WMExperts Podcast Episode 87

Malatesta and Phil tackle all of the Windows Mobile 7 rumors. Warning: Nerd content ahead.

Top o' the news

  • Windows Mobile 7: What we expect and what we are hearing
  • Windows Mobile 7 (or just Seven) rumor roundup...

Hardware news

Software news

Microsoft news


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Phil Nickinson

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  • I liked it better than usual. No offense to Dieter, but with only 2 people on the show, there were no annoying interruptions, trying to talk over one another or one-up the other guy.
  • You sound more and more like the Fox eyeing the grapes......
    I used WinCE and WinMo for more than 10 yrs, but iPhone blows it out of water when it comes to MultiMedia and Games.
    I'm sure the new iPad will do the same.
    Apple is years ahead of Microsoft.
    All MSFT is doing is catching up, not getting ahead.
    You said End 2010 for Win7 is not too late- well it is only 5 years too late (since the last iteration of WinMo) A suggestion: when you talk about WinMo 7 backward compatibility please do not analise what this means for Developers!
    I'm sure they can adapt to the new SDK.
    Please take into account the end users.
    I'm more interested in the software I already purchased (hundreds of dollars) which will become obsolete and unusable.
    You talk all the time how MSFT will start paying attention to end users, but in the same time you don't seem to care too much.
    Thank you.