Malaysia. Public transport navigation in windows map is basically useless here ( to be honest, Malaysia's public transportation is quite a mess), but compared to google map, google map did a whole lot better than windows map
  • Here in Santiago (Chile) it works like a charm, I always use it when traveling on the bus or subway.
  • Would love to see email and calendar. Hope for the day when my devices know where I am (which screen) and calls,text,emails and reminders function accordingly.
  • But don't people just use Xbox to play games?
  • We could say the same with phones :)
  • That's certainly not true.  Most of what I use my phone for has nothing to do with games.  
  • He meant like phone with phone calls!
  • There's a new update for preview
  • Nice!
  • Just tonight I asked Cortana to pull up my home address...which opened the Snap window showing a thumbnail of the Bing Maps result... When I clicked on the thumbnail Edge automatically opened to my address on Bing Maps... BUT now with this map app, instead of the browser opening, it will be a superior app opening!
  • Xbox. No VR but Office coming soon! Focusing on enterprise working so well for Mobile so why not.
  • Useless. Rather have outlook mail or even kik
  • And this, people, is the definition of opinion.
  • I want Lara Croft GO to hit Xbox One. It's not a UWP app but it is on the Windows Store so they should hopefully be able to port it to XBO without any signifigant code alterations.
  • Hope to see more apps and games with controller support now that more and more games are becoming uwp apps and appearing on the xbox one Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So when does the Xbox one get touchscreen support?
  • Using Kinect to browse 3D maps could be pretty cool.
  • 'dat Halo reference tho.
  • Someone noticed. :D