WMExperts Podcast, Episode 1!

What'd we tell you earlier? Stay Tuned, right? Here's what's for: the WMExperts Podcast! Here's the deal: we'll be on every week, usually on Thursdays. We'll alternate every week between a short, 5-minute device focus / review (next week: Sprint Touch) and a longer, news and tips-focused podcast. The shorter podcasts will be hosted by Dieter Bohn, the longer ones will feature Malatasta (and also some guests, later on, if they'll lower themselves to talk to us).

Alright, so how do you get the sucker?

Be sure to email us -- -- we want to talk about what you want to hear about.

What's the news on this podcast? Read on for the show notes


In no particular order. ;)

Tips and Software

Use OpenDNS to speed up the time it takes for your smartphone to grab a website address -- less waiting, more reading!


  • What does m stand for?
  • Sony Experia forum
  • Gigantic how'dya like it Mogul thread - I love it when old threads get resurrected.

Tune in next Friday for a mini-review of the Sprint Touch

Dieter Bohn