Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller revealed, coming in November

Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition Controller Hero
Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition Controller Hero (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is producing a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox controller.
  • This Xbox controller uses a translucent grey design, a throwback to older translucent electronics.
  • The controller is set to be available on Nov. 15, 2021.

Update, Oct. 7 (10:13 am ET): Microsoft officially announced the controller, alongside a matching headset. Both are set to launch on Nov. 15, 2021.

Thanks to an early listing on Best Buy Canada, the Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition is controller is revealed and available for all to see. The controller uses a translucent design, reminiscent of the many, many translucent controllers and consoles that saw production during the late 1990s through the early 2000s. The back of the grips are a lime green, while the main shell of the controller is grey. You can take a look at a show with the special packaging below:

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

If you're looking for one of the best Xbox Series X|S controllers but in a sleek new design, you might want to grab one. Stock for special edition Xbox controllers often doesn't last long and there's no guarantee of how many are being produced.

The Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition is scheduled to launch on Nov. 15, 2021, per the Best Buy Canada listing. It's a fitting release date, given how the original Xbox launched on Nov. 15, 2001. While the original Xbox also launched with Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo Infinite is set to launch on Dec. 8, 2021.

Right now, preorders only appear to be live at the Microsoft Store and through Best Buy Canada. This is sure to change and we'll provide updates as we see more and more stock become available.

Update, Oct. 7 (10:13 am ET) — More than just a controller

In addition to this controller, Microsoft is also launching an official 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox headset, per the official announcement (opens in new tab). Both the headset and the controller are officially slated to launch on Nov. 15, 2021.

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  • That is a bad ass looking controller.
  • Meh.
    A real 20th anniversary controller would be a wireless Duke design. 😏
  • I like that idea. That would be nice.
  • It's a good looking controller. Hopefully, I can get one.