WMExperts Podcast 8 - Windows Mobile 6.1 and CTIA

This week we discuss what's new in Windows Mobile 6.1 and what was great at the CTIA conference (Namely the Xperia X1). Special guest this week too! Kevin Michaluk of joins us to talk about his impressions of Windows Mobile from the BlackBerry perspective. You want to listen to this, you know you do.

Coming up a little later today, a bonus podcast to make up for the one we missed last week - Kevin, Malatesta, and Dieter discuss Microsoft's new server software and whether it presents a serious threat to RIM's business model.


Tips and Software

Following up on an earlier email question, Mal's article on Sprint's MMS failure is good stuff. Of course, we just heard yesterday that Sprint intends to fix this situation.


Thanks to Sunshine for the email!

  • Tilt, Serious drawbacks - AT&T Still using a compression proxy, eh? Google for cabs to disable / restore them (diff for diff devices)
  • 800w rumortastic guesses up to 658


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