WMExperts Podcast 12 - Battery Life on your WM Device

This week, another podcast with a theme recommended by a listener. rdecker responded to our Twitter question and suggested we chat a bit about battery life -- so that's exactly what we did. Listen in for tips and tricks for extending the battery life of your Windows Mobile device.

Of course, the best source for this is HobbesIsReal's excellent How To: Extend Battery Life on your Windows Mobile device.

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Dieter Bohn
  • I was surprised when you said that push email uses less battery life than having Messaging check for new messages every 30 minutes? Really? I never tried push email on my Sprint Touch, assuming it would certainly drain the battery much more quickly...
  • One thing not mentioned regarding bluetooth is that having your phone as discoverable will drain the battery much much faster than only having bluetooth on passively. It really makes a big difference.