Preorder Wolfenstein: The New Order on Xbox and get Doom beta access

We’re still pumped for this week’s new Xbox One releases (Rayman Legends and Strider), but that doesn’t mean more Xbox game news isn’t welcome. Always look to the future, right?

That future will be brighter in May. Bethesda has officially announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order will debut on Xbox One, 360, and other consoles on May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe. As if the impending return of Wolfenstein wasn’t news enough, preorders of The New Order will also include beta access to the new Doom!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Image credit: Windows Central)

The New Order is an all-new entry in the long-running Wolfsentein series of first-person shooters. This one takes place in an alternate 1960s timeline in which the Nazis won World War II using mysterious advanced technology. This game is an entirely single-player, story-based affair – refreshing in today’s multiplayer-focused FPS world.

I played The New Order at E3 and came away impressed. Check out my impressions if you’re interested.

Doom Beta Details

Doom is the current title of Doom 4, the latest game in id Software’s venerable first-person shooter series. We don’t know much about the new Doom yet, although the title implies it will be a reboot. Doom 3 was already a remake of the first Doom game, so the series is no stranger to starting fresh.

Codes to join the Doom beta will be included on an insert inside preorder copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order. That distribution system is similar to the “Day One Editions” Microsoft produced for several Xbox One launch titles. If you didn’t preorder, you were unlikely to find a Day One Edition in stores.

Players will redeem the Doom beta code from the beta website. Once the beta goes live, they will then receive instructions for downloading it via email. Actual platform specifics of the beta – such as which consoles will have access to it – have not been revealed, nor has the timeline for it. Doom still has no solid release date, so the publisher has plenty of time to announce those things down the line.

More details at

More from Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

Wolfenstein (and presumably Doom) aren’t the only games Bethesda has in the works for Xbox One. The Elder Scrolls Online will launch on Microsoft’s next-gen console in June, shortly after the PC version’s April 4th release. The Elder Scrolls Online will also be available in an Imperial Edition that includes a statue, book, and special in-game content for $99.99.

The Evil Within

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new horror game The Evil Within (pictured above) has just received a release date as well. It will come to Xbox One and 360 on August 26 in America and August 29 in Europe. The Evil Within stars a cop who becomes trapped in a nightmarish and otherworldly asylum. With a focus on true horror, it will likely be the scariest game the Xbox One sees for a long while. We’ll have more to say about The Evil Within in the months to come.

