Xbox E3 2018 briefing sets Twitch record of 1.7 million concurrent viewers

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E3 2018 was an absolute blast for gamers because a lot of exciting titles were announced. Publishers like Microsoft and Sony showcased incredible experiences like Gears 5 and a Resident Evil 2 remake.

Gaming is a passionate hobby and it's only natural for individuals to get a little competitive when it comes to the brands they love. One such metric is which E3 2018 presentation was viewed the most. Luckily, GitHyp was able to provide the answer. GitHyp analyzes various platforms to find out which games are the most played on Steam and which are the most watched on Twitch.

With no new consoles announced this year, E3 2018 was all about the games. And more gamers than any other year tuned in to Twitch for all the latest breaking news and big announcements from the gaming industry... for the second year in a row, Microsoft's livestream was the highest viewed stream on Twitch. Xbox E3 briefing wasn't just the most watched live event of this year's convention… it was also the highest concurrent viewer count of any stream ever on Twitch, pulling in an impressive 1.7 million viewers... Compared to last year's E3, Microsoft's briefing saw an impressive increase of 600,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch — which doubled the 818,000 viewers they had back in 2016.

The top five livestreams are listed below.

  1. Xbox — 1.7 million concurrent viewers
  2. Ubisoft — 1.6 million concurrent viewers
  3. PlayStation — 1.5 million concurrent viewers
  4. Bethesda — 964,000 concurrent viewers
  5. PC Gaming Show — 893,000 concurrent viewers

It's great to see Microsoft garner so much attention. The move to Sunday makes it so even more gamers can watch the livestream as it's a holiday almost everywhere in the world. Hopefully this success will continue in the future when the company reveals even more compelling experiences at its event.

