WMExperts Prize-A-Day, Day 11

A touch late today with the prize contest because I'm rocking out with the Aliph Jawbone - er, I'm actually rocking out to Mastadon while testing the Jawbone, expect a video review up tomorrow morning.

In any case, today's prize is the Smartphone Experts Mini-USB Sync n Charge Retractable Cable (or, for you sad folks without a mini-usb connector on your smartphone, a wall charger).

How to Win

Comment here on this post about battery life on your mobile device. Is it good? Is it terrible? Do you try to keep it topped off all the time, or do you let it run down often?

Today's contest will be open until noon EST tomorrow (Feb 28th). Don't forget - Every entry in a daily contest doubles as an entry for the Grand Prize and the two Second Prizes! Namely: A Smartphone of your choice plus $300 to spend in the WMExperts store and a couple of Slingbox Pros.

(Full contest rules are here)

WC Staff
  • my palm treo 700wx....because I use it for slingbox and music with my stereo bluetooth headset. My out of the box battery has no chance. I try to plug in as much as possible just to stay ahead of the game. Never know if I will be too long away from an outlet.
  • I just got the Treo 700wx from Verizon and the battery life has been great so far. I charge the device whenever possible and haven't let it run all the way down yet. We'll see how well the battery holds up in 6 months of so.
  • My SMT5600 has very good battery life. I used to try to make sure I use all of the power before charging as much as possible, but not so much anymore. Now, it is plugged into my computer at work almost the entire day. Either way I noticed that it is a good size battery 1050mah for the specs it has.
  • Boy do I miss the days of my old cheap monochrome Nokia cell phone. I could get by almost 2 WEEKS between charges. I now have a Treo 700Wx (got it 2 months ago), and will not get through an entire day of heavy usage without charging. What I ended up doing is purchasing a charging cradle and keeping it docked there, on my desk, most of the day. It has caused me to miss several important calls if I step out of the office for a second, but for the most part has solved the problem. My next step would be to tweak everything to reduce power consumption, but those are the things I bought my treo for to begin with. I would be interested to know just how "extended" an extended battery really is and if it would be worth the investment.
  • My Treo 700wx does pretty good with moderate to light usage. By pretty good I mean I can go the entire day without charging it up and I try to leave it on the charger as little as possible (only charge it up once a day.)
  • I have a Treo 750 locked into Cingular's 3G constantly. If I use it to stream something/heavy data useage on the morning commute on the train ride, I'll need to charge throughout the day. I think that a 1500mah battery would be enough to get me through the day without charging though. Regardless, I do wish batteries would let our devices stay running for days, not just a day or two.
  • Ahh Yes... Battery life. That's an interesting subject. I have an XV6700. I keep my BlueTooth and phone active all the time but not the WiFi. During the weekday, I like to keep it plugged in while I am at my desk to keep it charged and updated from my desktop. During the weekend, I like to run it down to almost empty before charging. That being said, I have recently purchased a new battery. Old one would just barely make it 8 hours without charging. Old battery is about 9 months old. The new battery... about 3 days with normal usage. I am looking forward to hearing what others are doing.
  • My battery life is pretty good under normal use for me. I generally don't charge it until I get some sort of warning that the battery is close to dead. Same thing on my bluetooth headset. It seems to go forever on a charge.
  • I have a Treo 650, and I find the battery life okay, but not great. Most of the time, I can go two days without charging it, but it does tend to get into the red zone by the end of that. Most of the time, I charge it every night, and charge it as I drive around, especially if I'm talking on it. I figure, charge it when there's the opportunity to give it the chance to last longer when I don't have the opportunity. I tend to text a lot more than I call (about 400 texts per month), but when I do call, often the conversations are 20 minutes or more. I also do a bit of webbing, probably about 20-40 minutes total per day.
  • I have 2 mobile devices, a Treo 700wx and a Blackberry 8703. I am trying both and deciding which one is the best. I must qualify battery life by saying I am a pretty heavy user of both voice and data (2-3 hrs cell per day, 75-100 emails per day).
    Treo is tough on battery life if you are using Active Sync and updating for a real-time experience. I am using good, which is push, but has a number of issues with the WM Operating system and how it takes over applications like Contacts and Calendar. However, the battery life is much better with this for email push (enterprise only). The primary problem I have noticed with battery life on the Treo versus the Blackberry is the email. The Treo does the work in getting the messages (checks every so often for new email), while the Blackberry utilized a server to do this and push the email (BES for enterprise mail, and BIS for POP3/IMAP/Webmail).
    Blackberry does much better in battery life, but it does not have some of the enhanced features available in the WM5 operating environment (like SiriusWM5 and other multi-media stuff).
    I am still torn on the battery life/productivity of the BB versus the enhanced user experience of the Treo (trade-off being battery life). Also, the BB draws a charge from your laptop when it is plugged into the USB. Not sure if Treo does this.
