Windows Phone 8.1 Blue

Update 5:30PM ET: Our source(s) tells us that indeed, this is fake. We won't go into details but our source(s) is very confident that this is not real. Sorry folks!

A new video has been posted on YouTube reportedly showing a white Nokia Lumia 920 running the far-from released Windows Phone 8.1 aka ‘Blue’ update.

In the video, we can see the notifications center being demonstrated via a swipe-down gesture from the top of the display. Tapping one of the Tiles also reveals a pop-up menu of some sort, though the smaller icons purpose cannot be discerned.

We’ve reached out to some of our sources to try to verify whether or not the clip is accurate or a clever ruse, and will follow up if we find out more.

Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Blue’ is considered to a milestone update for the OS, but is not due until later in 2013, even possibly into 2014.

Windows Phone Blue 8.1 Screenshots

Certain aspects of it were recently revealed in an eBay-purchased Lumia 920 that had an early test build on board. That device was later reclaimed by Microsoft, confirming its authenticity.  However, certain aspects of that build, including the notification center, were either removed or later altered, showing that this Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windows Phone 8 are still in motion.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Narv and Jules M., for the tips!