Xbox Chaturdays 15: Silent Hill conspiracy theories, FPS Boost, and devs skip Xbox?

For our 15th episode of Xbox Chaturdays we'll be going down the latest Silent Hill conspiracy theory rabbit hole, discussing the recent release of FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S, and highlighting the odd trend of developers and publishers skipping releases on Xbox. If you want to join the conversation live, be sure to catch us Saturday (2/20) at 12:00PM ET.

What's going on with Silent Hill?

As most of us know, the Silent Hill series has been on a lengthy hiatus after the infamous reveal and subsequent cancellation of Silent Hills back in 2015. Due to the almost cult nature of the fandom, rumors of its revival have run rampant for years now. It seems like every six months there is a new, permeating theory about the state of the franchise and its platform exclusivity.

After doing some cyber-sluething of our own, we've established our very own conspiracy theories about who may be developing not one, but two upcoming Silent Hill projects thanks to some very curious new developments. Make sure to bring your tinfoil hat because we've really been getting ourselves lost in this one.

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