Microsoft's Windows Spotlight is one of the 'nice touches' that the company has added to Windows 10 for PCs and tablets and it may be coming to Mobile too.

The Spotlight feature cycles through various images each day for the lockscreen giving a fresh look to your computer. In and of itself that feature is not very intriguing but Microsoft has added the ability to vote via 'like' or 'dislike' buttons to help curate what types of images are displayed making the experience much more personal.

The one issue many people have is that Spotlight is not on Windows 10 Mobile. That omission is a bit strange as the lock screen on Mobile is something you are likely to look at more often versus a PC.

Now, a user reddit has spotted a toggle switch for Windows Spotlight under the Background Apps function in the latest Fast Ring Insider release for build 14322, which came out yesterday. Scrolling through the list and it is easy to spot Spotlight and the toggle to keep it from running. We can confirm seeing it on our own test devices as well.

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Does this mean that the feature is coming to Windows 10 Mobile? Possibly. Windows 10 and Mobile are the same OS, so bits sometimes pop up that are not on one but are on the other. This could be just a bug with the 14322 release. Then again, it is not like Windows Spotlight wouldn't make sense on Mobile and it would seem quite obvious that the company would enable the feature for phone users as well.

Time will tell as to what happens. If Microsoft is bringing it to phone users, it will be part of the Redstone release, which now goes by the name of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. That version is due later this summer, but Insiders are getting an early look through the Fast and Slow rings right now.