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  • But will Doom be out for PS4??!!
  • Silence will fall........
  • It's shoelaces are untied........
  • How do I pre order the digital copy to get the beta code?
  • Might not be an option. I would tweet them @Bethblog and ask.
  • Wolfenstein has no MP?
  • That's correct. Kind of a shame as I'd at least like some co-op. But the past few games have had great campaigns, and this one looks to have one as well.
  • If storyline is great game hardly needs an MP, leave it for BF and UT. Moreover, if story is written great it just may be hard to write in a coop personage. Leave it for GoW :)
  • I agree not everything needs multiplayer. But the series has a history of great multiplayer in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It also had great co-op on the original Xbox. So it's hard not to compare and feel wistful. But I'm super excited for this one, so don't take these as major complaints.
  • It is also coming out for PC, PS4 and PS3 along with beta access if you preorder.   You can check Amazon to preorder
  • Is it okay with you if I get it for Xbox One, though?
  • Is there one for the Xbox One. Tired of hearing how much better the PS4 is. Have both and to be honest the PS4 only gets used a 1/10th of what the Xbox One does.
  • PS4 legitimately pumps out a better frame rate and/or resolution on most multiplatform titles. But the Xbox One is still a great machine and has some great titles released and coming soon. Best to ignore console haters and just enjoy the system you enjoy.
  • I don't really see the appeal of a PS4 at all. At the moment it does have a slight graphical edge, but not by much and if you're one to care that much about eye candy you really should be a PC gamer anyway. Besides the slight graphical edge, everything about the Xbox One is much more appealing to me: better games (way more AAA exclusives like Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Ryse, Peggle 2, Titanfall, etc), better controller, better online network, better operating system and UI  (including the ability to use voice commands to easily multitask ["Xbox, snap Netflix"] or switch between apps ["Xbox, go to ESPN"], and way more cool features like recording game clips via voice ["Xbox, record that"] or Skype in HD ["Xbox, Skype Mom"]. Xbox One is the way to go.
  • What's not to see? It's a gaming machine and will have most of the same games the Xbox One has. Of course the Xbone has great exclusives, but so does the Playstation 4. Voice commands are neat but 1- they don't work all the time, especially in noisy environments and 2- they don't affect gaming in any important way. Both consoles are great, and there's no significant advantage between them other than price, performance, and software lineup.
  • If you're talking just about gaming machines, then it's true that they're not that different. Most of the games will look approximately the same, and 98% of games will come to both systems. But, I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars on a one-trick pony. I want my devices to do many things, and the Xbox One does more things, and does them better. Here is why I think the Xbox One is better. This is a typical day's use for me: I walk in the door and immediately say, "Xbox, on". And before a PS4 user could take off his shoes, walk over to hisPS4, turn it on, turn on his TV and turn on his cable box, and put in a game disc, and walk over to the couch and sit down and turn on the controller--before all of that, the Xbox One has turned itself on, turned my TV on, and turned my TV set top box on. I then say "Xbox, go to Killer Instinct" and while he's still turning on devices, I'm playing a game. I decide I want to play online. While it is matchmaking, I can say "Xbox, watch TV". I'm watching TV in seconds. Then a notification pops up telling me my match is ready so I say "Xbox, accept" and I'm instantly beamed back into Killer Instinct. I play awesome, as usual, doing some sweet combos that I just have to save for later. But, you can't pause an online match! Oh no! Oh, wait, I simply say "Xbox, record that" and the clip is recorded without me having to even take a finger off the controller. The match ends and I want to work on a new, tricky combo, so I say, "Xbox, snap Internet Explorer" and I search for a video guide, find it, and then while it's playing in the right pane, I'm aping the moves in the left pane. I realize suddenly I need to ask my dad something. Instead of having to exit out of the game, open up Skype, go to my contacts list, locate my dad's name, select it, and then call him, I can simply say "Xbox, Skype Dad" and in seconds it's ringing him. After the call I decide I want to watch TV while I eat messy chicken wings: hands are greasy and full but it's no problem as I can just say "Xbox, watch CBS" / "What's on NBC?", navigating live TV via voice. These are the types of conveniences that the PS4 doesn't offer. I can do so much on my Xbox One: I can watch TV with an awesome channel guide called OneGuide (this is a huge deal for me because I have only free antenna TV, without a guide), I can swing on over to Netflix, I can surf the web, I can play games, I can Skype friends, I can do two things at the same time, I can instantly switch between all those apps without having to fumble around with HDMI inputs, remotes, etc. It's amazingly convenient, and I absolutely love it. I have about a 95% accuracy with voice commands, but, yes, my apartment is quiet. I realize that drops when things get noisy, but the accuracy of voice commands will only get better over time. As for saying they don't effect gaming in any important way, I think they do. In addition to my example above about recording game clips, player substitutioins in FIFA 14 via voice commands is infinitely better than the other way: fumbling around in menus. I see that as an essential change. Other, non-essential but still cool uses: luring zombies in Dead Rising 3, calling out battle commands in Ryse, changing weapons or pulling up the map quickly in Tomb Raider. Sorry for the long-winded response, but that's why I think the Xbox One experience is significantly more appealing than the PS4 experience, but, to each his own.
  • All of that should be used for an advert for the Xbox One lol! I got a real genuine sense of how the Xbox One can be effectively used to its strengths, demonstrating the speed of its processing, how its features benefit oneself, and how convenient it all is, making Kinect 2.0 seem like a worthy addition to the package. I enjoyed reading that, coip.
  • I have played all the Dooms so it's great to see new one coming!
  • I can't believe yet another Doom is coming...
  • Yeah its awesome!
  • That looks awesome... Why was rayman fiesta run pull from windows store today anyone..
  • This is pretty exciting for me, I loved Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil. Hopefully one can still access the beta if they purchase the game digitally.
  • Okay, so the Xbox One can play Doom, but will it blend?
  • I certainly hope that this both IS good, and makes good bussiness, because if not single-player FPS games will in even more of a trouble that they are right now, even though CoD makes billions every time, the market needs another single-player big hitter. By the way, yes, I'm aware that Bioshock Infinite was GOTY material and a single-player FPS, but I don't think that game made enough cash to bring a revival of the genre.
  • They should just have open beta for all just like titanfall did.
  • Ahh Wolfenstein.  The game that was pushing my 286 to it's limits and made me want to upgrade.  
  • 386 or bust bro... Plus you got to have that turbo button to really enjoy the game LOL!!!
  • Damn straight!  I upgraded to a 386 25Mhz turbo!  It was like 8Mhz off Turbo.  LOL!  In many games I would turn off Turbo to slow the game down so I could easily defeat the bosses.  hahaha.  Eventually coders figured out how to run the games at the same speed on all computers, just with higher or lower FPS.  Hard to believe a $59 Lumia 520 is about ten thousand times more powerful than my 386.  
  • More importantly, it needs to be available on PCs.  I have the Xbox One, but I don't play games on it.  My PC is a better gaming platform many orders of magnitude.
  • Those Wolfenstein screen shots look kinda like Warhammer 40k inspired.
  • I'm curious if these games will be up scaled or run native 1080p on the Xbox one. I love my Xbox one and games look great. Just looking for that bit extra.
  • Inside the cover? So no beta for digital pre orders? Also, has anyone got a single code which came with a goddamn QR since they got their Xbox One? Xbox Use a Code is useless if devs don't print QR's. Getting annoyed havin to type out codes on like the 360.
  • I'm a huge DOOM fan!!!