WMExperts Podcast - Windows Phone 7 Series special at Mobile World Congress

Phil, Dieter and Crackberry Kevin wrap up Monday's Mobile World Congress news, including Microsoft's little announcement of a thing called Windows Phone 7 Series.

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  • Guys keep up the great work!
    You podcasts are easily my favorite and Windows Phone 7 series is genuinely exciting!
  • congratulations on some great reporting today. there was a lot of information, and you guys were right with it and thinking ahead. what you do is very much appreciated. thank you!!
  • What is the rumors concerning iSlate, to compete with the iPad? Will the iSlate have Windows Phone 7 OS?
  • y r u talking to these guys from the far end of the room. lol 35min thats it, i want a refund. heheh
  • Just listened to the podcast. Thanks for doing it. You guys must have been exhausted.
  • Thanks for the updates and your insight. Phil sounds like Spain hates you. Dieter you need to speak up you are much quieter than Kevin and Phil.