WMExperts Prize-A-Day, Day 7

Today I'd like some tips. I may be approaching 1200 sites in my newsreader but I'm still finding new sites every day. So tell us: what's on your daily gadget list? I'm especially curious to hear about the little guy, or a site that's very popular yet just you've just discovered (I just found shiny shiny (opens in new tab) myself. Susi: Call me).

Today's prize is Spb Insight, a great little RSS reader. Fitting for a contest that's about finding new gadget sites, eh?

How to Win

Between now and noon EST tomrrow (Feb 22), just post a link to a gadget site in the comments here. We'll pick a winner at random, as always. Speaking of "as always" -- Every entry in a daily contest doubles as an entry for the Grand Prize and the two Second Prizes! Namely: A Smartphone of your choice plus $300 to spend in the WMExperts store and a couple of Slingbox Pros.

(Full contest rules are here)

WC Staff
  • PPC Geeks - great site for the brief period I had a PPC6700 and a great site for anything Windows Mobile.
  • I'm still using my trusty old Jornada 568 with just about every accessory they made for it. I'm always on the lookout for sites that work with the Jornada and the "updated" Internet Explorer. One I've frequented a bit is where they'ge got a lot of good links to other pocketpc friendly sites. I also go to to try and shrink down websites so they'll work on pocketpc's as well. I'd love to have Skype and Mozilla running on the pocket pc but, they're not porting to the old programs anymore. is a decent place for all kinds of software, and the is one I've been looking at lately.
    Then, there's always which is what brought me here.
    Looks like a great site and I hope this counts as an entry.
  • Geeze... to choose just one feed out of so many, but consistently, Engadget gives me the best info on new gadgets coming around. But if you want good deals, SlickDeals is the way to go.
  • I stick with the local news for mine. Specifically and
  • I look at and a lot. They both have a lot of information.
  • Not necessarily a gadget site only but every morning I check
  • I find that consistently has some excellent software and utilities. I have their gizmo set up in my google homepage so I see it every day.
  • Web-based version of Yahoo! Mail beta. I hate duplicate mailboxes - just want one accessible anywhere in the world box - this lets me do it and uses very little data as well.
  • Wow... Here's the condensed version of my commuter reading: (use Skweezer, the guys photography is amazing, even on a QVGA screen) - Powershell Team Blog
    I generally use Bloglines Mobile, as it automatically uses Skweezer and I haven't found a decent Smartphone RSS client I like yet.
  • The Daily WTF isn't a mobile site but it's funny if you're a coder.
  • A lot of people read engadget but their mobile site is very good,
    By the way I only subscribe to sites with full feeds, which is why WME is not in my reader. I subscribe to too many sites to bother with partial feeds. Most major blogs post full feeds, WME should too!
  • I really like
  • I have a few that I read almost daily:
    some others but those are the main ones.
    Mobile News Views and Reviews
  • Personally ... (whom I help post news for - shamesless plug)
    engadgetmobile, Boy Genius Report, Gear Diary, Mobile Gadgeteer, jkOnTheRun, Mobility Today, Mobility Site ... the list goes on and on.
  • is one of the best for computers and hardware.
  • You'll going to be amazed, but here we go:
  • Here are a few more sites to add to the growing list.
  • and everything cellphone related. for things Windows Mobile, for my treo, and to see the question, "I know I could build that, but why" get answered.
  • There is a great site I have just recently started checking out... you may have heard of it, :p. But seriously one of my faves is
  • I check out - Steve
  • Here's one of my faves: