Preorder Wolfenstein: The New Order on Xbox and get Doom beta access

We’re still pumped for this week’s new Xbox One releases (Rayman Legends and Strider), but that doesn’t mean more Xbox game news isn’t welcome. Always look to the future, right?

That future will be brighter in May. Bethesda has officially announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order will debut on Xbox One, 360, and other consoles on May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe. As if the impending return of Wolfenstein wasn’t news enough, preorders of The New Order will also include beta access to the new Doom!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Image credit: Windows Central)

The New Order is an all-new entry in the long-running Wolfsentein series of first-person shooters. This one takes place in an alternate 1960s timeline in which the Nazis won World War II using mysterious advanced technology. This game is an entirely single-player, story-based affair – refreshing in today’s multiplayer-focused FPS world.

I played The New Order at E3 and came away impressed. Check out my impressions if you’re interested.

Doom Beta Details

Doom is the current title of Doom 4, the latest game in id Software’s venerable first-person shooter series. We don’t know much about the new Doom yet, although the title implies it will be a reboot. Doom 3 was already a remake of the first Doom game, so the series is no stranger to starting fresh.

Codes to join the Doom beta will be included on an insert inside preorder copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order. That distribution system is similar to the “Day One Editions” Microsoft produced for several Xbox One launch titles. If you didn’t preorder, you were unlikely to find a Day One Edition in stores.

Players will redeem the Doom beta code from the beta website. Once the beta goes live, they will then receive instructions for downloading it via email. Actual platform specifics of the beta – such as which consoles will have access to it – have not been revealed, nor has the timeline for it. Doom still has no solid release date, so the publisher has plenty of time to announce those things down the line.

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More from Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

Wolfenstein (and presumably Doom) aren’t the only games Bethesda has in the works for Xbox One. The Elder Scrolls Online will launch on Microsoft’s next-gen console in June, shortly after the PC version’s April 4th release. The Elder Scrolls Online will also be available in an Imperial Edition that includes a statue, book, and special in-game content for $99.99.

The Evil Within

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new horror game The Evil Within (pictured above) has just received a release date as well. It will come to Xbox One and 360 on August 26 in America and August 29 in Europe. The Evil Within stars a cop who becomes trapped in a nightmarish and otherworldly asylum. With a focus on true horror, it will likely be the scariest game the Xbox One sees for a long while. We’ll have more to say about The Evil Within in the months to come.

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