Console OS, an Android-based operating system designed to run on Intel PCs has announced that it will try to support all three members of Microsoft's Surface Pro family of tablets, including the Surface Pro 3.

The team behind Console OS, Mobile Media Ventures, launched a Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago to help fund the launch of the operating system. With 33 days to go in this effort, it has raised $41,000 on its way to its goal of $50,000.

Even though their main goal has not yet been reached, Mobile Media Ventures has announced they plan to bring Console OS to all three Surface Pro models, but only if they reach their stretch goal of $125,000. The team stated why they need the extra fund to pull this off:

All three Surface Pro models do follow industry standards - UEFI, x86 hardware, and do so in the same chassis as Surface RT. Unfortunately, to pull that off, they use a lot of custom silicon. From a proprietary Wi-Fi and Bluetooth array, to all-new HID configurations on the Surface Pro 3's touch screen, stylus, and Surface Covers - getting Console OS to "manufacturer grade" precision isn't going to be easy.

The plan is to offer some new Kickstarter backer perks in order to help them achieve this stretch goal. The team adds, "We promise if we meet the $125,000 goal, we'll share Console OS on Surface Pro with all, but we'll be offering some additional incentives for those of you who want to back us for a few dollars more."

What do you think of this stretch goal and can the team behind Console OS reach it so it can bring a version of Android to Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets?

Source: Kickstarter