Xbox Avatars app launches for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft is continuing to deploy revamped universal Windows app for its upcoming Windows 10 OS. Today, the Avatars app is now available to let you customize and manipulate your Xbox gamer avatar.

The app itself is around 35 MB is ready to be used in Windows 10 Technical Preview for PCs and laptops. There is no word about the Windows Phone version, but since it presumably shares the majority of source code, we suspect it will not be long until it is on those devices too.

The Avatars app looks quite nice, although it does continue with the hamburger/split-view paradigm of app design. The music, which is quite jovial, can be disabled under settings in case you find it irritating.

We will have a hands-on video up shortly, but for now if you are the Technical Preview you can grab the app from the Store.

Download Avatars for Windows 10 Technical Preview (opens in new tab) (Free)

Via: @MajorNelson

Daniel Rubino

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  • Don't understand why this should be a separate standalone app and not part of the xbox app. Second thing is I'm really glad the avatar concept is still alive and being improved on.
  • Need new moves too. The avatar should be able to do more things. It looks super cool that way.
  • +928
  • They posted job vacancies last year regarding revamping the avatar service and extending it across all Windows products. So this could be the start of it.
  • No idea why there's a second app but I am also glad Microsoft is paging attention to it. I hope they incorporate it more into the Xbox One as well.
  • Lots of apps are going this way (Facebook+Messenger, Foursquare+Swarm, Amazon+Music+Kindle, ESPN+WatchESPN+ESPN Radio). I don't quite get it but it's common. Probably so they can update them more regularly and make QA easier. This feels like Xbox is taking it a little too far with this one, but maybe there's going to be some cross-app stuff that will make it feel less cumbersome.
  • Thought that it would be built into the new Xbox app? Why separate it?
  • Going by job postings from last year, avatars are no longer going to be just for Xbox.
  • Yet they stuck Xbox in the name... Disinformation or just typical MS marketing/branding idiocy?
  • Do they plan on using them again? Last time I used mine was a drunken session on Lips.
  • Makes no sense to separate it
  • What about for WP? That hasn't been updated in years. I miss the old WP7 live tile animation. WP8/10 is just dull, plain and doesnt animate...
  • WP will update to Windows 10, no need to build two separated versions.
  • Wp8 had a pretty cool animation on the tile.
  • Do we REALLY have to point it out every single time there is a freaking hamburger menu on the screen? Seriously, this is where Microsoft is going, whether anyone likes it or not and people can already see the 3 small lines on the corner without it having to be mentioned.. Reminds me of the 1080p vs 900p comparison on consoles.. Sheesh..
  • Yes.
  • I'm not really against the hamburger but from these screen shots the apps are all looking very very similar, and therefore a little dull. I'd like to see a little more unique style with them.
  • That's the idea of consistency, all apps looks similar because there is consistency, on Android every app has their own UI, horrible.
  • On a side note about that 1080p vs 900p... Is that why PS has been selling more and is why games on ps4 look better.....because there version of games launch in 1080p on ps4 vs 900 or 720p on Xbox?
  • No, PS had a few favours from Microsoft's poor approach, introduction, marketing from the pre-Spencer era. Xbox received bad rep and the debate I mentioned was just another factor to differentiate the two, no matter how stupid it sounds. Games look amazing on the One.
  • PS4 selling more - yes PS4 games look better - no 
  • (Edit feature not working, so editing in a new comment) PS4 selling more - yes PS4 games look better - no  PS4 games run at 1080p - nope Xbox One games run at 900 or 720p - nope You are 1 for 4. You fail.
  • When it's a particularlly dumb place to use it...yeah. The rationale was that hamburgers were for infrequently used settings and navigation. In what world is "edit" a infrequently used setting in an app whose only purpose is to...wait for it....edit avatars.   Damn it MS. You had one job.
  • Ehh? This is still a thing? Don't think I've seen any avatars on my XB1s.
  • They are there, just buried in sub menus of sub menus.
  • Lmao
  • What they should do is extend the avatar scanning technology used in Kinect Sports Rivals and let you turn that into your full-fledged Xbox avatar.
  • That would be really cool!  They should be able to easily do that too!  
  • Great! Does it have a LiveTile?
  • Damn that avatar really resembles Daniel. Scary!
  • Too bad the Avatars are visible pretty much nowhere nowadays.
  • Don't see the point of avatars when we don't see them on xbox one anymore...
  • Xbox 360.
  • Microsoft wants to extend them across Windows, according to its job postings.
  • The app looks slick!  Daniel's avatar actually looks like him, it's pretty awesome LOL. I'm glad they are continuing using Avatars, I used to show mine off to people in WP7 days in the Games hub, and people were mindblown and thought it was the coolest thing.  I hope they are going to get more awareness in Windows 10 for phones, especially back on a live tile!  and back on Xbox One.
  • I loved seeing my avatar on WP7 in the Xbox App and on the live tile. Miss that.. Not sure why they removed it.
  • ME TOO.  They removed it because non-baked in apps can't have animated live tiles in WP 8.1.  That's why it took so long and required an OS update for Xbox Music to get it's animated live tile back.  It seems that in Windows 10 for phones, that might be different.  I noticed that the Cortana tile is animated now (for example when the weather shows, the icons move)... so maybe it's possible.  I would really love an animated xbox avatar on my Start Screen on a live tile :D.
  • The options in the hamburger menu aren't unessential. I'm really concerned about the usability of apps in Windows 10 for phones.
  • Xbox Avatar + Cortana? That would be something special ;)
  • Anyone getting an error? Try again later. Something happened at our end.
  • Yep. Been having the error since the article appeared. Given up trying now.
  • I am still getting this very same error
  • I have just tried installing again, the app cannot even be found with the link, store, or store beta search.
  • Yea I'm getting it too. So annoying!
  • RARE wasted there talent on this , what a waste of time
  • Can't install this at all ?    
  • I also cannot install it.