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The Windows Store to start carrier billing for Windows 10 PCs and tablets later in 2015

The new version of the Windows Store in Windows 10 will soon have a new way to buy apps, as well as acquire in-app purchases, via carrier billing for PC and tablet owners.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

"Today on Windows 10 we offer traditional debit and credit card options as well as PayPal, Alipay, app gifting, gift cards and Bitcoin (US only). Later this year we will enable PC and tablet customers to pay via their phone bill with carrier billing – now available for our Windows Phone customers via 100 carriers across 57 markets. This represents a reach of 3 billion mobile subscribers; an increase of 40 carriers YoY."

Microsoft points out that 88% of the world's population does not currently use credit cards, so the option to enable carrier billing on PCs and tablets should allow for a big revenue boost for Windows 10 app publishers.

Source: Microsoft

  • The photos in the articles used to look better... what are these large shortcut icons on the desktop? sorry Windows Central, but this does not look nice.
  • The picture is from build 10158 (read old).  Its simply a picture of the store
  • Why have to bother that? Not even an issue.
  • Yeah, agreed. The big bold desktop icons look incredibly lame
  • My windows store would download apps atm? Acquiring licenses then fail
  • Same problem here. Getting error code 0x803f7003. 
  • This is great for developing and on countries where Credits cards aren't a norm.
  • My windows store would download apps atm? Acquiring licenses then fail
  • Bing rewards
  • Wonderful, I hope this feature won't be limited just to the US but will be available world wide to all markets :-)
  • Need for my phone also....
  • This! It should have been done years ago!
  • Awesome sauce.
  • That's what I am talking about .. There you go .. Now I can be a proud buyer too .. Ya instead of pirating...
  • Shoot! There goes one of my biggest reason to upgrade..
  • Accept debit cards !!