Xbox Adaptive Controller features accessible packaging

Recently, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities. The accessory allows various different devices to attach to its numerous ports, providing options for those who have limited mobility. However, a major part of being accessible is to come in special packaging designed for these gamers. For example, a traditional box which requires the use of a sharp object to cut tape and other adhesives would be extremely difficult to open. Luckily, Microsoft has thought of that too and today, the company revealed the packaging.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller box features large holes and requires simple motions to open. While it's not accessible to every disabled gamer, it still does a great job of making it easy to open for many. Unlike normal packages, the controller doesn't use any strong adhesives so only pulling is required. Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Director of Programming, shared a video of the new packaging and how it can be opened on Twitter today.

It's great to see that Microsoft thought about the packaging alongside developing the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This means that many disabled gamers will be able to open the box themselves. Hopefully a lot of people will benefit from its launch in September 2018.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is currently available for preorder on the Microsoft Store for $99.99. On top of the device lie two large programmable buttons, alongside quick access to the "Xbox", "Menu", "View", and other key inputs. What makes this controller truly unique is along the rear. There are nineteen jacks, hooking the console into an existing ecosystem of accessible buttons and other input devices.

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Asher Madan

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