WMExperts Prize-A-Day, 4th Batch-O-Winners

Here we go, the last batch of winners of our Prize-A-Day contest (the Grand Prize winner will be announced on Monday). Congrats to all - emails with details will be forthcoming shortly.

  1. Day 15 - Joe wins the Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset in Black.
    ...If I learned anything from your lists, I learned that I need to give FlexWallet another shot. I tried it out briefly, I'm going to try it again "less" briefly. :)
  2. Day 16 - Donna wins a game of her choice from the WMExperts Software store.
    ...Perhaps not too surprisingly, there's no "One WM Phone" to rule them all. Different strokes for different folks.
  3. Day 17 - Ken wins the Arkon Vehicle Mount.
    ...smthng definitely committed the biggest "Smartphone Sin", though. Purposefully making people's phones start beeping during a movie? For shame (although they probably deserve it for leaving their bluetooth set to "discoverable.")
  4. Day 18 - jkovacs wins the Moto DC800 Bluetooth Audio Transceiver.
    ...There are a few PalmOS -> WM like myself, a few WM diehards, but mostly everybody just wants the better OS of the moment. That's actually sort of inspiring.
  5. Day 19 - sbono13 wins Spb Backup.
    ...Ok, people: listen up. Maybe I'm paranoid about backups, but I figure if you're going to do it once a week you might as well also do it once a day. And test those backups. And consider an off-site backup in case of fire. And make sure those backups are backed up. And, uh, I guess I should probably relax. If nothing else, though, I recommend getting some sort of Exchange Server for yourself - easiest way to restore your PIM if you lose data, IMO.
  6. Day 20 - LT wins 40 bucks worth of merch from the WMExperts store.
    ...LT won for a review of the Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard, which is my favorite BT keyboard to date also. It also will double as a nice "living room keyboard" if you happen to have some sort of Media PC set up in there.

Well, folks, it's been a ton of fun for me to put these contests up every day. I'm sort of sad to see it go. On the other hand, now I'll be able to spend a little more time writing. Right now I'm thinking about How-To guides (like this GPS for your WM device demo). So it's not for a prize, but go ahead and comment here anyway, tell me something you'd like to know how to do with your WM phone.

WC Staff