Is Xbox Chatpad compatible with Turtle Beach headsets?

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is Xbox Chatpad compatible with Turtle Beach headsets?

Best answer: Absolutely. Provided that your Turtle Beach headset has a 3.5mm wire that you can plug into your Xbox Chatpad, you'll be able to use the two together with ease. And the new Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is a perfect match.Microsoft: Xbox Chatpad ($35)Amazon: Turtle Beach Elite Atlas ($100)

Should you buy an Xbox Chatpad?

The Xbox Chatpad is, hands down, the best typing accessory available for Xbox One controllers. I went over why in detail here, but in short, the Chatpad is durable, reliable, and has an incredible amount of different key functions. It also doubles as a headset adapter, which means any wired headset, including Turtle Beach's, can be plugged into the front of the Chatpad.

Why Turtle Beach?

While other companies have managed to close the gap in recent years, Turtle Beach has always been (and likely will continue to be) the king of the hill when it comes to gaming headsets. It offers dozens of products, and its inventory spans every price range you could think of. What's more, Turtle Beach headsets are rated highly consistently, and are almost never considered too expensive relative to what you get with your purchase. If you buy from Turtle Beach, you're in for a good time.

Why Turtle Beach Elite Atlas stands out

Unlike many of Turtle Beach's other headsets, the Elite Atlas features a durable metal headband. This significantly improves durability, and while it can't be abused like the military-tested V-Moda Crossfade 2 can, it will still resist damage and wear-and-tear excellently. The shift to metal materials has also resulted in the Elite Atlas looking quite sleek and elegant compared to headsets that boast vibrant neon plastics. If you want something that looks professional, than it doesn't get much better than Elite Atlas.

However, what really matters is how the headset feels and sounds. Fortunately, the Elite Atlas matches its professional look with even more impressive comfort and soundscape. Equipped with the same 50mm Nanoclear speakers that Turtle Beach uses in all of its high-end headsets, the Elite Atlas allows you to hear every sound during every moment of every match, all in crystal-clear quality. As my colleague Jez Corden put it in his official review, you'll almost feel like you're cheating — especially when using the headset with Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos. The microphone on the Elite Atlas is also of high quality, and it even has noise cancellation that ensures background audio won't interfere with your in-game voice communication.

In terms of comfort, the headset features thick fabric cushions that fit snugly around your ears and help ensure you'll be playing in comfort, no matter how long your gaming session is. These cushions can easily be removed if need be, which means that if you ever need to clean the speakers, you can do so with no hassle.

Xbox Chatpad + Turtle Beach = LOVE

Both the Chatpad and the Elite Atlas are great, but when used together, your communication experience on Xbox One will be extraordinary. Using the Chatpad, you can quickly and efficiently type out messages to your friends on Xbox Live. Then, when they join your party and you all hop into a game, you can use the Elite Atlas to speak with them with industry-leading clarity.

While the Elite Atlas is an amazing piece of gear based on its hardware alone, the fact that it's being sold for just $100 is incredible. You won't find another headset of this quality, at this price, anywhere else.

If the Elite Atlas is out of your price range, than you should consider Turtle Beach's Ear Force Recon 50X headset. While the Recon 50X is less comfortable and has lower build and sound quality compared to the Elite Atlas, it's also significantly less expensive, making it a great option if you're looking to save money.

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