Windows Phone Marketplace down in China for over 20 hours?

We're getting a few reports, including one over at tech site that the Windows Phone Marketplace is undergoing a lengthy blackout. Specifically when users try to download an app, the progress bar gets about half way (full downloaded) and then an "attention required" message pops up with an error 805a01f8.

What's perhaps worse is these errors have been going on for nearly 20 hours now, making this a significant down-time for many new Windows Phone users in China.

The error users are seeing in China right now when they attempt an app download

Word from cnBeta is that there is no official comment from Microsoft China on the matter and users are basically on their own until the system is fixed, leaving many users disgruntled and frustrated. 

Companies like Nokia and HTC have both recently made a large push into China signaling a successful attempt at selling Microsoft's OS to new customers, however such a setback with the Marketplace could create some negative blow-back from early adoptees. 

If you're in China and experiencing these problems or if they have resolved themselves, let us know in comments.

Source:; Thanks, x. wang., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • If it ain't this, it's that. :-/
  • ROFL!!! Does it really say QQ on the error message?
  • QQ is the most popular messaging program in China.
    On topic, I have been experiencing this outage on my Focus S in China, it is indeed been going on for nearly a day.
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  • 7:23pm Beijing time.
    Working now.
  • Good to know that's it's up and running.
  • I emailed Nokia and they were zero help as usual and just told me to reset my phone. Useles....
  • Well, that was a Microsoft problem, not from Nokia...
  • Started in india