WP Screenshot sends screenshots from phone to PC over the network

The guys (and gals) over at XDA regularly provide the Windows Phone community with homebrew apps that fill some gap that non-native apps cannot.

One of these gaps is screenshots. The Windows Phone Operating System provides no support for taking screenshots, which can cause reviewers like ourselves some hassles. So we previously covered an app called Screen Capturer which took screenshots and saved them to your pictures hub, and now 'N37-L0RD' over at XDA has developed a similar app called WP Screenshot.

It's pretty close to Screen Capturer, except for the main feature: pictures you take are instantly transferred right onto your PC, eliminating the extra step of syncing with Zune. It is also really basic to use and setup, which you can see below:


1) Download the two files attached to this post (opens in new tab).

2) Deploy the .XAP to your device and open it up. Also open up the desktop app.

3) Open up command and find out your IP Address, and input that into the WP Screenshot app on your phone.

4) Once it's connected, half-press (as if to focus) the camera button any time on your phone and the picture should automatically pop-up on your PC. Press Ctrl+S to save the current screenshot. And press Ctrl+H to view the other commands.

There you have it, a super simple way to get screenshots from your device. This does require your device to be dev-unlocked, but does not require Interop-unlock.

Source: XDA (opens in new tab)

WC Staff
  • Damn, my focus s was interop unlocked and loved the homebrew apps..
    Somebody jailbreak the 900!!!  i miss my screenshot app.  :(
  • "This does require your device to be dev-unlocked, but does not require Interop-unlock."
    Damn it means I will have to remove one of my side loaded apps since I got three already installed. I wish there was a a way to get more than three.
  • Or how about Microsoft...
  • Definitely short sighted of MS to not include screen capture. Would increase exposure of WP7 on FB/Twitter.
  • If iPhone, Android and I think BlackBerry and even windows on the PC has it why not WP?
  • i remember reading something that it was copyright issues or something.  Not sure if that was true, but there needs to be screenshot on these phones. 
    or get an official app that can screen shot like Screen Capture. 
  • IIRC, Windows Phone is the only smartphone OS that lets you view protected email messages sent through Exchange. I have taken screenshots with Screen Capturer and it bypasses what is a key restriction imposed on desktop versions of Outlook: screenshot blocking. So, there may be a technical reason why MS is not allowing screenshots to be taken natively in WP7. This ought to change with Apollo.
  • I agree, screenshots in this day and age should be included in the OS. I'm gonna have to try this app out. I love the screen capturer app on my 900. I'm one of those people that probably puts up too many screenshots, lol.
  • How you get screencapture app on 900?  you have deverloped unlocked phone ?  how?????
  • My phone is developer unlocked through Microsoft.
  • Love the app
  • Yeah, I read somewhere that it is a security issue, MS wanted to avoid unauthorised ppl capturing sensitive data from their phones and passing it on.