The Xbox 360 version of Borderlands to support Xbox One backward compatibility

Fans of the Borderlands game franchise will be happy to learn that the first game in Gearbox Software's first-person shooter-RPG series, made for the Xbox 360, will be able to be played on Microsoft's Xbox One console. The game will be available via the console's upcoming backward compatibility feature.

People who are signed up for the Xbox One Preview Program and have a copy of Borderlands for the Xbox 360 can go ahead and play the game now, along with any previously-saved files, game add-ons and achievements. The other two games in the series, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, are already available as a direct Xbox One port in the recent game bundle Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Currently, Xbox preview members can play 25 Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One with the backward compatibility feature. Microsoft says that over 100 Xbox 360 games will support the feature when the Xbox One officially launches backward compatibility support sometime in November.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • "[I] cried more more more!"
  • Wow, I still have a shrink-wrapped copy of the GOTY version! Every month gives me less of a reason to turn on the 360. (I do still have have a sizable digital backlog on it.)
  • @spectral. You, me, and everyone else....Been playing Dying Light, XB1....good stuff.
  • My backlog has moved to my Xbox one too.. Destiny, I curse you!!!
  • I'm with you there navidee.... Destiny is taking up all my game time.... Looking forward to the backlog showing up on my XB1
  • Yup with the bugs likely still intact. That game pissed me off so bad. Shouldn't be falling through the world and getting stuck behind rocks in 2009+
  • While playing Dying Light the the other day I got stuck between two walls....i almost got pissed but was able parkour out of
  • Huh, strange, I've played through the whole game and never encountered any bugs, maybe I got lucky? Were they like big bugs or more like nuisances?
  • In no particular order, ten games I'd instantly buy if they came to backwards compatibiliy:
    1. Child of Eden (would be awesome with Kinect support, but alas, I'll take it either way) 2. Braid 3. Rez HD 4. Ikaruga 5. Radiant Silvergun 6. Gunstar Heroes 7. Jet Set Radio 8. Deadly Premonition 9. Alan Wake 10. NiGHTS
  • We play very different games. I've never played any of these games and have only heard of 2 of them lol
  • Same, lol, I've only hear of Jet Set Radio, Child of Eden and Alan Wake. These games seem interesting though.
  • I thought everyone had heard of Braid (great game btw). I'm surprised none of these are available on XB1
  • You forgot Yaris. ;-)
  • Ikaruga, I love and hate the game. It;'s awesome, but its difficulty makes Dark Souls look like a walk in the park
  • I just want them to release Halo Reach before Halo 5 comes out so I can do a weekend bender of Reach, CE, 2, ODST, 3, 4 and Spartan Ops without having to dust off the old 360 (even if it is the limited ed Halo 4 console)
  • But you're not really playing Halo unless it's on Legendary. You'd be hard pressed to beat them all in that time span unless on Normal difficulty.
  • Legendary Halo 2 is a pain in the butt. I can only imagine the horror in Halo 2A LASO.
  • I usually play in normal or heroic on my first playthrough. I always beat it in legendary later, but it's not exactly 'enjoyable' playing it like that (bit of a PITA).
  • That's actually pretty great of them to do this with their game. It would've been so easy to say, "We aren't going to let borderlands be backwards compatible, because we want people to buy The Handsome Collection."
  • Borderlands original isn't in the collection... And borderlands 2 and pre sequel aren't backward compatible....
  • The first Borderlands isn't apart of the handsome collection. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sweet
  • I hope that they can make the x360 games available in the store, in a x360 section or something
  • That would be awesome! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome! I am going to download it as soon as I can! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So if we own Borderlands 2 on 360 we won't ever get backward compatibility.  We have to buy the port.
  • It makes sense from a monetary perspective.
  • Inserts BL1 disk Woohoo!, after a 8 and change GB download, I can now play the original BL on the ONE.
  • Interestingly enough, achievements for the 360 version show up in Games on my Windows Phone, but One achievements do not, just the gamer score gets updated.
  • More of a general backwards compatibility question, I still have my 360 hard drive. How does the One recognize these files for game saves? Is it only for things that had been saved to the cloud on 360?
  • I'd imagine so as the x1 downloads and install the 360 version when you put in a supported disk. But you still need the disk to play. Best get ahold of a 360 and upload the saves. However you could try it and see what happens?
    My guess it would ask to format the HDD as you can only plug it in as a usb hdd.
  • And I've got three copies left of the GOTY ed gathering dust, should've bought the 360 versions instead of the PS3 versions (got 'em ridiculously cheap at a sale when they were £50 rrp). Damn it lol.