Windows Phone 7 ad surfaces

Well, it looks like Microsoft has started spending all that money to market Windows Phone 7. The above ad ran before a private screening of the upcoming re-make of Lawrence of Arabia.

It's a shame the screening wasn't for a re-make of 2001: A Space Odyssey. You could have had the black monolith replaced with a Windows Phone 7 and have HAL the computer announce the start of the revolution (or would that be too 'droid like?).

So, what do you think? The ad is a teaser and void any substantive information on the new phones.  It does match the desert theme of Lawrence of Arabia but for those not as familiar with the new Windows Phones, is it enough to spark an interest? It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does as a follows up ad.


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  • It's a short teaser spot targeting a select group at a movie theater (not on TV), I think it's fine, people who have no idea about "windows Phone" at all will start to get used to the brand name more through shorts like this. If all you want to do is get the name out you don't want to flood viewers with a long list of your features in detail, they can visit the website listed at the end and find out about all of that on their own time. It's a nice little start I say, the big thing will be the TV spots/ads they do later on though.
  • I agree, the big thing will be the tv ads, but this is a taste of whats to come. Im curious which advertising agency Microsoft has.. Probably Crispin Porter, cant go wrong with them, they did laptop hunters, im a pc, and bing.... and they all had pretty good results... bing hasnt stopped growing, apple wanted laptop hunters pulled off the air, and im a pc allows windows 7 to grow. cant wait to see what they got in store for wp7
  • I think the bigger surprise here is... they are re-making Lawrence of Arabia? What?
  • wow what an idiotic post. are you a fandroid or iFanboy?
  • I think the ad is lame. Not to be rude with my words but that's the first word that came to mind when watching it. Personally in my opinion as fellow business owner, if I were in charge of that dept at MS, I would pressure heavily to get the person in charge of the ads for Droid to quite his job and join MS. Even if it means giving him a very large pay increase. I love their ads for the Droid (especially the space one there they go into a shot-up build to find a flowing piece of metal that reveals the Droid 2 ( Another good one is here: Now if MS were to come up with some commercials like these, they would have a very large number of people talking about it just because of the hype.
  • FYI, I believe that Secret Cinema screens original films, not remakes.
  • This is the best their marketing company can come up with? Microsoft continues to have the worst marketing in the history of any tech company.
  • This is a theater teaser where they can afford a lot of latitude. They probably have a few variations as well for testing purposes to see what they might roll out to the TV side later on (it's common practice.) Anyone who thinks this is the sum total of their entire campaign is woefully naive (I was going to say an idiot, but I'll try to be polite as most people are ignorant of how the ad industry really works.) I'm just glad to see that MS is serious about getting behind this on the marketing front in a BIG way. Marketing is going to be what makes or breaks this platform, not its features. And if the $500MM figure is anywhere close to true I think that will virtually guarantee them some form of success. To put that into context, VZW spent $100MM behind the first Droid campaign that pretty much single-handidly put Droid (and by association, Android) on the map. The market's more mature now so I doubt the same amount of money will carry the same ROI this time out. And the VZW Droid ads were VERY effective creatively. But still, $500MM is what MS roughly spent on the Windows 7 launch campaign, which worked very well. So there's reason to be somewhat optimistic.