Xbox app on Windows 10 Mobile hints at console game streaming feature

As reported by, one community member over on r/WindowsPhone stumbled on a hint at forthcoming Xbox One to Windows 10 Mobile game streaming.

Found in both the Xbox (beta) and regular Xbox apps, when you view game information on titles you own within the app and while connected to your console, there's a mysterious "Play from console" option present with the streaming logo.

It doesn't actually work right now, and we've verified ourselves that this is the case. You'll see the streaming bar appear at the top of the screen, but nothing else happens. It'll error out with some kind of message that says you can't do this right now.

Streaming to Windows 10 Mobile should be made easier by the recent announcement from Build that phones will be able to use the Xbox One controller. It'd also be another killer feature to add to the mobile operating system, and one a number of folks are surely interested in.

Microsoft wouldn't be the first to accomplish this, of course, with Sony already allowing buyers of its Xperia phones and tablets to stream PS4 games to their mobile devices and play them with the DualShock 4 controller. As with Xbox to PC streaming there are a number of variables that affect the experience.

There's also no guarantee this isn't a bug. The Xbox app is universal to both PC and phone and so something could have gone awry somewhere. But with E3 right around the corner, add this to the list of things we hope that Phil Spencer is "pleased to announce."

Richard Devine
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  • This would be great for them to implement, and a good use for Continuum - I'd rather have my continuum dock connected to my bedroom TV than putting an actual PC in there for example. I just worry about how well it will stream over WiFi - Although it works okay on High settings over a wired connection (not as well as Steam Link in my own personal use). How well does the PS4 streaming work to Xperia? Has anybody given this a go who reads here?
  • I haven't streamed to a phone on my PS4, but I have streamed from PS4 to my Surface 3 through remote play over crappy wireless (Belkin 802.11n). It works okay as long as the wifi signal remains strong, though it will occasionally lag. I imagine the results on an Xperia would be similar in that it depends on your wireless network.  
  • Ive streamed PS4 to Vita over WiFi and it worked pretty well, actually better than streaming Xbox One through cable to my gaming PC -_- The lower resolution on the Vita is most probably the cause for the performance bump.
  • They recently added Ethernet over Usb to mobile in preview so if you have wired Ethernet in your bedroom you could get one of those to plug into your dock
  • Pretty slow on xperia
  • Aside from the fact that the feature would be cool I don't see myself actually doing that when I have a computer at home I could use...
  • I don't really stream my Xbox very often tbh...There's just me and my wife in the house so it's not like we have a lot of contention for the TV (We don't really watch live TV at all so there's no tether to a specific TV for that) I would like this on a phone for use with Continuum so I could leave the dock connected to the bedroom TV for example but wouldn't regularly use it. When it comes to streaming any sort of games it tends to be over Steam Link due to it's amazing performance, and that's really so that I can get my game onto the bigger TV, with Xbox I'll always be going to a smaller screen anyway.
  • That is actually a good use indeed
  • Exciting news but definitely sure if it will work, will be on only the lumia 950. 2GB ram or more I suspect. Won't expect it too much for it work on lumia 650 and my 920.
  • I'd say no chance on the 920. It could possibly work on a 930/1520 but agree if it came it would likely be a 950/XL feature.
  • Considering the PS equivalent runs only on the high end Xperias', it may be true.
  • Nice feature but why would you play on such a small screen when you could use a laptop?
  • Continuum, perhaps?
  • Oh...yeah. Forgot about that for a moment. Carry on folks, don't mind this comment :p
  • :D
  • Continuum would be easier and cheaper than buying a mini/stick PC for each TV for sure.
  • When you don't have a laptop xD
  • When you don't want to play on laptop (routine)
  • Sometimes a laptop can be cumbersome, a phone coupled with a nyko smartclip for Xbox one controller is more portable. Like when you want to play on the toilet.
  • This is gonna be good!
  • i  like the water bottle kid more
  • This would be great and I hope they come up with a detachable controller for phones... The feature itself might be another key selling point for windows 10 mobile [(until they add this feature to ios and android apps of course)perhaps if ios and android do get these features then they must have live gold membership which may boost membership]
