Xbox and PC platformer 'Super Lucky's Tale' may get expansion or sequel

Super Lucky's Tale is an adorable platformer which launched on Xbox One and PC a few months ago. The game received mixed reviews from critics, so it was unclear if the game would ever receive a sequel or an expansion. Luckily, the developer addressed this question on Twitter today. When asked whether Super Lucky's Tale would receive add-ons or another game, the account confirmed that the studio had plans.

It's unclear if the means that Super Lucky's Tale will get an expansion or a new game in the future. Whether the next entry in the franchise is an Xbox One console exclusive is also up in the air. We'll keep you posted with more information as soon as it's revealed.

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Super Lucky's Tale starts off when the antagonist Jinx steals a mysterious artifact called the Book of Ages. The Book of Ages contains entire worlds and simple creatures who are no match Jinx's spoiled children. It's up to Lucky, a cute little fox who wants to be a hero, to save the day. Just like any platformer, you need to run, jump, spin and burrow your way across a wide variety of environments including deserts, castles, forests and much more. The game also runs at native 4K and 60 FPS on Xbox One X.

In our review, we said that Super Lucky's Tale's "adorable nature, strange characters, and quirky dialogues make you fall in love with the game even though the camera controls are a bit off. If you're looking for a title which is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then be sure to give this one a go."

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Asher Madan

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  • The Shannon Loftis specials on Xbox :)   my kids enjoyed the game so i'm not going ot knock it. I understand the audience and appreciate that Xbox had an offering for my little ones  But MS has to sprinkle these types of games in between their big triple As.  This can't be your launch title game for a new console and your big holiday offering.    
  • What are u talking about.. This game started as an Oculus VR launch game.
  • he/she is saying MS invested money to make this console exclusive. MS cannot depend on these smaller indie titles.  In the last 30 months if we exclude the annual Forza, MS only announced 3 indie titles. They just need to make more AAA exclusives/console exclusives. That was the point being made... (I think you understood it, but decided to ignore the point for some reason)
  • I enjoyed the game. It def was worth the 30 dollar price tag.
  • I'm going to buy this game. It looks fun. I keep putting it off.
  • I'm asking them for month now on Twitter and they always ignored it. Now they at least liked it.
    They should get much more "inspiration" from Mario. They could make a Co-Op 2D Jump n' Run like New Super Mario Bros. I mean it's a family game. They could make a 2,5D game like Super Mario 3D world. And they could make a new fun racer for the platform. When the new Xbox Avatars arrive they need games. Being part of "Super Lucky's Kart" would be a great start.
    They old Avatar fun racer for the 360 was great.
    And most importantly: Lucky needs more facial impressions. He's always smiling like he's stoned or something. You don't smile when you're in danger. The franchise is worth a prequel. The platform needs something like this. But it should have some Co-Op elements. You want to play those type of games together with the kids.
  • I suspect the wonky camera controls were due to the game's VR origins, and this title was expected to be a VR title for the XBox One X, before VR support was postponed on the platform.  The design of the camera to only show the world from a limited set of angles would have worked well for VR gameplay where the player is sitting on a couch. I also suspect that when VR finally does come to the platform, "VR Mode" will be unlocked for this game, and the marketers can say "Want to get into VR?  You already own a VR game!"
  • Also, this game was fun to play, with a nice, bright, cartoony atmosphere.  My 6-year-old daughter is picking up some mad platformer skills on this title.