Would you rather have a Dell XPS 13 or a Surface Laptop?

The Surface Laptop will be here June 15, and many people are wondering if they should buy one or go with another option. Forum member Rainar Angelo recently asked this question in our forum, specifically targeting the Dell XPS 13 as an alternative.

I'd like to know, if people had a choice, which one would they go for? Give a reason as to why you'd prefer a particular model - looks/price/features and what not. It's interesting to see how people pick their laptops because not everyone is the same. It doesn't necessarily have to be better from a neutral PoV but it could be what seems right for you, So shoot!

Rainar Angelo

Rainar doesn't have a personal choice; he just wants to know out of curiosity. Which would you choose and why, based on price, features, or looks?

If you'd like to join in on the discussion which already has a bunch of replies, head over to the forum and give your two cents worth.

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