World of Warcraft: Shadowlands list of Covenant Signature abilities detailed in new preview

Wow Shadowlands Covenant Abilities
Wow Shadowlands Covenant Abilities (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the next big expansion for World of Warcraft.
  • Among other things, this expansion is adding Covenants that players will choose between.
  • These Covenants offer unique abilities that have been detailed in a new preview.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was first announced back at BlizzCon 2019. This huge expansion is taking players to the eponymous Shadowlands, with a new level system, areas to explore and more. One particular aspect of note is the new Covenants, which have been detailed in a preview by Blizzard Entertainment. There are four Covenants to choose from: the Kyrians, Necrolords, Night Fae and Venthyr.

Each Covenant offers two new abilities for players to use. The first ability is a Signature Ability for the faction and is open regardless of class. The second ability is unique to your particular class. Below is the new list of abilities that Blizzard Entertainment has shared, though obviously they are subject to changing before release.

List of Covenant abilities in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Signature abilities

  • Kyrian: Summon Steward — Call your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity that can be consumed to restore some of your health and remove all Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed Effects.
  • Venthyr: Door of Shadows — Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location.
  • Necrolord: Fleshcraft — Form a shield of flesh and bone that prevents damage equal to a portion of your maximum health. Standing near the corpse of a defeated enemy when the ability is cast will create a larger shield.
  • Night Fae: Soulshape — Turn into a Vulpin, increasing movement speed. You may reactivate Soulshape to teleport a short distance forward.

Class abilities

The abilities here are in the following order: Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord and then Night Fae.

  • Death Knight: Shackle the Unworthy, Swarming Mist, Abomination Limb, Death's Due.
  • Demon Hunter: Elysian Decree, Sinful Brand, (Work in Progress), The Hunt.
  • Druid: Kindred Spirits, Ravenous Frenzy, Adaptive Swarm, Convoke the Spirits.
  • Hunter: Resonating Arrow, Flayed Shot, Death Chakram, (Work in Progress).
  • Mage: Radiant Spark, Mirrors of Torment, Deathborne, Shifting Power.
  • Monk: Weapons of Order, (Work in Progress), (Work in Progress), (Work in Progress).
  • Paladin: Divine Toll, Ashen Hallow, (Work in Progress), (Work in Progress), (Work in Progress).
  • Priest: Boon of the Ascended, Mindgames, Unholy Nova, (Work in Progress).
  • Rogue: Echoing Reprimand, Slaughter, Serrated Bone Spike, (Work in Progress).
  • Shaman: Vesper Totem, Chain Harvest, (Work in Progress), (Work in Progress).
  • Warlock: Scouring Tithe, Impending Catastrophe, Decimating Bolt, (Work in Progress).
  • Warrior: Spear of Bastion, Condemn, Conqueror's Banner, (Work in Progress).

So that's the full list at the moment. Obviously there's quite a few abilities that need to be filled in, Especially for the Night Fae. You can keep updated on what each ability currently does right here. We'll be sure to provide updates as World of Warcraft: Shadowlands gets closer to launch.

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