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Asher Madan

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  • Ubisoft being in second place is even more surprising.
  • Why? They really look after their games now. Almost like blizzard.
  • The many, many leaks of games before E3 is one of the reasons its surprising. I thought Bethesda would get more with the Fallout 76 teaser
  • Everything leaked. I guess people are really hyped about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
  • BGaE2, ACO!!
  • Not really surprising considering the timings here in Europe.
  • bit confused about UBI but I can understand why. Assassins Creed was top priority on Mixer with constant ''Despacito'' demands. :D
  • Ubi had three pretty anticipated games. Assassin's Creed always draws attention, Beyond Good and Evil seems hyped and Division 2 will always have a ton of interest. As a company they're doing a lot right these days. Pleasing that people are noticing.
  • So that's just twitch? Not including YouTube and mixer?
  • Not including Mixer or YouTube. I don't think Sony's conference was broadcast on Mixer though. So only Microsoft and other numbers will be higher from that.
  • No they were on mixer through igns channel
  • Well, it got to be noted that timings favours MS or Ubisoft here in Europe.
    MS's or Ubisoft's conference was at 9PM in the UK and 10PM in central Europe.
    Sony's was at 2 AM (3 AM CET), Bethesda's was at 2:30AM (3:30 AM CET). That's a major markets missing.
  • Yes, yes, that must've been why...
  • I'm glad we agree on something...
    And just to back OUR point here are youtube numbers:
    Official Xbox channel
    XB1 press conference 2018 (818 843 views) PS4 press conference 2018 (2 285 691 views) That's more than 2 times the number.
  • It's all so very clear now. Damn you MS and your tricksy transmit timing shenanigans.
    How dare they put out a show when people are more likely to watch. Grrrr!
  • It's about bringing a context and explaining numbers. Look at the topic there are people celebrating this as some kind of victory.
    It's about understanding numbers and not make silly conclusions.
  • You're taking this all way too seriously, lighten up.
  • Am I? I don't think I am.
    Understanding numbers isn't taking things too seriously...
    I just think everything should be that way.
  • He is on every article taking a dump on Xbox and MS. The amount of time he spends on a site of a product he appears to hates means it's deadly serious to him.
  • Exactly. Ignoring him is better. He's always trying to pick a fight and then ends up insulting people when he can't carry on the debate.
  • That's so typical. I'm talking of timezones here.
    Where have I insulted someone? LOL
  • Your tone is disgraceful. All you do on these comments is troll and abuse. You lose your mind when you're proven wrong again and again, like the time I had to call you out for misquoting Aaron Greenberg by saying he said Super Lucky's Tale was a "AAA" game.
  • lol how is talking of timezones taking a dump on XB and MS?
    I guess anything comment that doesn't praise MS is a personal attack towards XB...
    You guys are hilarious... :)
  • Here we go again. Your behavior never changes.
  • What behaviour? Is it against the law to talk about timezones? LOL
  • I think this E3 was make or break for Microsoft and Xbox, and everybody knew it, so everybody tuned in to see if the brand could pull itself out of the hole it dug for itself or if it would simply be burying itself. Thank Moses’ magic beard that it did the former.
  • Xbox won e3 showcase. Everyone's downplaying it like it was quantity vs quality only because Sony showed just a handful but we're like 20-30 min long videos. Lol. Microsoft just had as much quality and quantity rolled into one.
  • Right, well that's an opinion...
  • That's the opinion of the majority of gamers. Just look at polls across GameSpot, Twitter, IGN, ResetEra. You're the only one who doesn't think so for obvious reasons. Let's not forget your whole diatribe against Aaron Greenberg and how you tried to fool people into thinking he said Super Lucky's Tale was a "AAA" game.
  • lol, you'll need to prove to me that "majority of gamers have the same opinion". :) lol I thought we moved on about that. He actually implied it. It's not my fault if you can't understand words. But I don't want to talk about that here. I don't want to go off-topic.
  • Go Microsoft!!! Take that, Sony
  • lol That was funny...
    You sound like a sports fan cheering for his team...
    I guess that's what "loyalty" to a company is like... :)
  • Better than the constant hatred and negativity you bring.
  • Is it? I'm not sure about that. I wouldn't call it hate. More cynicism.
    I actually do bring positivity and negativity. I actually did give plus points about some of the things MS did at E3. Check the forum for my E3 review. :)
  • Would be interesting to see what it topped out at on Mixer--I presumed a lot of Xbox fans watched on Mixer since it was heavily advertised on the Xbox dashboard (and even on Twitch), and since they gave away another MixPot for watching there.
  • I definitely watched it there. It would be interesting to see those numbers.
  • last year
    MS 1.1m
    Ubi 986k
    Sony 926k
  • Last year, more or less the same timings. Sony's conference was at 2-3AM in Europe. Official Xbox channel
    XB1 press conference 2018 (818 843 views) PS4 press conference 2018 (2 285 691 views) That's more than 2 times the number.
  • The difference is, gamer vs casual-gamer.
  • The difference is timezones.
  • As a gamer... Twitch or YT?
    As a not-really-a-gamer who plays FiFa and occasional movie games, Twitch or YT?
    As a Xbox owner who wants to watch MS's live, Mixer.
    As a Xbox owner living in Japan who wants tp watch MS's live on Mixer, somehow challenging.
    As a Xbox owner who wants to watch Bethesda's live, many options.
    As a Xbox owner who wants to watch Sony's live, prob not on Mixer.
  • Twitch has live stream for gaming videos it's more youtube and that's the whole point. People who didn't watch it live because it was at 3AM probably watched it on youtube. You seriously think casuals watch whole conference? They'll probably just watch trailers or videos of games that interests them.
  • Phil Spencer is the best thing to happen to Xbox
  • Right, like how he is the guy responsible for this current drought...
    He took charge more than 4 years back. "his games" should have been out or at least on the way...
    36 months without the announcement of any major non-Forza/gear/Halo console exclusive, it will probably go to at least 48 months. All that while games were getting cancelled...
  • And he just bought a number of studios. Your argument makes no sense.
  • After 4 years of nothing. I'm talking of the 4 years where he ended or closed down 3 studios and cancelled various games... All that while there is a major drought for years...
    I hope you'll try to understand my point before claiming that it doesn't make any sense.
  • Does this figure include people trying to reconnect after it crashing over and over?