Xbox Chaturdays Live: Indie vs AAA game development and more with 'Song of Iron' dev Joe Winter

Xbox Chaturdays
Xbox Chaturdays (Image credit: Windows Central)

For this week's episode of Xbox Chaturdays we're very excited to be joined by Song of Iron developer Joe Winter. We'll be diving into exciting topics like indie vs AAA game development, the inspirations for the upcoming Xbox console exclusive Song Iron, and much more. If you want to join the conversation live, be sure to catch us this Saturday (1/16) at 12PM ET.

What is Song of Iron?

Song Of Iron

Source: Joe Winter (Image credit: Source: Joe Winter)

Song of Iron is a side-scrolling, Viking-themed action game currently being developed by Joe Winter. This one-person project is slated to release sometime in 2021 exclusively on Xbox and PC. With a focus on intense melee combat and puzzle-platforming, this game adds some noticeable action to the formula. It's also pretty hard to ignore the gorgeous, stylized characters and environments on display in the trailers we've seen so far.

Our team has been completely captivated by Song of Iron's gritty presentation and unique marriage of genres. It even made our 'most antitipcated Xbox games of 2021' list. If you're a fan of games like Shadow Complex or Inside, this is definitely one to keep on your radar.

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