  • The Xbox app isn't even available on idroid, only W10(M). But correct me, if I'm wrong. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • They're there. Even the beta one. On both platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There already is search moga.
  • What are the minimum speed requirements for the router for wireless ?
  • for streaming .
  • Depends how well the two devices are optimized for handling data wirelessly Nvidia "GeForce Now" needs about 30mbs for a no lag experience. That's streaming from their web servers "Grid" to their Shield devices.
  • When I try it, it says that game streaming on my Xbox One is off, but on my Xbox One, it says its on.
  • We've seen that too. Seems to give a different error in the beta app to the regular app. Either way it doesn't work.
  • Bet it will come to iOS and Android first.
  • To bad the screenshot is from the Windows 10 app ;) so your hate is stupid. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know, right? That iPhone 6s in the top image looks really good.
  • Nothing surprises me anymore.
  • My friend there is no Xbox App for iOS or Android thats exclusive for Windows 10, the only app they have is Xbox SmartGlass and that does not have streaming option as far you can do is just use it as a controller on the Xbox Menu. From my Lumia 950
  • What I really want is streaming from the PC to other Windows 10 devices, so I can conveniently access all my Steam and Blizzard games everywhere.
  • I imagine you'll have to take that up with Steam and Blizzard versus MS. They can't do all the work for everyone now, can they? ;-)
  • Steam does have Steam Streaming. It does work pretty well too. Played with it on a old netbook to stream some heavy games over wi-fi, it was impressive.
  • For some games, local Remote Desktop connection works pretty well. Too bad many games now detects running from a remote session and refuses to run.
  • why need for streaming if there are no streamer?
  • This is something that would totally help sell a surface phone...but some clown will make the decision to release it on Android and iPhone.
  • Nadella phone will be corporate feature phone.
  • Whoever gave me a down vote...I've got three kids sitting right here from the age of 12-16. All three said they would leave their iPhone for this feature. So good job, clown.
  • Xbox One is by far the better choice if you're are a console gamer. BC , Xbox Live and now this prove that Microsoft's console differentiates It's self for the good from the competition.
  • How would copying from market leader differentiate? Lack of VR differentiates..
  • Reality check: who got PC streaming first. Then again, looking at your postings, I should not be replying at all. Lost cause.
  • Don't forget who had backwards compatibility first and still has the better implementation to this day instead of a crappy and expensive streaming service because a certain company didn't want to pay the money to properly implement it.
  • Neither one has VR at the moment, and its unknown how well Sony's will perform.
  • Rumor has it MS is releasing an Xbox that is 4X more powerful and will support Oculus Rift. Due in 2017. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No. Not 4X more powerful. 4K video playback.
  • A sizable majority of console gamers disagree.  
  • Didn't we already have see working console to phone streaming on the Lumia 920 (a year ago or two)
  • Seeing how scared MS is to talk about Windows Mobile in public I don't forsee them mentioning this at E3 keynote. But would be cool.
  • My gut is telling me, we might see the launch of game streaming service not confine to your local network. Stream xb1 and maybe even W10 games from anywhere to any W10 device.
  • You already can (got it when it was free)
  • So, shall I need to buy an Xbox controller??
  • This would be nice but, If the feature comes but, too bad Microsoft wont keep it as an Exclusive feature for WIndows Phone... I am sure iOS and Android devices will get it and they will be supported better.
  • This is cool and all, but this would be even more useful if you could stream Xbox One on your Windows 10 computer, not on the same WiFi, with your Xbox off, much like Playstations rental feature but able to okay games you own.
  • I'm pretty sure this is the idea with trying to put Xbox games into the Windows Store. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • Useless feature.
  • For u it is. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Idiot
  • Now we only need to be able to plug the phone to a tv and use it as an xbox streaming device :D
  • Allowing you to use your phone as a controller and allowing you to stream games to the phone even if you are away from your box would be an incredible feature addition
  • Looks cool - by the way I have Quantum Break on W10 and for some reason I'm also getting the Stream from Console option. Perhaps there will be PC-to-Xbox game streaming as well in the future
  • Oh please, yes!
  • And now please also with PC games!
  • Would love this!