WPCentral Contest: What mobile game would you like ported to Windows Phone?

We want to know what games you’d like to see ported from another mobile OS to Windows Phone, and we’re giving away Xbox Live Avatar props for your trouble. To enter, visit this forum thread and tell us the following:

What one game would you most like to see ported from another mobile OS to Windows Phone as an Xbox Live title, and why? Remember, we’re only asking about games that are already available on other cell phones – not console games. Try to name the developer as well. You only get one entry, so make it count.

We will choose the nine most interesting and/or convincing responses and give their writers a redeemable code for a Beards and Beaks Avatar prop that can’t be purchased on the Marketplace. This contest is open to readers from any nation, but we can’t guarantee the codes will work outside of the US. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination! Entries must be received by 10 AM PST on Tuesday, July 26.

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Here’s an example entry from yours truly:

I would like to see Phantasy Star II from Sega ported to Windows Phone. PSII is a classic role-playing game from the 16-bit days. It would be a great match for Windows Phone because there aren’t any pure role-playing games on our platform. The simple directional controls and button prompts would work perfectly on a touch screen. Plus, the iPhone version is really just an emulation of the Sega Genesis original. It should be easy to port the emulator, and it would open the door for more Sega Genesis ports in the future.

See how easy that was? 

Allow me to explain the occasion for this particular challenge. We’ve seen some high-quality Windows Phone-exclusive games come to Xbox Live recently with Beards and Beaks from Microsoft Game Studios and Tentaclesfrom Press Play. As Microsoft’s mobile platform gains market share, more and more such exclusives will follow. But those aren’t the only measure of the platform’s popularity. There’s also the matter of games that are available on other mobile platforms but haven’t made their way to Windows Phone yet. After all, it’s a lot harder to give up an iPhone and make the switch to Windows Phone if your favorite games don’t exist on the latter.

The 6 Weeks of Must Have Games Promotion loosened the pressure on that valve about a month ago, bringing Doodle JumpAngry Birds, and my favorite –Plants vs. Zombies to Xbox Live. But many established games yet remain to be ported, not to mention the new games that come to iOS and uh… Android every day. Will those games ever cross the bridge to Metro Town? That burning question fuels this weekend's contest.

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Paul Acevedo

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