What you need to know

  • The Xbox Adaptive Controller allows people with limited mobility to play games.
  • It's "Changing the Game" spot won the prestigious Grand Grand Clio Award.
  • Xbox's Aaron Greenberg posted about the win on Instagram.
  • You can purchase the controller for $100 through the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is making it easier for gamers with limited mobility to play their favorite titles, and this progress is being recognized by various organizations around the world.

The accessory allows various different peripherals to attach to its numerous ports, providing options for those who have limited mobility. On top of the controller lie two large programmable buttons, alongside quick access to the "Xbox," "Menu," "View," and other key inputs. What makes this controller truly unique is along the rear. There are nineteen 3.5 mm jacks, hooking the console into an existing ecosystem of accessible buttons and other input devices.

Today, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg said that the Xbox Adaptive Controller's Grand Clio Award for the "Changing the Game" spot. The Clio Awards is an international awards competition for creative business. Founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today honor the work and talent that pushes boundaries, permeates pop culture, and establishes a new precedent around the globe. You can read the comment from Greenberg on Instagram below.

Huge congrats to our incredibly talented internal creative teams and agency partners on winning the prestigious Grand Clio Award for our 'Changing the Game' spot. This is the highest honor award in the industry for creative excellence in product innovation.

It's great to see that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is being recognized for allowing even more individuals to game. Hopefully, it'll trigger other companies like Nintendo and Sony to release similar accessories as well.

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The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available on the Microsoft Store for $100. If you're someone who has limited mobility or known a gamer who does, be sure to take a look at this accessory because it has helped many of our friends already.

Championing inclusion

Xbox Adaptive Controller

A platform for inclusion

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the ultimate adaptive peripheral for those with unique accessibility needs. Tailor each standard button with a huge array of controls and add-ons to suit specific usability scenarios.



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