    The Bluetooth headset I use is the Samsung WEP200, and I have not notices any problems with battery life on either device. The sound quality when paired with the Treo is much better than when using with the Blackberry.
    For now, my solution is the carry an additional fully charged battery for the Treo and swap when I burn through it.
  • My battery life is really good. I'm not one of those on the phone constantly so although I have a car charger, I never use it unless I'm out of town. The only time it runs down is when I'm stuck somewhere, like jury duty, and don't have a book, so I watch games and play movies on the phone.
  • My battery life on the Treo 750 is poor compared with the Treo 650 that I had previously. I use the phone for short calls usually, a moderate amount of email, and a moderate amount of internet, and a few text messages, calendar for daily use, and infrequently use the camera. When the battery starts the day with 100%, it's usually down to about 40-50% by the end of the day. If I don't charge everyday, the battery drops like a rocket when it reaches about 35%.
    Needless to say, I carry an extra battery incase I have a busy day...
  • I have never run out of juice. I have always been near my laptop and use a sweet sync/power cable. IMHO that is an essential gear bag tool!
  • My Samsung i730, has had improved battery life since I switched it to WM5. The Extended battery still gets tucked in a pocket if I am heading out for a long day in the car.
    I can't wait for the i760 since the battery life is supposed to be better.
  • The battery life on the Q was COMPLETELY unacceptable until MOL2 came out. Now it's OK. I can usually get through the day without charging, but I don't see why my wife's 3125 will last for 2-3 days. The battery in that one is smaller!
  • Battery life on the Q isn't great, but I remedy that by keeping the backlight dim under long browsing sessions (with Candlelight) and charging it at my desk at work, and carrying a spare battery... makes me cringe being a former Treo user.
    I charge my Treo/Q daily so I never had any issues, getting used to this much shorter battery life has been rough.
  • I'm right there along with folks yearning for the days of the old Nokia mono phone... sometimes I forget that I shouldn't hold that to the standard of how long my devices are lasting on a charge!
    I'm a brand new 700wx (Sprint+data) user and I'm still testing out the battery as much as I can. I have been using it quite heavily every day -- can't stop playing with it! -- but I'm lucky to last the full day before I figure it needs to get plugged in.
    I have ordered a 2400mah battery, hoping that I can reliably get a full day, but for now, I'm not counting on that! So, I'm basically keeping it charged while at home, so when I need it on a run, I won't have to worry about how much longer I have.
  • My battery life is ok so far, as I can use my O2 XDA III one to two days when normally using it!
    I have to say, as I have a docking station here at home, I keep it topped off most of the time, only the last days I did let it run down for the case that I had no free socket left. ;)
    What I especially hate about my PDA is that sometimes the battery unhinges itself, even though this should be prevented via the clamp on it's back!
    Anyway, I need a new one. ;-D So this will raise my chance for the "Grand Prize". ;)
  • I can get 2 days pretty easily - even with 4+ hours of listening to podcasts during my commute. 3 days is certainly possible, but I usually charge every other day so I never push the limits.
  • Battery life is just ok on the standard battery. Going all day, i would come home with a battery life in the 40 - 50 percentile. I did invest in an extended battery and it does make a significant difference. Usually by the of the day, I'm in the 70 - 80 percentile...and sometimes 60 depending on my activity level.
  • I can easily go for a very full day of usage with my T-Mobile Dash, unless I using a lot of WiFi. I use Edge a lot for surfing, Newsbreak, etc and still get a full days usage. I charge overnight and do a sync/charge each afternoon.
  • I can get two days out of my 650 (yes, I'm stuck in the Palm OS), but I do try to top it off every night.
  • I am a bit slow on the uptake and I recently moved up from a PalmOne treo 600 to a PalmOne treo 650. Never one to throw out the old shoes before breaking in the new ones, I still have my trusty Handspring Visor for redundancy's sake. My battery life experience with all of these devices has been incredibly good - as it has been with pedecessor devices. The secret, it seems, is simple: if one pays attention to the battery-life indicator, recharges when the warning appears and lets the device fully recharge, the stand-by and talk times are as good, if not better, than the specs and my expectations. Generally, 4 to 5 days worth of active use as a phone, PDA, e-mail exchanger and web browser. But I sure wouldn't mind a chance to give the newest smartphones a test-drive.
  • I have a Treo 700w. I can usually get through the day (about 12 hours) without charging as long as I only use it for music about 2-3 hours. If I'm at home, the phone is on the charger.
  • I have a Treo 600 that gets about 1.5 days of normal use out of a charge and maybe 3-4 days in stand by mode. I normaly charge it at work every day just to play it safe.
  • It's been tough getting used shorter battery life moving to the 750 coming from the 650, but the tradeoff in slimness of the phone does make up for it. The 650 feels a lot heavier now than I used to think after having the 750 for a couple of months. The battery life is ok, but push email and constant connection to UMTS/HSDPA because of it does cause it to drain much more rapidly, so it's on the charger quite frequently during the daym which is fine if I'm somewhere where I can charge it..if not it might be a different story. :)