Xbox app for Windows 10 updated with feedback button, friends list tweaks

For those of you running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, your Xbox app is set to get an update today. There's nothing groundbreaking involved, but the update does bring a feedback button on the top navigation bar, along with some tweaks to the friends list.

Here's a breakdown of the additions, from Microsoft's Larry Hryb (otherwise known as Major Nelson):

  • Top Navigation Bar. The smiley face can be used to send feedback about the app to the product team, get access to forums for the Xbox app, and you can now rate the Xbox app.
  • Friends. The user experience for Friends has been updated so that you now see Suggested Friends under a Suggestions header at the top of the Friends list, with a See all button to browse the entire list of VIPs on Xbox and People you May Know. Additionally, you can now start typing in the Friends search box to instantly find specific friends.
  • Settings. Small fit and finish items were added to the settings page.

Hryb notes that your app should automatically be updated once it rolls out to the store. If you'd like to check the version number to be sure, it should read as 2.2.1502.02017 or higher.

Source: Major Nelson

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Seems updated. What a week!
  • What about the music on windows 10 for phone
  • Wait, how do you get this app?
  • It's a standard app on the Windows 10 technical preview on PC.
  • Is this app going to replace SmartGlass when Win10 is released?
  • Yes, I believe it will. I think they mentioned it at the press briefing.
  • Seems boxier
  • Cool
  • Can everyone please send feedback requesting that the XB1 game streaming feature makes it to phones as well?
  • I don't like what Microsoft is doing nowadays .. They start to copy from android UI.. ? Or they are testing apps in WP phones to release a better app for android.. WP UI is dying.. I am still waiting for denim ....
  • If you were given the chance to make a better user interface for windows phone, how would it be.
  • Sourcecode978 has a good would the op do 10 then?....
  • Then switch over to Google or Apple if you don't like it. Nobody is stopping you, so why whine about it here on a Windows related forum?
  • Don't update your phone. Stay on 8. Or buy a 7.8 phone. Enjoy it as long as it lasts. No one says you need to update.
  • This^. I'm tired of hearing the "Microsoft copied Android" crap.
  • Especially when it looks nothing like Android or iOS. At some point a few things will look alike simply because there are only so many options you can do with a UI. I actually hope to see a material design look. That's the best thing Google ever did to Android.
    Oh wait, it would also be cool if MS copied the record my screen thing from Android :D
  • Ya... Really I'm going switch to ios... Many Lumias are still in 8.1 and Microsoft is testing its next version I.e windows 10.. Its my opinion that Microsoft is killing Lumia. And I buy Lumia because of Nokia not for Microsoft.. Ill wait for Nokia to release its phone in 2016
  • Nokia didn't do a better job with updating when they were in charge...
  • I said I bought for Nokia that means devices and I didn't post anything about nokia updates.
  • Well how on earth do you differentiate between Lumias from Nokia and MS..?
  • Nothing . In past nokia made some good apps to make lumia unique and Microsoft supports in terms of developing the os. Now I think that there is no main thing is that even a flow chart or mathematical equations is not supported in office of my Lumia were android versions supports it.I can buy ios or android to use all new versions of Microsoft's apps
  • All of the Nokia apps are still there and just wait a bit and the MS core services will be up to date as well. And why on earth do you want something unique and how do you expect to find anything unique on Android or iOS.
  • Google and ios services, apps are unique there . They are not providing anything to WP. I love windows phone UI so I hate It going like android. Not even a single services like xbox music or videos is available in India.mixradio is dead already.
  • I just don't get why its a problem that MS makes apps for all three OSs... I couldn't care less that Android and iOS have access to some of the same apps. I still wouldn't go for anything other than WP. But maybe that's just me who doesn't have a need to unique...
  • I agree 100% My wife has a note and I just formated it and set it up the other day. I had to run back to my 1520 because my head hurt from messing with her phone.
  • Can't wait until the streaming feature comes in future builds!
  • I wonder about it. I wonder as a Xbox one preview tester... Will I get it first? I have a feeling. Yes lol
  • What about the music app on windows 10 for phone
  • What about the music app on windows phone 10
  • Yup plz tell about the music app and when can I have it on L520 and L1320
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  • Since update it force closes......anyone else having this issue