World's greatest bread simulator 'I Am Bread' will launch on Xbox One on January 20th

Is your Xbox library getting stale? If so, get a loaf of this news. I found an I Am Bread trailer rising in my YouTube subscriptions earlier today, teasing the upcoming arrival of the toasty physics sandbox on Xbox One.

I Am Bread tasks players to guide an innocuous slice of bread around various contemporary settings. The aim is to fully toast yourself, using various household objects including irons, hair dryers, and so on. However, if you touch certain objects, such as the floor or water, your edibility meter will decrease. If it hits zero, you're toast (in a bad way).

Believe it or not, I Am Bread even has a story mode. Mr. Murton is in therapy, owing to losing both his business and his wife. His attempts to get his life back on track are thwarted, however, by the presence of sentient toast who leave his home in disarray.

Is the bread real or a figment of Murton's imagination? I donut know, but at yeast you can find out in the near future when the game launches for Xbox One.

The game has the following "unbaguettable" features on PS4, and we crust that we'll them all slice onto Xbox One.

  • Story Mode: Embark on an epic journey to become toast! Take on all hazards to deliciousness as you embark on your adventure throughout the home of an unsuspecting owner: from the kitchen, through the house, to the lounge, and then venture outside into the garden and beyond.
  • Cheese Hunt: Realize the destiny of crisp-bread as you hunt down pieces of cheese to smother yourself in. Can you find all the pieces before you crack up?
  • Bagel Race: Satisfy your taste for speed and bagels as you race across the checkpoints in each level and complete the tracks in the fastest possible time.
  • Rampage: Cause as much destruction as possible throughout the house as you smash everything in sight as (possibly) angry baguette. Mon dieu!
  • Zero-G: Literally bread in space! Make studious use of your bread boosters as you maneuver across environments with no gravity, avoiding all the floating hazards this entails in Zero-G mode.
  • Free-play: Explore the world and play as any of the bread types you have unlocked, having crumby fun in your own sweet time.

I Am Bread will emerge from the oven on January 20th, 2017 for Xbox One, so you won't have to wheat long to play.

I'm on a bit of a roll with these bread b̶u̶n̶s puns, so I'm going to quit this crummy article while I'm abread...

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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