Windows Phone 7 Series Promo Video

A new promotional video has surfaced on the internet for Windows Phone 7 Series.  It highlights the "life maximizing" capabilities of the new mobile operating system from Microsoft. has the minute long video and it's likely only a matter of time before the video is diced up into thirty second, ready for prime time spots.

One has to wonder if the actors got to keep the phones after the shoot.

Update: Check out the video after the break.

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  • wow. the stunning lack of comments in this thread compared to the volume of comments regarding the (current) removal of cut and paste/copy functionality from winpho7 series should be worrying to anyone at msft that hoped loyal winmo6 users would migrate to winpho7. someone please point this out to your msft homies!
  • Haters gonna hate.
  • I think that they knew they won't. As Soon as they said that a phone is not a PC they lost them. And The truth is that as nice as it is sometimes, No one outside the Winmo fandom wants a PC Phone, but if you can put Microsoft top services xbox live, zune, office, and exchange in a phone that is enough for most people.
  • i doubt they realistically thought that WM users would upgrade to WP7, nor are they really worried about those WM users defecting to other OSes since they represent such small percentage of the market. And i feel copy and paste is a feature we'll see implemented after release via an update. i've seen such mentioned on blogs like
  • Holy shee....the phones have holographic projectors in them?! Why is no one else excited about this?
  • That's what I was sayin'. Though those could put a serious hindrance on my phone pr0nz...
  • because its just a gimmick with no real application
  • @fupamobile obviously you missed the sarcasm... :-/
  • they forgot to finish the commercial with. "all on their brand new windows iZune" seriously, the only thing they have going for them as far as marketing is xbox and zune. fortunately for them most people are dumb as hell and will get hooked if they see flashy things.
  • Just because the vast majority of phone users don't care and or moan/bitch about the things you do doesn't make them dumb. Xbox live fans love the xbox integration. The Zune PC software is great for music and anyone who's used it loves it. 98% of phone users don't care about "true" multitasking, so get over it already. Devs that write an app that needs to run in the background will be allowed it if there's no other way for it to work, it's been said over and over by MS. You, and some of the other moaners around here, need to finally get in touch with reality and understand that the phone market, even the smartphone market, isn't the same as the PC one. Users don't want to sit and do 50 things at once on their phone. Power users are the niche, move along.
  • I think with my experience and knowledge, I could be considered a "poweruser" by traditional standards. While I'm not thrilled with some aspects, overall I'm excited about moving to WP7s as I do have an XBox and Zune HD/Zune Pass. The idea of integrating those smoothly into a phone with the Metro UI is very appealing. That and I'm over 30. Hacking an playing with my phone for hours is fun for the kids but I'm quite tired of custom ROMs, ripping software, hacking things and endless copying other phone's UIs. I just want something that works out of the box and does everything I need it to without fuss. I want *standards*, I want *high end hardware*, I want *integration*, I want *info at my fingertips* and I want it all *well-thought-out*. WP7s, while initially is not perfect, I think they have the base of the platform down and look forward too it. All else will fall into place.
  • I wasn't trying to offend the "powerusers" around here. But the simple truth is that the larger majority of phone buyers out there aren't in that catagory. The same people who don't care about "true" multitasking, or being able to hack and change the UI fully, the "dumb people" are the same ones that are driving this market and give the tech geeks around here the vast choice of devices we're getting.
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  • Ugly.. just... ugly