Photo by Sahkolihaa

The Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X Windows Phones are fitted with some really nice cameras.  While it may be a topic for discussion on which camera is the better of the two, we've got two WPCentral Forums discussions going on that nicely shows off the capabilities of these two Windows Phone cameras.

We have some fantastic shots being shared over in the forums like the one above was taken by Sahkolihaa with the Lumia 920 of a sunrise in England.  You can find the Nokia Lumia 920 photo sharing discussion here and the HTC 8X photo sharing discussion here.  If you have a favorite photo taken with your new Lumia 920 or 8X, head on over to the forums and show them off.  We've got a few more pics after the break.

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Photo by Texantony

Photo by Texantony with the Lumia 920 of the Chinese Light Festival in Dallas,Texas

Photo by smg-UK

Photo by smg-UK, taken with the HTC 8X

Photo by Brandon Riesenbeck

Photo by Brandon Riesenbeck, taken with the Lumia 920

Photo by ajorourke

Photo by ajorourke, taken with the HTC 8X of Saint Paul's Cathedral in London

Photo by KoukiFC3S

Photo by KoukiFC3S, taken with the Lumia 920